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  1. I have enjoyed the Dune Encyclopedia for a long time and I am very sad to hear of this. My condolences to the family.
  2. I'm curious, what are those glowing eyes at the end of E:BFD? Another worm? A worm-man (ala Leto II), another ghola, a futar? I wonder what they had planned for the expansion that never came out...
  3. I wonder if this is the word Fedaykin came from. I was reading in the paper about Iraq's armies and read "Saddam Fedayeen". I looked it up on the internet: http://www.fas.org/irp/world/iraq/fedayeen/ interesting..
  4. hmm... sorry bout that, try another table and see if that one works... also, if you really want to get it working, there's a lot of forums: http://www.vpforums.com/ where someone should help you get it running.. good luck
  5. btw, forgot to mention, you need visual pinball to play.. it's there too
  6. :D Hi people, I thought I'd mention this: at: http://www.irpinball.com/ under "original tables" there is Dunne Pinball! 8)
  7. I guess they did both in places, I thought. They need to find a balance. I've read some of KJA's other books and they are the same way.
  8. The worst thing about BJ I don't like is the writing style... specifically, of Kevin J. Anderson. I remember in Creative Writing classes, even English classes, they said don't say, "It was a beautiful forest" say "The dark green forest of evergreens glistened in the dew of the morning. The smell of pine was strong in the air" okay, so I know that's cheesy, but you get my point. Keving J. Anderson doesn't "describe" a lot. He just says things and it's bad writing. Especially in the relationships with Butler / Vor Atreides / Harkonen guy... Frank Herbert described relationships through dialog, Kevin J. just says what it happening and doesn't describe anything. could I write a novel as good as them? probably not, but I can read novels better than theirs.
  9. Hi, No offense to your campaign intended, but I don't understand... Dune I was more of an adventure game with a lot of character interaction and only a little strategic element (secure seitches, assault harkonnens)... how does this port to Warcraft III without becoming something completely different? (and that might be okay too)
  10. dczx

    Noah's children

    I'm just trying to keep an open mind. The footnotes say hippo, but a hippo doesn't have a tail like cedars. The original greek doesn't have footnotes, by the way. heh
  11. dczx

    Noah's children

    The bible refers to Behemoth in Job... who sounds very much like a brontosaurus... some might say a hippo, but it says, "He moves his tail like a cedar" v17 which doesn't sound like one. Job 40:15-24 http://www.biblegateway.com/cgi-bin/bible?passage=Job+40&NIV_version=yes&language=english and also Leviathan: Job 41 http://www.biblegateway.com/cgi-bin/bible?passage=Job+41&NIV_version=yes&language=english these are mentioned throughout the Bible as probably the worst beasts around... maybe most were killed in the flood?
  12. dczx

    Noah's children

    Edric, You haven't refuted the stories of the flood/arc present in nearly every culture, Man, that's one big allegory! Don't forget the Bible is backed up historically on a lot of accounts, for example, the coins existed, rulers existed, etc. There is also a lot of archeological evidence. I've never heard of archeological evidence being called allegory.
  13. dczx

    Noah's children

    If the cultures that have records of the flood were, in fact, cultures stemmed from the survivors of the flood, that would make sense. I have not heard of any of the flood stories being localized. It doesn't make sense that Native American, Incan and Babylonian cultures, Israel and others would all have the same story of a universal flood if it didn't happen. The devil, maybe (a universal bad guy), but not a flood... that doesn't seem like some deep niche of human psyche to me anyway. check out this list of flood/arc stories: http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/flood-myths.html note the stories have both flood and arc elements example: Inca (Peru): The water rose above the highest mountain in the world. All created things perished, except for a man and woman who floated in a box. When the flood subsided, the floating box was driven by the wind to Tiahuanacu, about 200 miles from Cuzco. [Gaster, p. 127]
  14. dczx

    Noah's children

    back to the topic of the arc... whether you agree with God's intentions in flooding the earth, or the Bible, there's still a lot of evidence that the flood/arc story is true... example... cultures all over the world having a flood story (epic of gilgamesh, etc.)
  15. Hi, If I abort from a 4-player game after I lose, does it end the game for everyone else? thx
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