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  1. Thnx for replies. ExAtr- Some good pts.- I guess games can be theraputic some what. RPG/adventure games are kind of like reading fiction, except you can become or create the characters, which is fun. FPS- stress relief, I like Tribes2, TFC, although, TFC can have alot of sh*t talking sometimes, which gets old. Have any of you played/or finished Half-Life? A great game, I was amazed at the end, when you had to fight a demon called Nihilanth, or something like that, I mean, the analogy is your fighting Nihilism, which I thought was very clever. Its making a (somewhat obscure) philosophical
  2. Looks cool. The machine gun the center character has looks like an old WW2 era machine gun.
  3. Why do humans play games? just curious to know what some of you guys think. Being a gamer myself, I often wonder, because it is fun, and I am seriously considering designing some games. I suppose there are serious games, which somecan be called survival, and then nonserious games, like sports, which simulate competition. I guess nature is competitive, predator/prey, most of the games we play for fun are non-life threatening, which is a good thing in my opinion.:)
  4. I like the game; its fun, its got good graphics, and the game play is balanced(for the most part, although the Atriedes seem a bit stronger if played correctly). I have experienced a whole lot of rushing tactics on the multiplayer games, it is frustrating sometimes, because; how fun is it to play a game and lose in the first 5 minutes because someone blows up your carryalls and harvesters. Well, I agree, it is more fun when the games last long enough to actually build a base and an army. One way to do this is playing against friends, or in custom games, and establish a no rush rule, or no a
  5. Last night I was playing a game, it was a great game, it went back and forth for about an hour and a half. Most of my buildings had been blown up, except my barracks, refineries, and a windtraps. I had a lot of money, so I started making tons of infantry. I had hurt my opponent pretty bad too, and I attacked his base with the few units I had, and all the infantry. It worked, and his base was destroyed, and at the same time he dropped a Devestator in my base, which destroyed all my buildings. I destroyed his dev, and he only had 1 advanced carryall, and 1 constuction yard left, which he was
  6. Sounds interesting.
  7. In my opinion, the Mongols were similar in that they conquered, but, it seems to me, Herbert's idea of the Fremen was of a different sort. The Fremen were oppressed by the Harkonnen, and they had a strict religion, and social order, based on survival. I agree with Ordos23, in that they kind of resemble the Isalmic fighters. I have studied Islam, and Herbert undoubtedly references it in regard to the Fremen. - Thoughts of Stilgar in reference to his fear of the twin children of Paul: (Children of Dune pg.6) "I am an attendent yet, and my Master is God the Merciful, the Compassionate."
  8. Setting the area for harvesters is a good improvement, and I think the airdrones are more balanced.
  9. One of the most effective and annoying tactics is what is known as the rush tactic. A player will build and send units as fast as possible to the enemy's base or harvesters. This tactic is common to most RTS games, and Dune is no exception. Here are some of my rush strategies- I mostly play Atriedes, so I am most familiar with them. Atriedes: Upgrade barracks, then build a factory while upgrading refinery. build 5 or so speeder bikes( don't underestimate the sandbikes, they can kill a Hark missle tank in a few shots, and they are cheap and fast to build)- add to this 5 or so kinjal, and eit
  10. Maybe a subhouse specific unit that is infantry, but heavily armored like a tank. A cross between a mech and an infantry. With jumpjets, a chaingun, and rockets. Effective against infantry, tanks, and air. Maybe Sardaukar, or a completely different subhouse. It would cost about 500, and have a slow building time, because its so powerful. Power armored trooper, good all around unit, but vulnerable to anti-armor weapons like the kinjal. They could travel in a straight line and just jumpjet over the terrain. Good for base attacks, support, or harvester raids. Hmm, maybe a little too good?
  11. Interesting Historical sidenote: I do not know the exact date, but there was a battle that took place in the Germany-Poland area between a large force of European Knights and the Mongol Horde under Batu Khan(Gengis's nephew). Batu was in charge of the Golden Horde, which was a section of the Mongol Empire around the Black sea area. The Mongols decided to send a "scouting and raiding detachment" of around 20,000 light and heavy cavalry. (a full Mongol army could consist of 100,000 or more at that time.) The Europeans, mostly Knights of German feudal lords, took to the field around 40,
  12. The Fremen were like Mongols in that they were fierce fighters, but the Mongols were murderous- (they would slaughter whole cities of men, women, and children), only to set examples of terror to the people they conquered. The Fremen, I think, were somewhat more moral. The Mongols had no specific religion, but adopted many religious ideas and beliefs from those they conquered- i.e. Islam. The Mongols excelled at warfare, but were less able to govern, eventually losing control of most of their conquered territories through internal conflict and rebellions. The reality of what they conquered
  13. The Fremen that challenged Paul- his name was Jamis In the Lynch film, he was played by none other than Liam Neeson (Qui Gon Jin in Star Wars) but that scene was cut.
  14. Ah, Mongolia. Is Mongolia a part of China(governed by China)? Could Tibet be considered a different country? I guess its the Chinese "sphere of influence", which includes North Korea.- all labled "communist." The Chinese appear to have a government that resembles the Stalin dictatorship in Russia- called "communist, but really dictatorships or Oligarchies(rule by a small group, i.e.- the Party" who manage and control the resources according to a set policy- given by the small group in control( small in compare to the entire population - such as China- population over 1 billion).
  15. salikadali


    lol, Anime can be cool, Ninja scroll, Ghost in the shell, Akira, Fist of the North Star, are some of my favorites,(violent- but good). Akira is good, but I think I would understand it better if I read the graphic novels. Does anyone have an idea what exactly happens at the end of Akira, I mean, Tetsuo becomes an ameoba-ok, then what? does he eat Tokyo? - its been a while since I've seen it. Yea Moidib, some of the humor doesn't translate well from Japanese to English-haha :)
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