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Short Horror Fic Contest

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So anyone up for a horror fic challenge? Create a short horror story in this thread, and on March 17th we tally up people's votes for the winner...the winner recieves the satisfaction of winning!

All the votes should go in the Fanfiction Comments section, as this thread is just for the fics. Now so no one can say that I'm too afraid to enter, here is my own entry.   

The old house creaked in the distance as Stacy looked towards it. It was at least a hundred years old, and supposedly haunted, but she wasn't scared...or so she told herself.

   With trepidation she slowly started up the long gravel walkway. After several minutes she sighed in frustration, not having seemed to get very far. After nearly an hour, she finally reached the door.

   It seemed as if time had come to a full halt around her. She could hear her heart beating quickly, and the fast, yet rythmic thumping of it gave her a small comfort. Slowly she began to beat her foot on the gravel, matching her heart's rapid beats after only a handful of seconds.

   Her gaze travelled up to the moon, noticing that it was full tonight. That might explain why she seemed to feel the tug of her blood flowing. She had once heard a theory that the full moon, as it effected the tides, also effected the liquid in a human body.

   Taking a breath, she opened the door, a loud squeak resounding through the old house. She was shaking now, adrenaline sending its familiar power throughout her body, but not enough to make her feel at ease.

   Now was the time to look for what she had been dared to find, ghosts. She took her steps lightly, raising only small squeaks from the floorboards. She eventually came to a stop within a large library, the dust not as predominant here as it was in the rest of the house.

   She let out a shriek of terror as light filled the room. She whimpered and went down to her knees, her long black hair falling around her face, blocking anything else from view.

   "Well young lady," said a scratchy voice, belonging to an old man," is there a reason that you have broken into my house?"

   Stacy looked up, not as startled, since she was still alive. There was an old man standing at the opposite end of the library. He was bald, with piercing and intelligent blue eyes, bald head, an angular nose, and a narrow chin. His lips were pressed into a grim line, he was leaning on a cane, and wearing a gray suit.

   "Can you speak," he asked.

   Stacy nodded," I'm sorry sir, this is all a mistake! I was dared to come into this supposedly haunted house and search for ghosts. Everyone thought this place was abandoned. I didn't know I'd be breaking into where a person actually lived!"

   The old man gave her a kindly smile," Don't worry my dear, I don't seem to give the place much of a livable look. Besides, when I was your age, my friends and I played similiar games in our slum neighborhood of Germany."

   "Germany," Stacy asked, forgetting all fear, her interest piqued.

   The old man nodded," We were happy children, despite the fact we were growing up in an era where our economy was in shambles."

   "Post World War One," prodded Stacy, remembering a bit from History Class.

   The man nodded with a grimace," Yes. When I reached the age of eighteen, a charismatic man seized power! His name was Adolph Hitler, and many of us viewed him as Germany's Savior.

   "He began to rebuild the military, and began public works programs that built places that still exist today. It was then that I decided to do my best when they announced an organization being made, to become his bodyguards.

   "After years of training, rigorous exams, proving my Aryan ancestry back three hundred years, and being deemed physically perfect, I became a part of it, of the SS!"

   Stacy's eyes widened, now fearing for her life. The man before her was a Nazi.

   "I was one of Hitler's bodyguards when he committed suicide. I imitated a Soviet soldier I killed, who had found the bunker. And I escaped here, and forged this new identity," said the reminiscing old SS member.

   "Why tell me this," asked Stacy, her voice cracking," Why tell me and then let me go?"

   The man's kindly visage suddenly become cold and calculating," Who said you were leaving this place alive dear?"

   He marched towards her with a rag dangling from his hand. As the world went black around her, and the rug smelled sweet to her nose, all she could wonder was if the man knew he was killing a Jew.

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"Hey, do you need a ride?"

The young woman turned around, and saw the face of an elderly man peering from his opened car window.

"It's coming down like there's no tommorow. Are you sure you don't want a ride?"

The girl hesitated, but it was pouring rain and the old man looked trustworthy with his smiling face and salt and pepper beard.

"Ok, thanks." she finally said, walking around to the passengers side of the car.

