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Iraq Issues

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Sure, because Saddam the martyr would really help the invaders' cause...

I can't help but think that executing Saddam was a spectacularly bad idea. The people who hated him are no better off than they were a month ago, the people who supported him are even angrier than they were already. Not to mention the poor precedent that human execution sets for a country just finding its feet again (and that's being generous), especially following such a flawed trial.

On the bright side, this means that a man who instigated the deaths of thousands of people in Iraq has been brought to justice. If we can just get the two still at large, maybe something positive will finally result...

Bonus points for anyone who gets that without having to think about it too hard.

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Can't wait for the video!

Its on youtube, search for saddam. Shows the hanging and all.

Seems the official version of what happened on the day and the youtube video differ quite a bit, according to the BBC. While I have the video, I am not sure I want to watch it :O.

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I am certainly not getting excited in a positive way. Like Dust Scout says, hanging saddam does nothing for anyone, except give bush a boost (bush thinks: "hopefully"), give the Shias something to celebrate on their Eid, and make the rest even more determined kill Americans.

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If Saddam actually meant anything to the insurgency anymore, it would be a victory. But since he was toppled, his own party didn't seem to care that much for him. So, it'll just be another event they'll use to promote violence, with little to none demoralizing value.

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AP photographers claim U.S. soldiers deleted their photos and videos, and warned them not to publish images of scene where Afghan civilians were shot to death

Also (probably from same incident)

Civilians killed after attack on U.S. convoy in Afghanistan

Afterward, Americans reportedly treated every car and person travelling along the busy highway in the area as a potential attacker, Mohammad Khan Katawazi, the district chief of Shinwar, told the Associated Press.

More than a half dozen Afghans recuperating from bullet wounds told AP that the U.S. forces had fired indiscriminately on passing vehicles.

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Troops in Diyala Face A Skilled, Flexible Foe

Article on the Iraq war and what some troops in northern Iraq face.

All of the military aged people in Iraq are "missing" or hiding from Coalition forces.

Last sentence of the article explains a note found by US forces in a village with all the males missing:

"We didn't runaway because we are terrorist," the note said. "We run away because we afrad of you."

Hurray! Iraqis are more afraid of US troops than their own population. Sound like they are building up an insurgent army to get rid of the illegal occupation force.

Another quote from the article

On another recent night raid near Muqdadiyah -- based on a tip from the Iraqi police -- U.S. soldiers rolled out in six Humvees expecting to find a half-dozen al-Qaeda in Iraq members in a meeting.

Instead they found a crying mother and her terrified 13-year-old boy.

"Tell him, since he's the oldest one in the house, he's the man of the house, he needs to man-up and stop hiding behind his mother," 1st Lt. Christopher Nogle, 23, of Orlando, instructed his interpreter.

The boy covered his face and sobbed. It was 3 in the morning. He said he didn't know where his father had gone.

"Does he love his father?" Nogle asked. "Does he want to see him again?"

The small barefoot boy shook with fear and said nothing.

"Ask him where his father hides his weapons," Nogle demanded.

"I swear to God I don't know," the boy said.

"He is not a man, he is scared," said his mother, who was also wailing.

"He needs to quit crying. He's responsible for everybody in here right now since his father left; his father abandoned everybody else," Nogle told the boy through his interpreter. "Tell him when his father comes back later tonight or tomorrow that he needs to have a talk with his father, that his father is doing very bad things and it's getting the whole family in trouble."

Before the soldiers left, an Iraqi police officer brandished two large buck knives in front of the boy's face. Nobody was arrested.

Hurray for scaring young children! Great job. I wonder why the father didn't stay home...

Also good thing the US left Afghanistan.

Afghanistan residents prefer Taliban over corrupt police

Great failures by any country other than USA standards. Great success by American Standards? You be the judge.


I thought oil/gas prices were supposed to go down once Iraq oilfields were secured? Instead they have increased by 40%?

S&P/TSX stock increased from January2000 72.20 to January2006 363.35. What a great stock to buy into.

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Yah, it's front page news on cnn.com and other news outlets.

Soldier: 'Ordered not to tell' of Tillman's death

Although a full scale prison riot in Indiana may take front page soon.

I swear as soon as some information about the government gets released, something bigger happens to try and prevent people from finding out.

I mean 50 million emails from the white house are "missing", including Karl Roves.

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What gets me is the way our minds so easily forget the original reason we are given for "going in" and so quickly accept the reasons we are given for staying there.

Afghanistan: Al-Queda (spelling ?  ::)). Osama Bin Laden. Not found. Now, remove the Taliban and enforce Democracy and help warlords, despite their reputation for crimes, so long as they help us.

Iraq: WMDs. None found, so hey, lets topple the government and enforce Democracy.

Does anyone mind that the reason the wars started, and so many innocent civilians died (imagine if that happened to our country, if the roles were reverse ?  ???) and there has been absolute failure (certainly Iraq) where civilians are saying the times of Saddam were better then the current times...

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Memorial honoring fallen soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan runs out of room

Mission Accomplished!

They stopped putting names on it in November.

Ehlers said it was difficult to plan how much blank space to leave in a display listing fatalities while a war is going on. When he walked by the wall recently, Ehlers said he realized: "Boy, we could have a problem. More space is needed."
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However, this is the internet, and news pages do not run out of room to use decent grammar (this is symptomatic of a wider trend). At the moment, it looks like "A memorial is honouring the soldiers killed in Iraq; Afghanistan gets jealous and runs out of the room bawling."

"Ehlers said he realized: "Boy, we could have a problem. More space is needed.""

Yep, that's your problem right there. Not, you know, the whole occupation thing you've got going on in two countries whose politics you've been fiddling in for years.

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