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The Descent Into Chaos: Corrino's Revenge 2


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How about the FREMEN, we rarely see them in emperor and it's a real shame... remeber in the novels the fremen were very organized... I think the fremen should gain some new structures and units... in the novels the fremen had ornithopters....

and there are probably many other applications for the fremen.

^I'm not sure what you mean...The Fremen are already a subhouse. And if you mean making them a house, find Timenn's "Shai-Hulud Mod", that's what he's doing.

Thats an interesting idea, but leto, are you going to use the original subhouse ideas I gave?

^To be honest, probably not. Not that they weren't good ideas, but...The Guild of Harvestors was too close to the Smugglers (in premise), and the Guild of Pilots...I don't know, maybe... :-

DukeLeto: the Poison Artillery's name was orginally the the Poisoner

^Uh, what? It was "InkVine Catapult." ::) All I'm really doing is changing the name... ???

Aw! you didn't use my Robot Scout...anyway how about Ginaz as a subhouse?

^1. Actually, I kinda did, it's just a Tleilexu unit now.

2. Ginaz...hmmm, who were they, again? (I'm sorry, I've only read Dune-COD.)

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Ooh, I could use that Atreides Swordmaster I put all the hard work into ;)...hmmm...

OK! Subhouse Numbera Doix: (Poorly spelled French, BTW)

The Ginaz:


-Ginaz Swordmaster: The same as the old Atreides version, but a little slower to build. And they say Americans don't recycle enough. :P

-Ginaz Warrior: Slashes infantry with his knife and plays shooting gallery with tanks. Armed with a knife and Machine Gun.


-Ginaz APC: A small, fast APC to transport their troops (or yours).


-Ginaz Palace: The headquarters, barracks, and factory for Ginaz troops.

Hows zat? Good? Ideas?

OK, what I really need now is ideas for TL vehicles and TL/IX aircraft, plus a Tleilexu Superweapon.

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Staus Report:

-Basic infantry textures in progress.

-Alpha Test signup is in progress.

-All unit ideas laid out.

-House Logos/names complete.

-Text String editing complete.

-Rules coding nearing completion.

So: How would I make the Ixian Assault Mech (Mongoose) make sounds like the (now-defunct) Laser Tank when shooting? Is that in the .XBF or could I do it in the SFX files?

Edit: Oh yeah! The other units! Here you go:

-Ixian Gunship: Armed with a rapid-fire macine gun turret, this unit can rip enemy infantry and aircraft to shreds. It's effectiveness vs. vehicles is minimal.

Tleilexu Combat Flyer: Fires corrosive scid at enemy ground units. The acid sticks to the target location and continues to damage enemy units. This unit cannot fire at aircraft.

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So: How would I make the Ixian Assault Mech (Mongoose) make sounds like the (now-defunct) Laser Tank when shooting? Is that in the .XBF or could I do it in the SFX files?

its in both the XBF AND the SFX files. In the SFX files, under Ordossfx.txt we have:


Sounds = LaserTankAttack


in the lasertank XBF you will also find somewhere the word "orlaser1" (without quot marks). Equally you will find [ATMongooseMissile] in the atreidesSFX.txt, now you could just change this entry in the atreides SFX but this might well effect other units too (in my experience it doesnt but its always good to be on the safe side) so we create a new clause in the atreidessfx.txt:

[ATMongooseLASERle] (notice same number of letters as ATMongooseMissile)

Sounds = LaserTankAttack


Save the atreidesSFX.txt and exit.

now we go into the mongoose XBF and find "ATMongooseMissile", once found change it to ATMongooseLASERle and save it. There all done ;D.

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  • 3 months later...

It lives!! ;D ;D

Anyways, some info:

1st up, Inoc's wonderful story:


An uneasy peace has reigned temporarily over the affairs of the Landsraad Houses, but this

peace was destined to shatter from it's beginning.

