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  1. ha thats all you got against me u think I stol HAYDNS eurofighter voxel thats bullocks. I put it up for download on cncg but in the readme i put ??? for author name thats only because it came with the cnc source voxel library archive.
  2. I am willing to help you Major Gilbear. I can skin now and ive progressed with 3d.
  3. Im still up for helping with Installations.
  4. you should check out the demo it is pretty fun.
  5. Universal


    whats the purpose of a fps monitor ?
  6. ok it looks like i will be needing my xcc mixer.
  7. hey stefan do you have a *.ttf version of all the dune 2 fonts. GOOD NEWS : GOT MY MOTHERBOARD AND MY COMPUTER WORKS NOW SO PRODUCTION WILL BEGIN.
  8. Mainly strategy based. Whenever I have spare time I usually put in coding at lunch and thats how it slowly progresses. There is going to be expansion packs for it (haven't started it yet). Ugh right now I am so fed up with Boolean algebra and it makes me want to cry. :'( and I have a test on it in 2 days.
  9. I havent had time to install the AV programs yet but I will get to it soon and then Stefan you'll probably upload it to arrakis.dune2k.com and of course I will check for any viruses before uploading. I am also currently working on my visual basic game called MODERN WAR.
  10. Yep thanks for the info everyone.
  11. Hey Stefan Ive considered your proposal and Ive decided that ill help you create the installer for DT2M.
  12. Ugh stop spamming this topic MattyWanKobi. I updated my AV scanner and it didnt detect any viruses ( i use mcafee av scanner 4.51 ) looks like i now need to install kaspersky or norton or an more recent version of mcafee.
  13. K i'll do a scan later on today.
  14. yes so that you can build the regular sardaukars but the elite sardaukars will come in as reinforcements.
  15. I have MCafee Av and i scanned the file and it didnt find any trojan downloaders. I dont know how there could be a trojan thingyamujig also if there was something that my AV scanner didnt detect then you can try disinfecting it.
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