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  1. This make me remember Command & Conquer. In C&C I use a APC and a Enginner, i make a suicidal infiltration in the enemy base. The APC protecs the enginner against almost attack (except Ligh Obelisk) I deploy the enginner near the enemy build what i wanna capture. Is a easy wayy to neutralise the enemy, capturing the ConYard and selling. But Dune 2000 dont is Command & Conquer. In Dune 2000 i almost never utilise enginners.
  2. The Worms is the most treacherous enemy.
  3. Im surrounded! Im playing Dune II, is really very fun!
  4. ken


    Duke, where this in CHoD? Can you tell me to I check, please?
  5. Yes, my nickname is from digimon, but I thought what everybody knew this. Oh, yes, TRH 5000, like you macross (robotech)?
  6. ken

    Cheat codes!!!!

    I dowloaded the trainer "Ice Cheats" to 1.06 if you click in "gimme money", "gimme energy", "fast build" and others, ALL houses get money, energy, fast build etc, etc... It is very interesting in mode "pratice" with 3 or more players, I never saw equal overkill!!!
  7. Really the explosions is different than C&C and RA but the mechanic is identical, the side bar, the soldiers... My friend said when I questoned about the Dune 2000 - "Dune 2000 is like Red Alert, but in the desert" He don't consider the C&C :)
  8. Name - House Joji Leader - Kenichi "Ken" Joji Homeworld - Unknow Planet Information - is a high altitude planet with lots of mountains and snow, the principal richies is rare metals. Native life forms - No know native life forms but the Great Race of Yth lived in the planet and extingushed before be colonized of the human . Government - A kind of facist socialism. Economy - Rare metal export. Militar Forces - Ground forces and "Blockade Runners" ships. We don't belive in numbers but in quality, we use advanced tatics of guerrila combat and a great elite force. The elite force acts before the
  9. ken

    Dune - phantsy star 4

    It's true, I'm a great fan of Phantasy Star, I notted the sand worm, is exactly like Dune's sand worm
  10. I'm with Mahdi. Your observation, ExAtreides, is very logical and inteligent but also crazy a bit.
  11. The Dune 2k movies follow the David Lynch's look style and the mentats too, this is a thing what I liked a lot. In general, the Dune 2k is agreeable to my eyes and fun, indeed using the WW C&C and RA engine.
  12. The Harkonnen have good tanks and a powerful nuke weapon, but the Devastator is very slow and can be take down if dare threat a little squadron of trikes and quads, if don't blow up. The Death Hand can be powerfull but don't is accuracy. The Ordos have only cute tricks. The Atreides is the average house of the three. They have the Sonic tanks to destroy a collum of infantry or troopers, the fremen to hit and run, and the ornithoppers to air support and take down one building or more. The only weak of house Atreides is the ornithoppers, they can be intercepted by Missile tanks and Rocket towers
  13. ken


    Maybe, with the several transformations and advances in the society, the human forgotten the Earth for the old history... for shame.
  14. I'm a Dune fanatic, and when I discovered this, i begun to live.
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