It has been more then 5 years since House Corrino decimated the Great House Atreides and

Harkonnen in open combat on Arrakis and their two respective homeworlds, and the Golden Lion

Throne remains unoccupied. The Corrino hier has defeated all those who would challenge him

so far, but for each contestant he defeats two more take it's place. Only now is the playing

field leveled. Now, two sides openly oppose the Corrino's and each other. House Ix and the Bene Tleilaxu.

The Corrino respond with brutal attacks on both faction's homeworlds but are swiftly

repelled by enemy defenders. And the Tleilaxu and Ix attacks are meat similarly and all of

them react as if in unison. All three factions return to the old battlefield, Arrakis. All

of the Empire's conflicts would eventually lead here. Without Arrakis the Empire would fall

to chaos, thus who ever controls Arrakis and the spice controls the fate of the Empire.

The Bene Tleilaxu who would seek to master the spice and use it to further themselves in the

eyes of whatever vile gods they must worship. House Ix who would use the spice profits to

fund research to answer the universe's questions, but who would oppress not seeing the value

of human life. And the ever-present House Corrino, the rightful heirs to the Golden Lion


The combatants arrive on Arrakis and sweep over it in great waves, rushing to meet each

other. Rushing to die. Arrakis is the key, Arrakis is the foothold for control of the

Empire. If House Corrino is victorious it will return to it's rightful place, if the

Tleialxu find victory then death and abominations will run rampant through the galaxy, and

House Ix would see the universe converted to robots. Choose wisely, the fate of the known

universe is up for grabs. Will you reach out and take it? Or will you recoil in fear?

Next, the sides: (Finally, a complete list. Well, I still need a TL superweapon, and maybe one more vehicle for them.)


-The same as CR1

Tleilexu (TL):

House Advantage:

-ALL Tleilaxu units and structures slowly regenerate.

-Many of their units transform enemy units into more warriors for the Tleilaxu armies.


-Tleilaxu Scout: Same as all the others.

-Tleilaxu Ghola: Cheap, light infantry unit with a low-power machine gun.

-Tleilaxu Contaminator: Same as before, except MUCH cheaper, VERY SLIGHTLY faster, faster to build, more durable, and uncrushable.

-TL ChemWarrior: An infantry unit that sends a jet of toxic, mutagenic chemicals towards enemy units. The spray turns affected infantry into more ChemWarroirs. Only the unit hit with the highest concentration is mutated, though. (It would seem "Continuous = True" and "Leeches = True" are mutually exclusive. :()

-TL FaceDancer: A stealthed-when-still sniper.

-TL Infestor: A unit similar to the old Ordos Saboteur, except it turns any enemy infantry in the blast radius into more Infesters.

-TL Engineer: Guess. :P


-TL Leech: Same as before, only builds a LITTLE faster.

-TL SandCrawler: Similar to the old Ordos Dust Scout, this light unit is armed with twin machine guns and skitters across the sand at surprising speeds.

-TL Acidifier (formerly Poison Artillery): Very similar to the old InkVine catapult. Launches sacks of toxic gas over long distances.

-TL ChemTank: Fires deadly toxins from twin sprayers mounted on the sides of the chasis. Deadly against infantry and buildings.

-TL Hellrainer: Their most powerful vehicle, it fires howing missiles loaded with flammable poison. The poison sticks to the spot where it hits and catches on fire. Good rate of fire with long range and a fully rotating turret. Very easy to destroy, quite slow, and $1800. :O

-I would like one more...ideas?


-Tleilaxu Scout flier: Armed with a light sonic pulse, never has to reload. (I need someone to make the TL_IN_Flier XBF shoot for this one. :-)

-Tleilaxu Assault Flier: A larger, gunship-like fighter capable of slaughtering ground and ar targets with ease. Must reload, though.


-All the basics, of course. (Note: Their refinery can't be upgraded, but it costs less.)

-TL ChemTurret: A turret armed with a simple short-range chemical sprayer. Death to infantry.

-TL Living Turret: More damage, slightly more HP. Other than that, very similar to CR1.

-Superweapon? ???

