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  1. My opinion (actually my father's ;D ) Communism is bad IN ESSENCE because : 1. Ambition and the desire to improve oneself is essential to the human being. In communism, you are taken to the same level as everybody else. Aside apathy, this eventually leads the economy to collapse as there is no initiative or desire to work and be creative. 2. Communism always leads to dictatorship. In democracy, there wouldn't be communism because most people wouldn't agree on losing their property ;) I guess. Dictatorship is bad because dictators are more often than not undesireable for the position. 3. Communism also leads to the promotion of nonvalues, especially around the dictator, who surrounds himself with people that couldn't challenge him. Also, there is little actual interest in values or the concept of wellfair or development for these people. I think that the ideal society comes with time as the population improves at the level of the individual. Capitalism and democracy are excellent today, especially in decent countries. With the right people, things are well and getting better. Eventually, a society closer to the ideal forms. That goes on and on. Furthermore, I think capitalism and democracy would form the ideal society providing there are good people and bountiful economic, technological and artistic resources.
  2. Edric, with all due respect, liberals make economy while socialists spread the money, liberals give the opportunity of fortune to a part of the population (hopefully those with ambition) while socialism spreads poverty to all. Liberalism is the engine of economy while socialism is the concession. Communism was good for one thing: bringing countries like Russia out of the middle ages. For all other purposes it was a disaster. It takes away people's ambition, passion, sense of possesion and ultimately reason to live. It evens out poverty. Fortunately it is dying. Bye-bye communism and good luck Edrick, I hope you'll get over it! As for Obama, I'm happy he won because I though I liked his character. I don't know much anything about the matter and haven't seen the other candidate speak. I wasn't thinking about who's the liberal and who the socialist - that doesn't make much difference in the USA, I think. I also hear the opposition had been in power before and it's great that matters changed, especially after the disastrous Bush administration. It's also cool that Obama is half black.
  3. But there is still a kind of satisfaction, isn't there? In any case, the essence of a moment only exists in that moment, you cannot carry it with you. And that is exactly what you said before. You might even feel that you are a different person if you think about it.. You might feel things in a completely different way. For that, you need to relax between events, let yourself drift - and the relaxed mind is capable of coping with the situation in a way focus never could. Of course, one of the requirements is to have sufficient time between them, a few months perhaps, to get an effect like that.
  4. Yes, no matter what you achieve, the feeling of achievement only lasts for a few days, maybe. Then you feel as though you are back to square one! Although you may have managed to get something that raises the joy of your life. Obviously, you should never think of something as an achievement or you will grow it into a disappointment. Rather, think of things as the course of life or better still, not think of them. Just be there. Life is in the present. They all have advantages and disadvantages. They each have some measure of truth. What I think you are trying to get at is having a way of thinking that is independent of things beyond our understanding or beyond our control, while at the same time cultivating some measure of positive thinking (intentionally or not, the optimism in your attitude) to encourage creativity and attract contentment.
  5. I'm not talking about the organisms which could have evolved from merging aminoacids or the way in which the solar system perfectly fits together to form life which couldn't have been here otherwise (so we could just be the forced scenario anyway you put it), I am taling about the way things fit together inside a human life if you know how to look. There are two possibilities I have considered: one is that there is an all-powerful God controlling everything, the other is that the collective mind of the human race or that of the individual (both, actually) influence events. Something like "The Secret" but more refined. I am just saying that, as a child, you expect the world to be perfect. And it isn't. What you are basically saying is that I should start thinking positive or end up ruining myself for good. That's what I'm onto right now. But you should realise that the implications are not funny at all and that people really are getting hurt all the time. Finally something that makes a lot of sense! "An ultimate goal of eudaimonean ethics would be to feel happy just because I can (live), without any other reason." - This is actually a good description of the first idea that I had on any sort of such issue. That was about ten years ago! Yes, it does get better with time and a lot of effort. But why couldn't it be OK while it gets better? It is not just a question of the "level" you are at. On the other hand, you are highlighting that no matter what the situation, it still takes the person being capable of enjoying it. Then again, it is still a question of how that peson was formed, but overall it is important to note that it is all a neverending quest for understanding: no matter how good it gets, it can always be better and you might say that what is good at one "level" is too little for another. One of the most important things to learn, then, is how to get through this with joy.
  6. That's great! Just tell me how and when. MSN is Windows messenger or something? I think they are compatible, Yahoo M and Windows M. I'll try and add you in Yahoo.
