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The Legend of the three heroes story (possibly could go ''add a aline'')


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Long long ago there was an Race called the Edians who had terrifyingly immense power and they had hobbies such as conquering planet's and enslaving people as a matter of fact one of the planet's they conquered was turned into a zoo planet only the zoo was filled with ferocious and huge animals from the Edians home world... eventually the planet's in the galaxy realized the Edians huge amounts of power and the great threat they imposed to the rest of the galaxy and so they all formed an alliance against the Edians and after many year's of battle managed to capture their leader E.D as well as demilitarize the Edians home world

Because of E.D's immense power they placed him in a prison that was made from all their technology eventually after many years the alliance settled down as the Edians became peaceful and very much another one of the alliance lap dog planets

Meanwhile, back on Earth, most of the world was trembling as a new and extremely dangerous threat that arrived

On earth in the year 2001 terrorist activity started growing tenfold as unrest increased in the middle east... heir act's are horrendous however on a certain fateful day... they crossed the line. It was on September 11 that terrorist's succeeded in taking down the twin tower's of America and that America declared war on terrorism along with a little help from it's first world allies and the northern alliance.... eventually though the terrorist army's grew due to zealotry and fanaticism in response to the Americans and soon enough it was to much to for the Americans British and Northern alliance to take and so the W.U.N.F was formed secretly... the W.U.N.F was an alliance of all non-terrorist countries which is based on the U.N and used the U.N as an important start point to launch off the alliance which explains what the abbreviation stands for: world united nations forces. (Note: W.U.N.F is pronounced as W.N.F) One of the prime concerns for the alliance was to reduce any casualties and damage not only military casualties and damage but more importantly civilian casualties and damage after all they wanted help from oppressed middle eastern countries and tribes such as the Pashtun not anger and thus the alliance changed from usual war methods which was to rely half on strategy and a bit of espionage whilst the rest was pure army to new war methods which was to rely solely on strategy and espionage. Eventually the W.U.N.F spy's had discovered all enemy base and unit position's thus giving away the location of the terrorist leader who was then assassinated by the Portuguese assassin Carlos (forgot the sir name) who was the best in the world... the same thing happened to his right hand man on the same day and eventually the terrorist organization dissipitated as the W.U.N.F spy's infiltrated more and more of their bases giving way to special commando team's who with the given information sabotaged the terrorist bases... with all this happening the spy's were sowing confusion in the terrorist rank's since the terrorist's were bewildered with the sudden death's of their leaders... the terrorist era ended and with the end of the terrorism so came also the declaration of the W.U.N.F's existence to the public... the world was now united and ready for anything

At the same time in the 21 century there was an evil magician named Vorbis who had great power and wished to take over the world however his power was not so great as so to do this on his own therefore he one day plotted to create one such as himself, one that understood the ways of magic much like himself however he wanted one much more powerful than even himself and then perhaps he would starting taking control of the local area and would eventually grow his own super powerful nation. He also wanted one evil like he was to help him start his evil plans unquestionably and to continue doing so thereafter fortunately though this was not to pass… in a wind of sorcery, in a great magical essence, Danny was created in evil magician Vorbis's lair, he understood the ways of magic as intended, all to well, however as evil magician Vorbis found out the hard way. for there was something that evil magician Vorbis did not intend. Danny was not evil quite the contrary his heart was filled with nothing but good intent and he quickly freed the prisoners held in evil magician Vorbis's lair and felled evil magician Vorbis after this Danny taught the prisoners he rescued the ways of magic and he soon had a group of companions {who later become his advisors with which to travel with. He soon found a town and began recruiting people there and teaching them the ways of magic. he brought peace and well being to the town and became the leader of it. once his reputation spread so did his control over the land as he brought prosperity to the area and had now recruited a small army of magic users. He then secretly had control over the majority of villages in China and his influence slowly and secretly spread to the cities as well whilst he grew his town. he continued growing his army unbeknownst to the rest of the world as he lead what was becoming an empire with good intent, a sincere care for his people and most importantly wisdom.

The Earth remains untroubled for 300 years and NASA's research program begins probing deeper and deeper into space setting up a scout patrol around a small perimeter of earth one day the scout patrol come across an space station of incredible technology and thus an engineering craft is called in with the best of Earth's scientists'.