Ixians (IX):

House Advantage:

-Uh...??? Ideas? Can't think of one. :-


-Ixian Scout: The same as everyone else's.

-Ixian Suboid: CHEAP! That's the big thing-CHEAP! About the same as CR1, but half the price and a little faster.

-Ixian Engineer: Guess. :P

-Ixian LasTrooper: Initially armed with only a pistol, it deploys (like the defunct Kindjal) into a heavy weapons platform, only this time around, it's a powerful Anit-Ground-only laser.

-Ixian Technicians: Repairs vehicles. (Another XBF project; I want to use IX_Scientist. :-)


-Ixian Assault Bike: Guess! Very similar to the old Sand Bike.

-Ixian Infiltrator: Exactly the same as before.

-Ixian Projector Tank: Builds a LITTLE faster, other than that, the same.

-Ixian Assault Mech: A powerful 'mech armed with an equally powerful AG laser.

-Ixian Pummeler: The Mino returns! Well, not really. It can no longer turn it's turret but is cheaper.

-Ixian MindWave Tank: Deviates it all! Infantry and Vehicles alike! Even landed aircraft!

-Ixian Plasma Tank: Whew! The big guns! This baby fries anything in it's path with a powerful plasma gun.

-Ixian APC: A mchine gun and speed! Plus, it hovers! What more could ya want?

-Ixian AA Tank: Just as it sounds, almost purely AntiAir. In fact, your ONLY AntiAir. It can attack ground units, but the targeting sensors make the barrage of missiles so innacurate, it has a neglible effect. Oh, and it is the only unit that requires the Outpost in the game. ;)


-Ixian Fighter: A small, fast ornithopter effective against lone enemies. Must reload between attack runs.

-Ixian Bomber: A large, VTOL aircraft loaded with whopping 6,000 lb. bombs. Slow and easy to shoot down, but devastating if it gets in your base. Never has to reload, either.


-The basics.

-Ixian MG Post: Ratta-tat-tat! BOOM! ;D

-Ixian Holtzman Turret: Projects a shield and fires a laser at it. (Use your imagination. :P) Big explosions here! The main benefit is the tremendous splash damage.

-Ixian Annihlator Cannon (Superweapon): This massive cannon has a map-spanning range and does tremendous amounts of damage. It's durable and deadly. The drawback is the prohibitively large price tag and ludicrous build time. Stop your enemy from getting this at all costs! That is, unless you like death raining down on you from above. ;)

Subhouse: Smugglers

-Unchanged from CR1

Subhouse: Arrakeen Militia

-The remainder of Atreides and Harkonnen forces on Arrakis have set aside their differences and banded together to form a powerful militia. They offer their services to the highest bidder.


-Militia: A simple infantry unit armed with a light machine gun, the militia is the heart of, well, the Arakeen Militia. Go figure. :P

-Rocket Trooper: Armed with a powerful Rocket Launcher, thse units are dealy to aircraft and vehicles alike.


-Assault Tank: A basic, medium-sized tank designed to combat enemy vehicles. Armed with a simple cannon.


-Militia Command Center: The command and construction center for the Arakeen Militia.

Subhouse: House Ginaz

-The Ginaz are masters of the sword and knife. They are willing to send their masterfully trained warriors to anyone who needs them...for a price.


-Ginaz Swordmaster: Powerful infantry, protected by a personal shield. They can use their powerful longswords with deadly grace. They attack all targets with their blades, however, so they are primarily effective vs. infantry.

-Ginaz Warrior: These soldiers of House Ginaz are armed with both Knives for use against infantry and powerful machine guns to damage even the most well-armored vehicles. Very verastile units.


-Ginaz APC: Simple, light, and unarmed. Cheap, no frills APC to move your troops around the battlefield in one piece.


-Ginaz Palace: Produces all Ginaz units.

If you notice, the Tleilexu have a lot of infantry, while the Ixians are more vehicle dependant. That's intentional, as I think it better fits their respective styles.

Phew! That was one frelling long post!

OK, questions, comments, concerns, ideas?

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