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  1. In the mission levels of Emperor are some special Units, like: - Tleilaxu Bomb-Tanks (in the extra ordos level! They have 2 different designs) - Fremen-Biker (in an special Ix-technologie-save-Mission! It's one of the maps in the middle, i think! They are very fast and I don't know her attack) - Schmuggler Quads (in the end-mission) - Guild Air Drone (in the end-mission) - Suboid's (they are very very weak and in some missions) ... is there any way to build one of these special units? If you have cool screenshots or other things, please reply or mail me! thanx!!! ink
  2. hi, In the last emperor level is the mega "Guild-Super-Canon". If I capture the canon with an engineer and trying to shoot, the stupid super canon shoot also on my units! Why? How can I make normal and effectivly use of this thing? please help! thx
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