"Where are you headed?" She asked.

"Home. You can call your parents from there." the man replied calmly. The girl thought this was kind of odd, but let it slide.

The ride was silent, with no words spoken between the two inhabitants of the car. The man finally pulled into the driveway of a large house.

"Here we are." he said, "The phone's inside, on the second floor."

"Ok, great." she replied, as he led her up the stairs.

When she reached the top she noticed a large balcony with no railins through a glass door. She then saw the phone not too very far away from it. She picked up the phone and started to dial.

Oddly enough, there were no rings. She couldn't hear a dial tone either.

"I think your phone's busted." she said, turning around. She saw the man was holding a baseball bat. The man didn't way a word, jsut started walking towards her.

"Hey, man, what's going-" she was interrupted byt he man swinging his bat at her head. She managed to duck out of the way, and started to run. The man quickly blocked the stairs on her, so she turned towards the glass door, leading outside.

"Get back here!" he cried, grabbing for her. She managed to slip through his grasp and get throught he galss door, onto the balcony.

"Help me!" she screamed into the night, runningto the edge of the balcony.

"Someone hel-" the mans bat cracked against the back of her head, sending her over the edge of the balcony.

"Shit!" the man said, breathing hard. A woman, approximatly the same age as the man, came through the glass door.

"What happened?" she asked, "Where is she?"

"She fell." he answered morosely.

"What do you mean she fell? What were you doing outside? Soemone might have seen you!" the old woman cried out angrily.

"She ran out, I tried to stop her. Go get Steven and wait in the basement. I'll get the girl."

"Quick, mother, she's waking up."

This was a new voice, one the girl hadn't heard before. She felt straps holding her arms and legs to the table she was lying on. Her face ached.

"Hurry up!"

That same voice again. It sounded eager, excited, like a child almost, but the voice was definately that of a grown man. Who was it? She wondered, what is happening to me?

She opened her eyes. And screamed. Leaning over her body was a face she recognized as her own. Gripped with fear, she kept screaming.

"Listen to her scream mother, listen to her scream!" the new voice called out again, then started laughing hysterically. She could see his face now, leering at her, his right hand held to his face, the thimb behind his front teeth, and an expression of child-like glee in his voice.

"Listen to her!" he yelled happily over her screams.

"I hear her darling, I hear her." said the calm creatre wearing the girls face.

"Can I play now mother, can I play?"

"All right Steven, the face-wearer said, "you may play."

The woman wearing the girls face backed off out of the girls view, and now all the girl could see was the strange young man, laughing as he picked up a knife.

"No-please, God no!" the girl screamed.

"Beg! Beg girl, beg!" the man cried. "I'm in control! I'm in control!" he called out, over and over as he plunged the knife into her midsection, carving and hacking her mutilated body.

"You're mine bitch, mine!" he screamed, slashing through her womb and ripping otu her uterus. Listening to her dying screams.

"There there darling. There, there." The woman wearing the face appeared at her adopted sons shoulder, patting him, comforting hi. "Come to mother."

On the main floor the old man sat, drinking, listening to the shared ecstasy of agony taking place downstairs. He could hear the stifled breaths and rocking of a chair below him. Covering his eyes, he wept.

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Very good story, O45. I always find Nazi-esque stories fascinating. Mahdi, yours sounds like a cross between Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, and a few Bentley Little books :)

Oh yeah, it was good too ;)

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This is mine, I know its a little late

its a NOTLD spin off tell me what you think.

I had been working at Fast Food and Drugs convience store on east Michigan street. It was another calm night in the Windy city. Another night at of "Is that everything?" and "Would you like to buy some lottery tickets?"

Stading their behind the counter, I was listing to U99 my favorite radio station, The only one that played decent music in this town. When someone rushed in screeming.

"Some Maniak is biting people outside! Call the police!" He screemed and gasped for breath.

"Whats going on?" I asked dumb founded. Frell how was I suposed to know that it wasnt human.

"I don't know, I just heard some screems, He was biting this guy in the shoulder, I tried to pull him off but he was to damned heavy."

