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  1. well turns out my dad owns House Atreides, HK, and corrino. So I have nothing to lose I'll try them out. If these authors are as bad as you say, do you guys think if they make Dune 7 and 8 it will destroy the story?
  2. I am getting really frustrated here. I kill all the tleilaxu, the windtraps and vats and turrets and all, go to the palace and they say they are sending reinforcments. I kill off the leeches and stuff, and now there is explosion after explosion until eventually my palace dies and I lose. What else do I need to do to finish this mission? There is not a single tleilaxu unit on the map except for a second when they come and explode. grrrr.
  3. Tidelwave

    Worth it?

    As are most of you, I am quite obsessed with the duniverse. Now I have read the 6 masterpeices by Franky, and I have heard real bad things about the books by his son and Anderson. Are any of these books worth a read or a purchase? Its been awhile since Ive gotten my dune fix.
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