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Roots of DUNE


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I whatched a documentary on Discovery today about Jordan ( the country ;D ).

There are a lot of things that bond that land with the duniverse:

- the canyon in which the city of Petra ( the sietch prototype) stands is called a "siq", very close to the term of "sietch".

Also, the city of Petra is mainly carved in stone, digged inside the mountains, and they had a complicated system of aqueducts to transport and store water.

//-- Off topic

About Jordan, well I was surprised that the royal family actually acted as a host, accompaigning the reporter all over Jordan. The king (sultan or whatever) is very fond of helicopters therefore a very good pilot. Lookes like Duke Leto to me. Moreover, they consider their country so safe they can go for a walk without the guards checking every square inch before them. They actually don't take the guards when they go for walks...

A very interesting thing I saw: the king's children are blond, though both the king ( Abdulah) and his wife ( Rania - a very beautiful woman)

are brunetts. Well genetics...

Off topic --//

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Petra was some kind of a nexus, a gathering point for all those desert caravans.

And yes, that mouvie was filmed there... but Petra streches for miles around, most of the city beign under the sand right now. At its climax the city had 30.000 citizens. They called themselves Nabateeans.

The architecture is unique, is superbe: a mixture of greek, roman and some other types, that give a great effect.

Jordan has borders with a lot of countries: Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egipt.

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I would be interested to know how Frank Herbert adapted some of his info from real countries and cultures. It has always seemed reminiscent to me of Roman times. Rome being the Empire and the Fremen being the last frontier of unconquered people.

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Roots made me think of Kunta Kinte,

anywho about Jordan, I've seen that documentary acouple of times and I must say I find Jordan to one of the most magnificent countries I've seen and it's on my top 5 list to visit.

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I'm glad you like that country too, NaMpIgAi.

Vanguard: thanks buddy! :D I really needed that. :P

Ok. So, I didn't have time to look it up, so I just post my opinion.

The Fremen: the arabs, or the berbers and tuaregs in N Africa. It has always looked to me as the foreign legion fighting desperately for survival against the arabs or another army. Or Lawrence of Arabia. He might be Muad'Dib.

Sietches: the city of Petra.

Atreides: the US (but the Atreides had higher morals).

Harkonnen: the soviets (but much more powerful).

Ix: Japan.

Empire: some medieval empire that had feudal aristocrats. Maybe Normand England?

Bene Gesserit: the Vatican (ironic, I know).

Bene Tleilaxu: beats me. :-

Well that's most of it.

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I think the Bene Tleilax are nothing like any large organization existing today. They support genetic alteration and other biological things often seen as immoral to theists, yet they are religious fanatics, and believe their ability to manipulate these things as their God-given power. Where is it when they say DNA was the "language of God"?

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