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  1. Dang, Aeris, you just get better and better over time. Is there anything you're bad at?
  2. "I must offer my thanks aswell since, as you can see, all the people on the other side of this particular topic haven't really been reasonable (points to ''execute him!'' dust scouts, ''Defeater of imperials'' Edrico,e.t.c:D)" As I already stated, I pride myself on listening to others opinions. "Consequences of mistaken post origin... I think that perhaps we should just keep it with assasinating a political leader to be WRONG if done by an country. However, assasination of a military leader by a foreighn country in times of war is alright. Additionally, if a foreighn leader is hit by a stray b
  3. Wow, this is getting really fun. Thank you, Sneakgab, for arguing with intelligence and actual points that make some sense. Okay, maybe I didn't state that. But I figured I didn't have to. I'm not arguing with the fact that Saddam needs to be radicated! That fact is obvious to anyone with eyes and a heart. BUT us going in and completely changing there government is another entirely different matter. Let them choose another president, one who is good and kind and understands his people. That is, of course, what this is all about, is it not? Going in and taking out a bad leader? I truly
  4. Being exucuted or shot down by bombs is not the same as assination. I stated that. Saddam has no right to terrorize to his people. You're right, and I seriously doubt anyone will argue with you. Expecially me. And somehow terrorist groups are just a LITTLE different than the most advanced army in the world invading a country. But just a little. And I would appreciate it if you didn't insult my views, as I do not insult yours. Mentioning culture is necessary. Culture is very important to these people, as you would know if you had done your homework. As I stated before, we don't know the
  5. Plus, don't you think that they would want to actually have a real reason to shoot before they have to? They aren't people that are there just for the "fun" of killing people.
  6. That's not very nice. What's the problem with it anyway? It's cheap, simple, would solve many problems (like what species to classify him under...) and we'd be almost certain to get a better replacement. You say it is tolerable to invade someone else's country and kill them but not to kill one person to prevent it? Something's up there... Hmm. let me think...what could be wrong with assaninating another countries leader? Hmmm...IT'S ONLY A WAR CRIME! The leader of the country that ordered that would be tried for doing one of the worst offenses anyone could do. BTW, what right have we to
  7. That's disgusting. Just thought I'd let you know, Ordos. I'm really sorry. Boy, here I am, jumping into one of the most controversal threads on this place on my first run. This should be fun! This was is useless. Of course Saddam is awful. BUT, though the leader is wrong, why do we attack innocent people for no reason? We cannot hate Iraq. We can hate Saddam, but hating Iraq will get us nowhere. Bush, I think, hates Iraq. For his daddy. He's trying to succeed where his daddy fell, and therefore prove a name for himself, though by doing this he is only acheiving to give himself a bad
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