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Hello all. This is fed2k's new Story section. Which will be made up of fanfiction and the such. But dont go crazy.

Here are the general rules.

1.No Spamming

2.No going off topic. Dont reply to any off topic replys for they will be eliminated.

Well thats it now. But i am sure to there will be more as time passes.

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This board is meant for posting and reading stories, thats it. Any conversations etc should be done elsewhere.

If things get out of hand we will just go back to having it in general so don't abuse it.

As for offtopic posts, posts in a thread should add to the story, anything else will be deleted so don't bother posting to say that shouldn't be there because your post will be deleted too.

ExAtreides, Ordos45, and Nema Fakei are the moderators along with myself for this board even though Ordos and Nema don't actually know this yet. :)

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I know about it now Gob, and may I say, thank you.  Also I want to set down another rule if its ok by the toher moderators.  No excessive sexual content.  I don't care if you want to describe a fremen tau 0rgy.  Its just to explicit to describe on a non NC-17 site.

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As the Harkonnen soldier pressed hard against her body, she could feel his hot breath mixed with his sweaty body ordor. She felt his hands as they grabbed and gropped all over her, she responded by reaching down inbetween his legs touching and feeling and grabbed his..............dagger and stabbed him to death. Filty Harkonnen pig. Animal thoughts racing through her mind as she stab over and over again. Die you Harkonnen die!!!!

*so nothing like that, huh Ordos45*  :)

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