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Open XCL Proxy

Add the following line to your hosts file: games2.westwood.com


Remove the line you added from your hosts file

Close XCL Proxy

Could u be more specific what i have to do to play a game for the ladder?

And do i need to change something back if i just want to play custom game?

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What OS are you using?

The program should automatically add that line so you may not have to do that, if you do just find your hosts file and add it manually. And all you have to do is run program in the background when playing a game. If you don't want the game to count on the ladder you don't run XCL_Proxy.

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doesnt it get cleaned when u run 'disk cleanup'? Cause i already did that. if not, how do i clean the cache..?


And try turning your Caps lock off.

HEY! Your smartass comments are not needed thank you :)

(Did it really irritate you Soo bad that you had to make a stupid off topic comment?)

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You know what nema is like ;)

Anyways, to clear your cache, in Internet Explorer go:

Tools => Internet options... => then under temperary internet files click "delete files". And if you want some free space, click clear cookies and history too ;D

P.S. Do not worry about deleting important files, they are all temperary and are safe to delete.

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Well, the problem certainly isn't the zip file...Perhaps it's your WinZip? Can you extract other zip files?

At any rate, I'd advise you to kill winzip which is a trial license and replace it with Power Archiver which is free and better anyway. If that doesn't work I suppose one of us can upload the XCL_Proxy.exe file to a personal server so you can download it.

Also make sure you're downloading this version:


If you download it the necessary hosts line should already be in your system from Emperor, so just turn it on and leave it on while you play.

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Nice too see the interest in fed2k's ladder, it will be fun and I expect good games, on my side I'll try my best.

btw, I think the first champ title should go to Gob and Olaf for making this happen.

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