The scientist's continue their research on the craft finding only that the inner room cannot be accessed and so they board their craft and head back for Earth. Once they arrive the government decides to send in a specialist

When the specialist arrived he found out that the station is like a circle with several layers until the inner core… he came upon an rusted an very ancient access computer but very advanced none the less… he managed to hack it and started entering the room

Meanwhile Earth had been watching from a camera...

Once he entered the room he peered inside and then suddenly two bright red jewel like eyes appeared

That was the last thing the camera saw before transmission was lost...

For thousands of years E.D remained in the prison until one day, he was let out by people seeking knowledge in the name of science

(The same prison the W.U.N.F opened...in case you haven't caught on)

When he returned to his home wold he was disgusted ''where has the glory gone?'' he thought to himself and then set about turning the Edians back into the race they always were: Honorable conquerors that seeked nothing more than the taste of battle and to conquer planets

Since the alliance had loosened it's watch over so many years the task was not so difficult and eventually E.D had built up massive fortifications as well as a huge fleet.

Eventually he started conquering all his fringe planets and eventually had built up incredible fortifications and an even huger fleet as well as rebuilding the Armageddon

He then proceeded with his huge fleet to the alliance's home world planet...

With his technology he stealthed his fleet from radar but his fleet was still visible and once they arrived at the home world planet they covered it in darkness as the huge Edian warships caused massive destruction on the surface... the alliance had tried to fight back but it was not enough as huge Edian transport's dropped billions of Edian troops and vehicle's onto the planet's surface destroying everything and leaving the alliance home world as a wasteland

The alliance fleet was desperate and decided to launch an attack at the Edians home world

They had little other choice and soon the alliance fleet was moving for the attack...when they reached the E.D the home world of the Edians after which E.D is named after they terrified... E.D had constructed three walls that completely covered his planet which wouldn't be so bad if the walls didn't have Huge turret's all over them and thousands of anti-fighter turret's over the entire span of the walls <Despite the fact the anti-fighter turrets could take out cruisers they were still regarded as the small turrets to the Edians :D>...the alliance fleet was instantly destroyed and the surviving remnant's of the alliance fled to the farthest outer reaches of the known galaxy

Now E.D had conquered almost the entire known galaxy and only one planet stood in his way...

That planet was called Geatopia (Someone find a better name please:D>

The Geatopians like the W.U.N.F relied completely on stealth and strategy and thus managed to hold of the Edians for a long time and eventually managed to push them off the planet...

Among the Geatopians was a soldier called Gab he was the best there was...the Getopians generally agreed this was because he was born not long before the war had started and thus had more experience and training than anyone else

After hundreds of years of war E.D had last his patience and so had the emperor <E.D obeyed the emperor although the Edians were loyal to E.D more than the emperor and would rather obey E.D if they were asked upon it>

E.D then did something that would only be done if a planet could not be conquered...He launched the Armageddon along with a huge fleet of 2000 heavy fighters, 20 destroyer's and 10 cruisers as well as 4 massive defense platforms...the defense platform's when viewed from the side looked roughly like squares however they had several platforms sticking out that had hundreds of medium gun emplacement as well as thousands of smaller turrets on other platforms

Meanwhile once again back on Earth, the W.U.N.F just made contact with the Magic Forces, Dannys control had stretched to and through places like Russia and even Japan, and he now had control over about half of the world, and now his territory in Europe had started hugging the W.U.N.F borders in the middle of Europe, somewhere in Poland, needless to say the encounter was not a peaceful one as W.U.N.F troops were sent to investigate possible sightings of magic by a small local town's inhabitant's, at first the W.U.N.F laughed at the prospect of magic, thinking that it was probably just things like veldt fires and the like that the town's people had mistakenly seen as magic, and the men were sent in simply to calm the populace' however as W.U.N.F N.V.G infantry flew backwards on impact from fireballs, and soon afterwards lay dead, the W.U.N.F saw fit to change their minds, and the small group of men sent in to Poland began construction on a small outpost and fought the Magic Forces there

(Sorry the post is to long, i'll just it put it in two posts)

