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  1. 86 downloads

    Nuclear Mod.
  2. I have convert Moongose to RA 2
  3. rosoner


    you can make worm in editor you just need to put Fremen Camp to sand
  4. I unloack this unit too in my new mod if you want to use it just make it and then sold that building same case with worm raide
  5. Hi everybody, I maked new mod yesterday! 8) ULTIMATE MOD ::) ::) ::) ok, name is stupid but mod is really great! I unlock many units and make some interesting things with some houses... download it on www.is-mod.cjb.net
  6. I need help with Nuclear Mod I need new ideas for Nuclear bombs Now i have just one: Nuclear Tank
  7. ok i do it how to kill everyone insade harvester
  8. I make new version! This version have 3 new types of nuclear bombs! One for every house
  9. is possible to make new unit without deleting someone other?
  10. i must to ask you something alphabeta4000 how to change name of the units?
  11. how to kill all harkonnen around harvester
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