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  1. In mission 3, even I changed alliance, but the emperor keep coming and destroy my wind trap. Is it a trick? Btw, when I busy to handle them, I won because the atredies's base was cleaned by harkonen and sardaukar. Isn't it obvious 3vs1, where 1 hold no chance against three. Btw I am playing mission 4.
  2. Yes, I'm not only go through your missiion, but also I study the original Dune 2000 .msi files. What I dont understand is its number.
  3. Can you explain a bit about 'Set Condition' function in .msi?
  4. Ok. Your reply answer more than one of my question. Now I know how to use string editor. Lol, thanks.
  5. Everybody have their first time. But why? what you want to edit?
  6. I am doing this map and mission. There will be 9 missions, that will be related to original Dune 2000 storyline (more or less). I already draft the storyline (will be in briefing for each mission) and done sketching the map. The thing I want to ask here is 1- Is the title is right? The Emperor referred to the purple house right? And House Corrinor is considered as Emperor right? 2- How do I put the my briefing onto the game briefing? This make take some time, especially with the map.
  7. Grand Leo, where do you get that stuff?
  8. yup, i also tried the first two mission. First one is very hard. barely win with the mercenaries almost eliminated. Plus, even the briefing said lose when refinary not existed, but even the refinery is destroyed, you still not lose. And, I think additional some 'condition' is better, such as 'Harkonen has been eliminated' In second mission, the tileset is really messed up. There is spice but you can't even harvest them. So the harvester that trying to harvest the spice will just afk. :( And in second mission, the readme said that it was atredies who allied with the player when the countdown is ended but it is ordos instead of atredies. Btw, good job though. I had my fun. Thanks.
  9. the link is not working. About the upload stuff, I really dont know why. I also cannot do any upload.
  10. It is already 9 years. Any progress?
  11. When you are setting condition on mission editor, what is the meaning of the value? I mean the number on 'condition index' column.
  12. But PM obviously dont work here. I send a lot of PM to some members of this forum, about lot of stuff, but none of them replied. Means none of them receive my PM. And I also used to send you PM though.
  13. I found out how to attach file. But I got this message just after uploading. 'Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file'
  14. Your theory is quite right, but maybe Zahariel not use CD. Lol, he really play with CD. Zahariel, this is what really going on. When you used cd, or mounted image, you cannot edit the CD that easy(delete and replace stuff) You need to play from your computer without CD. I don't know how to make it from CD to no-CD since I used CD about 10 years ago. But as far as I remember. after you install from CD, you have 2000 directory in your computer right? You need the CD crack but I don't know how to attch here.
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