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  1. Well if you would have read the patch information Nav you would have saw that they are now giving a disconnect to anyone who uses this cheat. The community on generals is full of people who don't play and want to waste everyone's time by flaming this or that. Granted EA has not held up there deadlines like they should have but the support IS there. More than likely they are trying to work on their next big hit and working on the patches in their spare time. With the expansion coming out they will surely have to support the game until sometime after it comes out. They are slow but I'm patient and I can wait.
  2. I have an AMD Atlon 1800+, 512 mb ram, and a Radeon 9000 Pro 128mb. Game runs with no problems even in an 8 player game.
  3. Nav why don't you read the whole thread first before you post. I don't do this forever just in the summer to catch up on bills. Also there was sarcasm in my post so just STFU. You don't even have a clue. Divorce, hell that word isn't even a thought in my head or hers. You don't know what is going on where I am. You don't live in my house. Again just STFU about things you have no idea about. You will spend eternity alone staring at your moniter typing useless shit like you control the world. Enjoy fucking your hand.
  4. The whole units of the map thing I think is mainly USA. I have had my chinoocks go off the screen and Apaches. Youo can sometimes retrieve the units but it is very hard. It really sucks when you have loaded up your Chinoocks with units yet now that they are off the screen you have lost them all.
  5. Woohoo! Still have you all beat with 70 hrs. Hey and to top that off when I get home I have the wife and kids to deal with. My says "There yours now, I've had them all day." and then complains that she needs time to herself because she has it so rough. My daughter saying I want this and I want that and my son needing a bottle or food. Hmm, can't wait to go back to work. ;D
  6. Well for the most part I enjoy my job. We usually only work 40 hrs. 9 hrs Mondy through Thursday and a 4 hr Friday. That makes the weekend seem long and enjoyable. During the Summer though we know that overtime will come during the months of June, July, and August. We have been lucky this year because there was no overtime in June. Then of course we had that 32 hr week with the July 4th week (8 hr holiday pay to equal 40 hrs for the week). So we really have been spoiled. Now the next week though WHAM! manditory 10 hr days through Saturday. Seeing how I kind of need the money to clear up some hospital bills from my sons birth I have been working 12 hr days when they let me. It will probably be this way through August now. I do like my job though. Hell we even get a few perks most factories don't give. We get free pop, popcorn, juice, popcicles, and Gatorade. Its just been a long week and I think I'll take a vacation when the overtime is over. Nav you probably have never worked a day in your life. Let me guess you were born with a silver spoon in your ass. You probably have no friends and trying to make yourself look big on the forums is the only thing that you have to look forward too. Maybe someday you will end up like your 3 min rule, gone forever.
  7. I put in 70 hrs this week and I get tomorrow off. My one day then back to 12 hrs a day again. I'm so tired but man, I have so many things planned. I'm going to go out tonight and get together with some friends and get some beers. *YAWN* Then we will get some cards out and play some video games. *YAWN* Yeah, and get some pizza. *YAWN* Hit the bars and... ZZZZZZZZZZ.......
  8. ACE, Westwood also put in WOL Ladders and a Tournament system so as WOL games had meaning, but EA murdered them against Westwood's will. Emperor no longer has the meaning that Westwood intended for it, therefore your "Abort" button comments are irrelevant. Then I guess we can stop all this 3 min rule talk too, huh?
  9. *Hmmm now where's my glass of chew spit?*
  10. anklbter8


    Well i have loved listening to Metallica for a long time. I used to listen to the Master of Puppets album all the time when i was younger. About the time the Black album came out though the band had changed and seemed that they were trying to tone down and become a more mainstream band that anyone could listen to. They had gone away from their real metal sound. I liked there album black and some of the newer stuff they have done but the first 4 albums Kill'em All, Ride the Lighting, Master of Puppets and ...And Justice For All were the true Metallica sound. Songs like Fight Fire with Fire, One, Seek and Destroy, Sanatarium, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Fade to Black, Battery, and Master of Puppets were some of my favorites. And this was pre Rob. At the time the Bass player was Cliff Burton (until he died in a bus accident during the Master of Puppets tour) and then Jason Newstead. Dave Moustaine of Megadeth also was the original lead guitarist of Metallica when they first started. As a recommendation of a band with the same sound as the early Metallica I say you should check out Anthrax: State of Euphoria, Anthrax: Among the Living, and Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime.
  11. Occifer, I'm not as think as you drunk I am... take me drunk, I'm home. :O Yeah... *HIC* pass me another.
  12. Found this on the web. http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.sobig.e@mm.removal.tool.html Hope it works. Hmm u have to type the rest of the address not in yellow, Don't know why it's not all yellow. [ edit: tried to edit the URL so it would show up ok, guess the @ is preventing that ]
  13. Haha, lightweight. Got 2 kegs ready to go, man.
  14. Well in my younger days I was involved in soccer, football, basketball, wrestling, wieghtlifting and baseball. Nowadays I kind of have let myself go a little bit. I'm doing my couch potato marathons now. ;D
  15. Well just got my first ever taste of what *SKUM* is. Yeah I would say that skump0wr uh well owned me. We played on Knife Fight (I like this map). He played Atreides and I was Ordos. Tried to get a few worms off early and was met with sardukar. Then I basically just built what ever kinda already feeling the inevitable. Then with my harvesters gon I got a couple of worms off to at least look respectable and killed a few of his units. He just marched right in to my base then. GG. I found out I'm not *SKUM* material, YET. Well that may not have been as descriptive the way you wanted Nav but hey you get the drift I think.
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