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  1. Hmm...I downloaded Ampoliros Ridge but don't know how to install it. Any suggestions? I got Map Packer though.
  2. Yes. I like a secure Spice mining area. Then I don't have to worry that much on my Harvesters and concentrate on just fighting.
  3. Okay. Will try it today then. Hopefully, it works.
  4. Well, if you can get your enemy to cramp 15 Harvesters for you to hit them with a single Death Hand, then it might work. Hmm...I suddenly have a new respect for the Hawk Strike ability. Will try it out some time. But you all are most right about slower moving units who are affected by Hawk Strike not making it to the edge of the map before it wears out. I had an idea though. What about casting Hawk Strike on a large enemy force defending its base just as my attack force arrives at his base entrance? Scatter his forces and leaves his base defenseless?
  5. The second map sounds interesting. Do you happen to have an screenshots of the maps? Sort of like a preview?
  6. I was just wondering about the usefulness of the Atreides Palace special ability called Hawk Strike. You see, the Harkonnen's Death Hand Missile destroys stuff and leaves radiation in the area. The Ordos Chaos Lightning makes your units and structures go berserk and start firing on each other. However, the Atreides' Hawk Strike only makes the enemy units run away in fear. Not useful in destroying stuff I'm afraid. However, I was wondering what Atreides players here use it for? Do you all use it in tendem for some attack?
  7. For air defense, I think the only way is to train lots of those missile launcher guys that the Ordos have. If I'm not mistaken, the Ordos APC also fires rockets at enemy air units. Against Fremen Fedaykin, I am totally clueless as to how to defend against them. Can Scouts detect Fremen?
  8. That is cool. Any previews of them? ;D
  9. Erm...where's the fun in that?! ;D
  10. Thanks a lot guys for the tips. I will try to mix my units before charging the Ordos. Chuck Norris is right in the latest post that I have much to learn. Like I said earlier, I am pretty new to the game. (God knows how many of you are thinking to yourselves "Where has this guy been since Emperor was released?!")
  11. Hi all. Actually, I am having trouble in single player. You see, I am a real newbie at Emperor. So, I was so used to the slower Harkonnens that when it came to facing the Ordos, I was totally taken by surprise at how fast their Laser Tanks skim pass my Minotaurs and ripped them apart one by one with bursts of laser.My Mongooses managed to take out a couple of those damn tanks but there were those tough Cobras behind providing long range support. I think I suck. Big time. Maybe practise makes perfect.
  12. I was playing Emperor: Battle for Dune again recently and I used Atreides vs Ordos. One thing I find ultra irritating about the Ordos is that their units are so darn fast! My Minotaurs cannot kepe up and usually get blasted apart by laser fire from their tanks. Mongooses, too, get ripped apart by them. But then, only the Mongoose seems to have a better chance of hitting those darn laser tanks with their missiles. Anybody find Ordos irritating as well as an enemy?
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