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  1. The Fremen to me are similar to the Fedayeen's in Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan War of the 80's. They dressed the same, had little water, and fought very much guerilla style. Except those same Fedayeen fighters are now Taleban radicals, which didn't happen to the Fremen :)
  2. I had that problem and almost had to retreat from the map because i had no more money for anymore units! but with 3 minotaurs i managed to beat the harkonnen so no problems there
  3. Just got the game and LOVE IT. Just one problem....it's too dark! Is there a brightness toggle in the game somewhere? Its annoying that the screen is very dim when it needs to be brighter. I eve tried to put my brighitness on my screen way up but that don't help much............
  4. I remember coming here when Dune 2000 was just announced, back in early 1999. thats when this site was totally different, it wasn't even at dune2k.com . what was the original URL gobalopper? this sites gotten a lot better since and this is one of the best sites on my list!
  5. Hey I am still here! This is sniper but with a new name... sorry I havn't been around for a while I was extremelly busy... and I will be gone for one and months in july/aug so i won't be able to play emperor that much. but for two weeks in june i will! i'm excited for the game, just preoreded it from eboutique. they said that in toronto here it will come in on june 13 ... i sure hope so! anything else new?
  6. Death to all emperors! Man I can't wait untill Emperor will come out!!
  7. sniper

    Release Date?

    This might have been posted before, but Gamespot has Emperor's release date posted as March 3, 2001. Now this is an exact date which is something new! Just something to break the news drought of the day... :) ~ Actually there have been a number of rumors including the March 14th date we mentioned last week and most recently a date of June by the UK Strategy Gaming Magazine. It's still to early to have an exact date but expect it sometime this Spring. - Gobalopper
  8. sniper

    New Info

    Daily Radar has posted some new info on Emperor. Apparently Chris Longpre, producer of Emperor, has said: "Each of the three houses has 12 buildings, and five to seven infantry along with five to seven vehicles, depending on the side chosen. Additionally, there are five sub-houses with which you can ally. With each allegiance, you can build a new building and two new units." Now, the number of units said here is a lot less than what was said in past previews. 12 buildings also sounds small, considering each house will probably have a windtrap, barrack, war factory, starport and palace. There is some other info at Daily Radar, check it out. Source: Daily Radar
  9. I posted this on the message board but wanted to post it here because I think it's interesting :) . I was wondering if anyone would like to make a program that allowed you to play MP3's while playing Emperor. Now, I know its hard because the game isn't out, but I thought it would be cool seeing how it would be a first (I think). Just imagine playing Emperor to the tunes of the music you like! If you are down with the idea, email me!
  10. Okay, so I know the music in Emperor will be amazing like in anyother Westwood game, but after a while I get bored. So I was wondering- assuming Westwood DOES NOT create a feature that allows me to play MP3 from my computer in the game, is there anyway someone else can? It would be cool to play Emperor to the tunes of Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Rage, and a lot of other rock!
  11. Westwood announced on their homepage that they are now accepting beta applicants for their future masive multiplayer game, rumored to be called Earth and Beyond. This is big news since Westwood has never had a beta test since C&C: Sole Survivor. So if you want to sign up, go to the link at the bottom and answer a few questions. In other news, welcome to 2001! So there is no armaggedon upon us, so that's good news. As for Emperor, I feel a lot more news will be coming our way. Hopefully those rumored "March 2001" shipping days are true, and we'll be playing it soon! Source: Westwood Beta Testing
  12. You sit at your computer and think of "1000 ways to tell your too into Dune" phrases!!!
  13. Hey, Ordos23 back! Well I just watched the first 4 parts of the miniseries and I can say they were great! Even for a low budget movie like that and considering it was made for TV was still a great movie. The best parts were the ones in the desert with the fremen. The way they live and their style of surviving the desert are interesting enough to watch. I also learnt a lor more about the whole novel series from these miniseries. Now it would be cool to see Westwoods style of Dune into a movie- with tanks and infantry fighting everywhere!
  14. Well there is something like that - a drought in the news that is! Where has all the news on Emperor: Battle for Dune gone? Well who knows. I can only assume Westwood is holding back a lot of news and release it all gradually. But if anyone finds any, any news, email one of us and we will post it!
  15. News is slow in the Emperor community. Well the game was just announced so what can we do! But, while looking through some Red Alert 2 sites- which is a great game by the way- I tumbled upon a new game by Westwood called Earth and Beyond. Now, Westwood has not officially announced the game but at a gamers site is a insider report about the new game. So, this means that there are now three games being developed by Westwood- Renegade, Emperor and now Earth and Beyond. Wow, this will keep a lot of fans happy! Go check it out.
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