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How do you get Harah to want to go home


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It has been a really long time sinds I've played that game. So this is mayby just a wild guess. But don't think you can take here with you after reaching a certain point in the game.

You just have to leave here there.

Don't know if you already have played the game until the end ones, if not and you don't want to have any more hints on how it continues don't read the text below. ...

Thought that you had to leave 4 people behind at a certain point. Harah, who has enough of the adventure. Jessica who want's to stay in her garden, Chani to help the ill and then to be caught by the Harkonnens and finally Gurney to train the Fremen.

And then not te mention all those people you have to fly over the the Harkonnen palace in the end ;)

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I don't know if Harah apeared in any of the mouvies... But in the book the is the wife of Jamis, the Fremen guy Paul had to fight due to the kanly invocation. Obvious who won... :) Paul had to marry her or she and her sons would have been killed by the tribe(no one was to look for them). Finnaly she will be Stilgar's wife after Paul becomes emperor.

That's it I presume...

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I once tried to disregard all messages (starting the one with the vision about something terrible has happened) until after I defeated all the fortresses (thus causing Leto's death to be impossible, logically wise anyways, he remained there but all the characters continued to think he was dead),

leaving Harah behind in the palace and taking Stilgar and Gurney with me.

This was hard at first, but using the freed fremen as new military forces and utilizing the weapons gained as well as keep training them with Gurney, I was able to mass a large enough force without ever getting to know Chani and her father.

This also provided a bug -> Harah would no longer want to go on an orni with me,

and kept staying in the palace, thus I couldn't bring her home.

Since I disregarded Stilgar requests to meet Chani, and after I did meet her I disregarded when he asked me why I don't ask her to go with me, I never got to the part of worm riding by that time. I think after I did take (and leave) Chani the same would happen if I try with a worm, or maybe Harah wouldn't follow me into the desert.

I'm not sure if this happened only because I first met with Chani and then disregarded Harah's requests to go home (She was complaining while I was in the same room with her in the palace, as I didn't have her with me), until she 'gave up' asking for it, and the game regarded as if the palace IS her new home (by this point of the story, she wasn't suppose to move anywhere, same as when she was in her home sietch).

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