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i know how to kill a worm!!!!!

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heres what you do, you get at LEAST 30 troopers, and a few weak vehicle units like trikes. then have the worm eat the trike, and wile its still above ground, have the troopers attack it like MAD!then it should roar in agony and wave around and finaly slump on the ground in a bloody heap >:D

Hey i'm sure everyone knows how to kill a worm
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Incorrect, Ophirus, in the book, the only way to kill a sandworm was the use of atomics OR drowning! If you remember, water is poisonus to sandworms. Not like you'd ever find enough water on Arrakis to drown a worm. :-

thats not neccesarily true, because it also says the only ay to completly kill a worm, sandtrout and all is to apply electricity to every segmant at the same time in huge voltages
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well i may not have killed a worm but i do no in Emperor:Battle for Dune u do have to destroy a worm in a mission i believe

But i believe u may be able to kill a worm but itll take 100 troopers and 100 r-turrets to kill it or u could just get 1mil devastators and commit suicide for all of em ;)

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