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  1. Ya...Fenring was one of my favorite characterse in both the original Dune and prequels. I actually feel as if his part in the Miniseries was a bit cut short of the importance of him within the storyline. He is awesome. He's pretty much his own kwisatz haderach according to the Bene Gesserits. Though, he was supposed to reproduce but, because he came out sterile thus being an almost forgotten bad seed...Though not completely forgotten which is why they placed Margot to watch over him. I did agree with the prequels because they definitely focused on how dangerous he was. Thus foreshadowing the part where he and Paul are staring back at each other before he refused to kill him, although having the full potential to do so.
  2. No, the gladiator games were entertainment. They jsut tossed Christians in there as a quick, entertaining way to execute them. They didn't actually fight in the games. Gladiators were slaves or people who voluntered to be slaves just to becoem gladiators. The average life span of a gladiator was 12 games, although if they survived to 25 they were given there freedom. It depends upon the ruler at the time actually...If you had Nero (666) for example than you have Christians dying for his own pleasure and the ability to destroy a bothersome religion. ... The Nazi regime bred warriors sort of like the breeding programs of the Bene Gesserit. But...more so like Leto II's breeding programs looking for the best qualities for his Golden Path. oh and don't forget German and Nazi are too entirely different things...It's like Democrat and American.
  3. The majority of the gladiator games in ancient Rome were to kill off certain peoples. Mostly jews by the new Christian philosophy but, there was a time when Christians were thrown in there. I could have sworn it was the axe of the great (and yet lame) blacksmith of the gods that let Athena loose from Zeus. Sparta was not controlled by a democratic society like Athens was they were similar to the Corrinos in that they conquered by command. It seems more like a earlier Corrino who would grab planets for his own interests and creating a empire. I have to disagree when it comes to the German Soldiers of the 1930's and 1940's because it was not about the metal of the soldier. It was more about the strategic placement of the troops that allowed the Blitzkrieg to work so well against Europe during that time period.
  4. ilexatrei

    KJA + BH

    that has nothing to do with what i said, im not giving advice as to which books or movies to read or watch before the other, next time try reading the quote im responding to I did read what the quote said...However, the way that you wrote left something to be desired on your grasp of the english language and how to manipulate words to your desire.
  5. ilexatrei

    KJA + BH

    I completely diagree with Duncan Ghola. I think the 80's Lynch is a good grabber for people. Than they should work from the prequels upto the originals. And after they read the original Dune they should watch the miniseries. Than after they read both Dune Messiah and Children of Dune they should watch that miniseries and than go on and finish the books.
  6. ilexatrei

    KJA + BH

    I completely agree with Emperor Harkonnen. I couldn't put down any of the Prequels. And I feel that the Brian and Kevin did an excellent job. The real reason taht they write the way they do in that they add more action sequences and plots is that times have changed with readers. They can't stay in the past. Frank's time had more of prophesy and now all the population wants to see is story lines and gore. It's just the way we humans act and there is no real reason to blame them for having to try and appease the population while still trying to pump out good works.
  7. I felt as if Frank Herbert's Dune was very much similar to the book. The real differences is the lack of important scenes and the cutting down of characters. Which made it a little difficult to understand especially when you see Paul take over parts that Leto had in order to enhance Paul's character. (Such as the taking in the profits of smugglers which was originally Leto's line in the book but, Paul said it in the Miniseries)
  8. I'd have to disagree with the statement that we don't need a leader. I think we are in serious need of one. Because without one we are a bunch of idiots running around like chickens without heads. As a mass we can't do anything. Truly, an individual is intelligent (unless you look at the majority here in Hawaii and California and Washington...Oh hell the entire United States). The fact is...that it seems like a ideal theory but could never really make it in reality.
  9. ya...I just saw them as women that they harvested from Zensunni Wanderers that have not been "found" by the empire. And that the Ixian women were just unlucky to be conquered by them. The Tleilaxu probably saw this as a great opportunity to pump out more creations thanks to the addition of more women to create into tanks.
  10. woah woah woah... You are correct that intellectuals don't want to destroy themselves...But it is time to look around at the rest of the world population. There is a bunch of dumbasses out there. Their ignorance is going to destroy our species. The problems involving religions disputing is a prime example of this. The two major religions Islam and Christianity who have fanatics that although they are few...They still fight endlessly. There are miniwars going on around the world especially in Indonesia. It is sad to see that they refuse to learn tolerance although they "teach" it. They will be the ones that destroy us. As for the galaxies theory...They don't move like friends and say I'm going to hang out with one particular galaxy while they go and gossip about other ones...nah nah. If one galaxy gets near another like the one that is nearing the Milky Way they will be swallowed. The reason we can't see all the stars in the sky is because we can only see optimally (light). We can't see x-ray, microwave, radio, or the other types of stars that come are around. But, its not our fault the reason is because our sun is composed mostly of light. We would probably evolve if we went on a planet with a sun just of X-Ray beams coming from it. Humanity has a chance at moving on...but I see it as being unlikely. Especially with one of the biggest space agencies in the world being apart of a country with a leader who wants to go looking for "extra terrestrials"...MORON...instead of looking into colonization as most astronomers are looking at right now.
  11. The death mask might have belonged to an actor who played the part of Agamennon in a play...In my opinion. I don't think that it actually belonged to the Agamennon of the Trojan War. Agamennon might also be a common name so there is no telling who its real owner is.
  12. I would think that you need money and troops to explore the outer borders of the Known Universe. This is because you never know what you might encounter.
  13. Lucas didn't only take from Dune. He took from every single damn concept that was before Star Wars. He pretty much took all of them together and combined them into Star Wars. There are pieces of Dune, Wizard of Oz, and a lot of others in there.
  14. So the engines are meant to fold space, I do believe that the heighliner moves one entire heighliner so that it can get over the folded space. As I saw it, the only reason that it took a while to get to place to place in the Prequels is that you had to stop for a while at each destination to pick up and drop off certain ships. That is how I perceived it.
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