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  1. Last night was a nice little development sprint, Truebrain and glx were committing changes faster than I could read through, but it did lead to being able to drop the dependency of the emulation layer. Truebrain posted a better explanation What this means, basically, is that from this point forward we can start optimizing, improving and reworking things in OpenDUNE.. all the ideas we had in the past can now, technically be implemented (as long as it goes with the vision of the development team ofcourse)
  2. Adding to this, development has been insane since our 0.5 release, which leads to this:
  3. don't worry, I can still undo whatever Newt does :) on that note, it's good to see people finally join us.. it's been like.. 3 months or so of me sitting there alone before newt joined.. now there's people all over the place :)
  4. A wise man once said, it's not about reaching the destination, but the journey experienced... I'm content with the knowledge that this project might take years to complete, or maybe not ever.. I don't care about that, as long as I can learn during the process.
  5. Slower-ish mouse speed can be somewhat due to how it's being dealt with, it goes from SDL to libemu, to the code, and then back again.. it should be barely noticable though...
  6. The mouse not working might be a libemu issue, which in turn can lead to a memory corruption.. that shouldn't happen often though.
  7. could you define 'unstable' .. crashing every hour, every two hours, every two minutes? .. if you have crash reports (running it from a command prompt on windows will give you the logs of the crashes), can you please submit each and any at http://bugs.opendune.org/
  8. Hwi, small question, do you even consider replying to responses you don't have an inmediate anwer to? All I'm seeing is that you selectively respond to people solely on the base of whether you have a counter for that.. if it's too hard, you simply ignore the man and continue on to the next unfortunate. then again, I'm probably talking to a brick wall, seeing after months of discussion back and forth you still try to convince the same people of the same version of your truth.
  9. seeing our team is doing somewhat similar, I am highly interested on how you are dealing with the copyright protection still remaining on all of Westwood's products
  10. that stop code by itself doesn't say much, is there more info on the error BSOD? it's a nasty bsod I can tell you that.. what caused it... not sure.... are you 100% sure you cannot get into it through safemode (assuming vista still gives you multiple safemode options).. if you can get on it there might be some information to be found in the crash dumps (or even in the event viewer)...
  11. you have two sides, A and B, and an unknown, Z A sees Z, reads something about it in a book, claims that concept X is the answer. B sees Z, reads something about it in a book, claims that concept Y is the answer. A sees Y, disagrees, claims Y is bollocks. B sees X, disagrees, claims X is bollocks. A pissed off at B for having its concept called bollocks. B pissed off at A for having its concept called bollocks. <insert long debate here> <insert some more debate here> A even more pissed off at B for having its concept called bollocks. B even more pissed off at A for having its concept called bollocks. It doesn't matter what you say, or how many Harvard professors you quote, you're not going to change anybody's opinion enough to have them agree with you unless they were already about to agree with you... the same goes the other way around, you're too damn stubborn to look beyond your own views (just as other people are too damn stubborn to look beyond theirs) to even consider it to be truth, and as such, you stick to your views (and they to theirs), and you end up with 42 pages of posts of wasted energy in trying to win a debate that cannot be won.. not by locking topics on your last post, not by reopening it.. A and B will just get even more pissed off at each other for not seeing each others point of view, resulting in a moderator having to step in to calm things down (until a Nth topic opens up and it all starts all over again)
  12. To make things readable it might be useful to add tags in front of the posts, like [Dune2] or [Emperor] or [Dune2k] etc, that way, by looking at a topic name, you know what game its about.
  13. seeing yer hanging out in the opendune channel, there might be some people in there interested in that puzzle you got yourself :)
  14. Xaroth

    good MMO?

    I still play EVE Online, it might not be 'technically' free, the creator does have systems in place that allows you to buy game time with ingame currency.. so granted you can make enough money a month you can easily play this game for free.. it's class less, meaning that you can do whatever you want, as long as you meet the prerequisites (which are all skills you train, training is done in real time, not in online-time). it's a slow paced game mostly, though the pvp aspects are quite entertaining
  15. I think you're confusing terms here, seeing UTF-8 supports charcodes above index 127 ... it's most commonly the terminal emulator that does not properly handles it; ASCII characters are completely identical in both size and data in both UTF-8 and ASCII, so a terminal client reading as ASCII but getting sent UTF-8 will work most of the time, that is, until somebody sends out the dreaded non-ASCII characters, resulting in distorted views... most (if not all) terminal clients nowadays support UTF-8 either automagically or by pre-configuring. On that note, I must admit, the table-layout does look quite funny with the ASCII characters :P
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