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  1. eastwood supports them as well ;)
  2. when you decode graphic using eastwood, you can specify that you like to scale it to bigger sizes using scale2x (http://scale2x.sourceforge.net/) to get nicer looking graphics than you'd otherwise would when scaling it. Same goes for sound, which you can resample it to higher frequencies and make it sound better using libsamplerate (http://www.mega-nerd.com/SRC/). here you can see some examples of these options for eastwood: [peroyvind@localhost tmp]$ eastwood --cps --help Usage: eastwood --cps [options] arg Options: -h, --help show this help message and exit -o OUTPUT, --outpu
  3. you forgot to mention EMC (basically a merge of segra's DST;) & text strings :P Also it supports graphics scaling (scale2x, scale2x3, scale2x4, scale3x & scale4x) and sound sample rate conversion (aka interpolation) to enhance your output result! ;)
  4. see http://forum.dune2k.com/index.php?topic=22082.0 ;) The eastwood tool implements most of the functionality provided by the library API (as listed in the post referred to), currently with the exception of midi (ADL & OPL), FNT font files, reading DUNE2.EXE structures, reading/writing of INI files. More functionality in progress. :)
  5. https://launchpad.net/libeastwood It comes as part of the python bindings shipped with the library. :)
  6. you're still missing libeastwood (and it's 'eastwood' tool using it) on yer list! ;)
  7. If you're getting nostalgic about the Dune RE days, you might just wanna take a quick look on how I've made use of and developed your OD 2 code further. I'd like to think that you'll be happy to see that your code was made actual use of and to great benefit for others directly, rather than being left behind abandoned and unused (worst fate I can think of for my code to suffer, I'm such a sentimental when it comes to it;)! :D Have nice weekend! :)
  8. I figured that I'd just provide some status update report on the progress of mine: I removed the last remaining piece of code getting the original data structures from DUNE2.EXE the OD2 engine last night, introducing replacements for these in libeastwood with code resembling more the original c++ code in implemented in more generic fashion now. The more I refactorize and clean up the disassembly code in C, I'm getting a much better understanding of the remaining code as well, it's quite interesting to see in how similar fashion much of this code was implemented compared to much of our older in
  9. ahh, so it's been fixed since last time I tried it then, earlier I made it compile, but had trouble running it and pascal isn't really a language I know and wanna know enough to fix stuff.. good to see others did though :)
  10. heyo, as I wasn't able to figure out how to run your editor under wine in the past, and rediscovered the issue again when trying tonight: $ wine d2editor.exe "No way to get console screen buffer info" I figured that I'd share how trivial it was to get working with others, just execute it with 'wineconsole d2editor.exe' rather than 'wine d2editor.exe'. Pretty simple :)
  11. Hm, I thought about "Spice Dynasties" earlier myself as something that would sound Dune specific enough, but I don't think it would sound classy enough.. ;p For the graphics, yeah, I certainly have some interest in it (given that it's not only redistributable, but truly *free* wrt license as well), it would make the engine usable without the non-free data. Some Linux distributions won't ship packages which depend on non-free stuff, since having the game shipped by vendors is important to gain some popularity etc., this data would be very nice helping this. As I intend on making my engine as ge
  12. Any plans on adopting libeastwood? The library should be more mature(/less nasty;) for such than when we discussed it in the past. :O) I also plan on merging most of the code I pick up from OD2 into libeastwood (ie. the EMC interpreter), so I'd think this should make it more interesting to you as well, you were the first one suggesting to me implementing support for authentic Dune 2 AI after all. ;) I think the more we're able to separate game components and make them as generic and reusable as possible, it would make it easier for us to progress towards a merge in the future, or at least shar
  13. I've finished doing the initial work of getting OD2 building and running on Linux now at least.. Let's see how much further I get from there, I've figured out that if anything, I'll merge the code into doon lunacy rather than the other way around at least.. ;)
  14. Eyo! Haven't touched any of these things in a few months, but since OD2 is written in C++ and using an older version of my library, I've been thinking of looking into it and what use I might have of it's code and all ever since it were first announced. :D I figure that porting the thing to using latest libeastwood of mine and to a more gnu'ish dialect of C++ shouldn't be that hard, so I've started doing this now and for anyone who'd find it of any interest, can find my progress here: https://code.launchpad.net/~proyvind/doonlunacy/od2 Not much yet, I only started a half hour before I went to j
  15. try run the test suite and you'll find out :) the endianness stuff are known to be in order :) the error might be just limited and as simple as the PakFile class, since it didn't work fully reading pak archives, all the other tests ran by the friend who helped would fail... the PAK format is the simplest of all the data formats, so should be easy to fix, I just don't have any windows system or anything to even try running it on myself. for system I'm developing on, it's x86_64 gcc 4.4* mandriva linux cooker :)
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