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  1. ok then! it might be a bit, but ill get it!(its real hard to kill a worm) >:(
  2. i know, but this is real good for long battles! you wont have to deal with it for the rest of the mission. its dead body just sits there :-
  3. heres what you do, you get at LEAST 30 troopers, and a few weak vehicle units like trikes. then have the worm eat the trike, and wile its still above ground, have the troopers attack it like MAD!then it should roar in agony and wave around and finaly slump on the ground in a bloody heap >:D
  4. id realy like it if they did do that. i bet they could, i think if they have the curser controled by the arrow pad, and A to select and make units move, and B to unselect.that might work! :)
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