  7. What is there to appreciate? They are satisfied and joyful, there's no problem with that. They, of course, accept that life as it is, too. No problem, eh? Ach, come on! I'm not some poor suffering someone and I'm not obsessing over something like that anyway. Although you could say that I have often had some level of psichological discontent, my argument here is general and not personal. According to the Bible are many arguments, most of them used in the past to justify anything. Please keep it out. In the first place, the New Testament has been chipped up by men out of the original collection of writings. For instance, I saw a docummentary that mentioned Juda's gospel which had been eliminated from the New Testament makeup. It seemed to suggest that the idea of a neutral God and the future prevalence of a Good God was there already. Like the suffering to demand understanding and get it after you gain enough experience and value detachment, a relaxed mind! Of course the world isn't perfect, but that is what a child expects - especially when his head is being filled with nonsense. Even an atheist can understand that life is "eternal". Your children will move on and something of your genes, the upbringing, the culture, will move on. But it's more complex than that. You could argue the matter at the level of humanity or even the entire Planet. Because "plebes" are too stupid to understand better. Because they work hard, desire little of thinking - and their work overwhelms their being anyway. But also because the church has been a way of manipulation throughout history. The real paradise must be achieved in life. If you don't, you should think that it will never be or that future people might get it done. As for the impact of an afterlife paradise concept, it has often caused disarray. First, stop telling me that I feel miserable about my own existence. We are having a GENERAL argument. With that out of the way, I can say that I especially have reason to believe God exists BECAUSE things have happened in an obviously logical pattern, not thoroughly bad although mostly so. And on a psichological level, no mutilations or diseases. And it's not like He brought bad things on everyone. Some are DESIGNED to live good lives, some bad, some anywhere on the good-bad line, each of them posessing a unique pattern/"colur" The secret is to relax and everything falls into place as the mind deals with it. It's obvious that we have very different thinking, maybe that's why you didn't get my point!! For one, I think that theory and logic alone acted upon "philosophy" flawed, they would always be adrift. As for the argument of being an atheist, the Bible or Christianity is no argument. Divinity is the same no matter how you chose to call it. Each religion is a WAY of adressing the issue, although each might claim it is the correct one. In my case, my life has lead me to believe there IS a God, one of the strongest arguments being the way in which things fit together like a puzzle.
  8. I see YOU have some form of being content. But what about the way of life of other people? IT is very important to feel good about. Why should a feeling of comfort and joy be sparse? The pleasure of achievent would not be affected.
  9. Suffering is about much more than pain. It includes stress and dissatisfaction or the inability to acknowledge or have a good life. Of course, I'd take mental dissatisfaction over a sharp pain any day, but if we think most people live under stress, apathy and don't get to visualise much joy or wonder in their lives, that is extremely cruel as well.
  10. I see that I tried to reply on every issue. Your last post there was one exception. I don't get what you meant with it. How can I adress something the way you want it or simply agree to your opinion? As far as other things are concerned (relativity of God's point of view), you cannot deny that suffering is real, especially when it is consistent, you cannot escape or see beyond it, it is beyond your control and it has been forced upon you indiscriminately by the definition of your life, again imposed. Pleasure or superficial happiness can sometimes be illusions, but you cannot deny that the discomfort of pain and suffering are for real. As always, I hope you read before you post, although I'm sure you generally do.
  11. With the gained experience of the past year, I can say that my view has changed somewhat. One thing to note is that from my perspective, there IS a God that manipulates people and events and has virtually made the World. It is evident in the way my life has taken place so far. Mostly, He evolved me through discomfort and never seeing the end of it or having a satisfying existence. I find it evident in an intelligent pattern of many things of many kinds. Some people get the same treatment, others worse, others an apparently unremarkable existence, while a few live happily. What is the most annoying is that nobody has any real control. Everything is predefined, your developement charted. All the pain of going through decisions is just part of a plan and not a matter of YOUR free will. The world is full of bad things and suffering although there are good ones as well. Most of the time however, things imply painful evolution and happiness is often merely about escaping suffering. I am a firm believer that "progress" CAN be made without suffering. Life is a neverending path, so the paradise that any sentient being is struggling for must be about finding the way and the situation in wich progress is made through happiness. In this context, the maker and "governor" God is neutral, undeniably evil in some way. Evil because He is so smart and powerful to make all these predefined charts by which people live. This is obviously not the God you pray to at church. Then it occured to me: the world just isn't fair, just isn't good, just isn't perfect, just doesn't have the understanding, etc. We must hope for the better, we must discover Paradise and we believe in a God of good that overcomes evil and creates good. The initial confusion comes from mistaking/mixing the controller God and the Good God. The controller one is all-powerful, yet his existence we hope to erode by believing in Good, in the God you pray to at church. Just don't mix them up and everyting becomes clear. The confusion came from the anguish of expecting a world made by a good God to be a correct one, which is not at all the case. And I believe that life can evolve on good alone, with just enough uncertainty to stimulate the imagination, but not the kind of uncertainty that drowns the individual in despair, since he cannot find a way out or understand why the context of his life is a bad existence. Instead, the joyful uncertainty of living among friends, satisfied, and learning new things with living, understanding and exploration. One of the key parts of getting past these troubles was no longer expecting the world or some thing in particular to be perfect or certain. Just live, relaxed, not force the mind (to avoid self-limitation), keep on working for the discovery of good. Then things will light up. WHY didn't He make a good world? It does not matter now: we must work for good and not expecting any to avoid limitation and disappointment, most of all to discover happiness - which is not always a selfish matter. And this is no more avoiding the truth of an imperfect Order than being upset about it. Are our actions still being controlled in this endeavour? It is our inner belief that they will one day lead God to presiding a good world. Living on means not having been defeated yet.
  12. Duuudes! I'm still waiting for the game. Just make sure you suggest well in advance, say a week, because I won't be visiting this every day.
  13. Please post any challenges and the time you suggest. Here it's GMT+2. By normal speed I mean 2 levels below maximum. I find maximum speed absurd. It must have been meant for zooming the harvest missions in the campaign. StarCraft is 3 times slower, etc.
  14. Please tell me when you're in for a game. I'm registered as "sava".
  15. All right, I finally have XP service pack 2 installed after a looong misunderstanding with booting (I have Vista AND wanted XP too). Everything works fine until the last step: NETWORK IS FULL on "Dune-2k Networks", password "dune". I took the pro option with the install. Also, I would love if you proposed the closest time you guys are willing to PLAYYY. FINALLY I will be able to play Dune 2000, for the first time in my life, with a human being!!
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