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I thought its that 2D dune game where they say "You are Paul Atriedes,son of Duke Leto Atriedes" then they show the bloated centipede-like body of the baron and they say "The baron has always been yr family's greatest enemy" or something like that ::)

OK thanks for the screenies,cool!It looks like a 3D Half-adventure,half-FPS game :D "WOW!!!" is all I can say

*Looks astonished* :O

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Where, probably you local software or Toy's-r-us store [ something like that, depends on how they call it over there ]. It's priced at 6 Euro's here. So probbably the equivalent of it in your own currency. :)

That was a reply for Frank Herbert's Dune .. ...


It's on Ebay right now for 3 Dollars .. .

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... and there's nothing wrong in the controls.

must say that after not played it for a few months, I started to play it again today and it took me some time to get used to them. But ones you get the hang of it they operate quite nicely. :)

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