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The Iron Spike


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Goal: Abandon Hope all yee who enter here!

Author's Comments: There is really only ONE way for a railroad man to make any decent money in the region of iron spike. Steel and wood, although due to its massive tourist trade for its vast forests, you could chose to cater to the population with a high speed passenger line.. IF you can get there first!

** VICTORY (Within 65 years - 2015) **

BRONZE: $25M Company Book Value

(No Industry required..Wimp Clause)

SILVER: $50M Company Book, $20M Personal Net Worth, $15M in Industry Profits

GOLD: $75M Company Book, $35M Personal Net Worth, $25M Industry Profits

The 'Suggested' play level is 'custom'.

Expert Industrial Model

Advanced Financial Model

Short-selling/Margin buying is disabled


Must build on existing track

ONE company per customer!

Due to the distance needed to transport coal and Iron need for steel there is a 10% bonus on coal and Iron ore, a 15% Bonus on steel. There are other ways to win.

This map has a FULL status display yearly telling you how much you need for the GOLD!

This map has not been tested with multiple human players, but has the capability.

** TIPS **

If you get a rocking industry going you better buy it QUICK as the AI will steal it (and your profits) post-haste.

The map may SEEM easy but logs, paper and lumber don't pay much.

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