I pick up the phone and quickly dile 199.

"This is 199 emergency." A female quickly said.

"Yes this is Ryan Sharpie down at the Fast food and drug convience street on east Michigan street. We got some guy biting people down here. Send some help."

"Yes Plese Hold." She said.

A very loud screem came from down the street.

I looked at the man who had run in, and we quickly rush out into the street.

Under a street light a Teenager i guesed was trying to hold the guy off off of him. Its arms pushed against him pushing, it away from him.

"Get off me you freak!" He kepty saying, I still reamber those words he said them with such anger that it if i was the thing I would be scared for my life.

We rushed over to aid him he was about a block down the street he was a black kid not very big. No one else was on the street it was late, about 3 in the morning, not even rats were up at this hour.

The kid couldn't hold him, like so many to come. He grabbed the kids arms and bit into his neck, The kid screemed in horror. Blood shot in all directions, The crazy son of a bitch ripped the kids jugular out and tossed it in the air and ate it like a peace of damn bacon. Blood shot in all directions, spraying like gesier onto the guys face and on his own body.

"NOOOOOOO!" The guy racing beside me screemd and incresed his pace.

The Kid fell to a crumpled pile on the ground Twitching like a dear after it gets hit. He tackled the son of a bitch onto the ground and started pouding him with a barrage of punchs.

I rushed over to the kid, by now he stoped twitching. I vanly put my hand over his neck to try to stop the bleeding. The bite was deep half way into the kids neck. He had this look in his eyes, This empty souless look of the dead.

"UAAHHHHHHHHHGGGGGG!" Screemed the to my right. I quickly look over. He had rolled of of him and was holding his hand.

"That song of a bitch bit me!" He screemed in disbelif. Blood bubled and fell down across his nuckels.

"Fuck this! He screemd! Fuck this!" He took off in the night running down the deserted street.

The crazy basterd sat up methodicly, almost like a machine. He stood up and looked towards me. His eyes were emptpy, white and cloudly his face emotionless. I stood up and quickly backed away my eyes open in disbelif.

Under the harsh yellow light of the near by the street light. The lower part of the mans face was coverd in blood he was chewing on a red peice of something in his mouth, blood trinkled down his chin. His face was clamy and plae. To pale. Something wasnt right here, I knew it something wasnt right at all.

He took a slow step towards me, and another, and another my body frozen with fear. My mind demanded my body move to flee, not to end like the other had. I let ou t a silent screem as he braced himself on my shoulders, and his teeth dug into my throat.

Police sirens droned in the distence.

I Screemed a thousand times over as his teeth sunk into my flesh. No pain, my mind a distent obeserver to my death, just a last defient screem and . Then the cold wonderfull embrace of death.

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Kaiya shivered. She was so cold outside, she had been walking around for hours. She pulled her coat tightly around her as she kept walking.

"Need a ride?" a young, kind looking man asked, "You look really cold, you can come to my house for a while if you need." He smiled.

"Y-yes, thank you so much." She quickly hopped into the car as warmth surrounded her. She sighed contentedly.

"You live around here?" He turned around to look at her for a moment.

"No, I'm just visiting. It's kinda lonely here."

"Here we are." He pulled into the driveway.

He helped her out of the car and led her into the house. "You can make a phone call in the bedroom," he said, putting away his coat.

She walked into the room, it was orderly, and the bed was quite large. She picked up the phone as she felt her arm being yanked behind her back. "What the?"

The man smiled. "You're a pretty sweet catch, y'know that?" He started to strip her as she tried to get away form his grip. "Fiesty, aren't we?" He dragged her to the bed and slammed her hard upon it.

"Stop...STOP!!" she screamed as she struggled to get away. He kept pulling off her clothes, a sadistic smile upon his face. He pinned her shoulders down and shoved his tongue into her mouth. The taste of blood filled her mouth.

His eyes widened as he stepped back in a daze, the blood streaming down his back. Kaiya smiled at him as she fingered with the bloody knife in her hand. She moved closer to him, playfully licked his face, then smiled. "We're playing MY game now," she purred as she calmly cut open his body.

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