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Fedaykin = Fedayeen


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Feday (singular of fedayin) means something like what in Emperor is a saboteur. Martyr-warrior, whose only target is to to as much damage to enemy as can in the fatal attack. As the kamikaze pilots or most terrorists. Difference between shaheed and feday is that shaheed can be even usual soldier who fight in a djihad, but with some will to live.

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Almost definitely the same word. Notice that Arabic has its variations in dialect - it is spoken across a huge area, so I would say that the word is very likely the exact same word, though could be a slightly different word in that the kin/een bit could be a different suffix root.

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Well, I really feel good about the name of the 'fedayeen'. Every time I hear this I start to explain to somebody what a Fedaykin is and the duniverse.

I can say that this war kind of advertises the Dune books. lol

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