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Coast Line


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Goal: Turn a remote region into a thriving commercial center by building a railroad along 500 miles of rugged landscape.

Author's Comments: The South Coast stretches 500 miles south from Barton, the booming seaport and manufacturing center. The forbidding geography has so far defied all attempts at taming this wilderness. Yet riches await the daring entrepreneur who will turn this corner of the land into a part of the modern world. Lumber and gravel abound in these mountains and valleys, and the construction industry is particularly eager for these materials. The catch of South Coast fishermen is a coveted delicacy among urban connoisseurs, but it will take a railroad to get it to Barton's markets freshly. The government, too, would like to see the remote military outpost of Fort Lafayette connected to the Barton barracks. Finally, a fast rail connection might turn this beautiful landscape into a prime destination for tourists. The slow steamers hauling lumber could profitably take passengers as their return freight.

If these prospects make your mouth water, this is the place for you to be. Try your experienced hand at a difficult task.

These will be your rewards:

-->A bronze medal, if you haul 12 loads between Barton and Milton within 30 years.

-->A silver medal, if you also haul 12 loads between Barton and Hardenberg within 40 years.

-->A gold medal, if you haul an additional 12 loads between Barton and Fort Lafayette within 50 years. To win gold, you must also own the only remaining railroad company.

-->Note that you need to achieve the Bronze goal before you can get silver, and both bronze and silver before you can get gold.

At first, you will have to rely on the Barton Bay Ferry to reach Barton. Once you meet the bronze goal, you will be allowed to build a bridge across the bay, and operate your own station in the city.

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