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Meanwhile, The Geatopians got busy preparing or rather un-preparing the Edians, for the most epic battle they’d ever face in their lives, and indeed most of the Geatopians thought that it would be the last battle they’d ever face in their lives

The Geatopians had done hit and run raids on the Edian fuel depos and ammo depos as well as destroying most of their communications and all of their radar in a surprise attack as well as slightly sabotaging the Armageddon they would’ve further sabotaged it but they could not infiltrate any further than the outer area of it all of that decreased the efficiency of the Edian fleet by 50%

After doing that the Geatopian fleet lied in wait hidden in an asteroid belt waiting for the perfect time to ambush the Edian fleet... the Geatopian fleet though was only made up of 500 craft 150 of which were anti-fighter corvettes, 150 were bombers to take out the defense platform and the remainder were 150 anti destroy/cruiser fighters and 50 special support aircraft

Once the Edian fleet had passed them the Geatopian fleet had emerged behind them as well as on the sides completely surprising the Edians

The Edians immediately launched their fighter's but the Geatopians had moved their anti fighter corvettes to the front and the Edians fighters headed straight into them

The Geatopian fighters were then launched.

Gab and his squadron were heading forward to take out a destroyer... Gab noticed several red dot's on his radar and looked back... ‘‘Oh $h!t'' he thought to himself as he made a g-turn and started retreating back to his corvettes at full speed, at the same time chasing an Edian bomber squadron trying to destroy his corvettes as his fellow retreating fighter pilot’s were exploding on either side of… him he took out one of the edian bombers on the left and then shifted to take out another after which the rest of the edian heavy fighters joined to take him out and were speedily catching up to him he took out another bomber and muttered another swear word as he was locked on by the Edian heavy fighters, at the same time taking out the final enemy bomber... they were going to fire in 4.....3......2..... Suddenly a corvette missiles soared past him as he looked back and saw the Edian heavy fighter's being reduced to space dust... ‘’Dam that was close that could’ve been me Gab thought to himself... it was a good thing my fleet successfully destroyed the Edian ammo and fuel depos in our hit and run raids he thought to himself’’’ ’’otherwise the Edian heavy fighters could’ve caught up to me quicker and they also would’ve taken out my corvettes if they had their big guns and there maneuvers were not restricted due to low fuel’’ he thought to himself again

He then rejoined with another fighter squadron and headed back to take out enemy destroyers. As he and his new squadron tag teamed a destroyed and took it out, he looked left and right and saw other fighter squadrons doing the same.... The Edian cruisers though were holding with the Armageddon as well as with the defense platforms along with a few Edian fighters and would be a lot more difficult to destroy than the speedily disappearing destroyers....

After taking out the final destroyer he grouped up with a bomber squadron, 2 corvettes and a special support unit wing and then ordered the other squadrons to do the same and commence the attack on the Edian's remaining fleet in a formation as spread out as possible and from every angle and side so as to equally spread their assets and give the Edians a hard time

They obeyed and attacked widely spread out keeping collateral damage from the Edians big turrets and guns to nothing as well as giving them a hard job by attacking from all sides and angles

The Edian cruisers started opening fire but the Geatopians specialist support ships deterred them by jamming their only remaining scanners and even disabling weapons when they got close enough with a fighter squadron

The remaining fighters were a bigger problem though as they were ace pilots as Gab had anticipated

The dog fights were extreme whilst corvette missiles flew past from the Geatopian corvettes and the Geatopians special support ships continued doing their job whilst a few Geatopian fighter's started breaking off to destroy cruisers and the Geatopian bomber's began assaulting the defense platforms

The battle was hectic for all the Geatopian ships were in combat, with most of the fighters in dogfights and the other fighters attacking cruisers whilst having to also protect their special support ships... the bombers although they were attacking the target's they were most effective against were still having trouble since the Armageddon had just started firing huge beams and cannon bullets into the fray also there simply wasn't much time...

The explosions were glorious when the defense platforms were destroyed… the intense dogfights were coming to an end since the Geatopian fighters were able to tag team the Edian ace pilots easily since the Edians without communications were confused and all attacked different targets alone not knowing wether to go for a bomber, a fighter or a special support craft and were finally being destroyed by corvette missiles they had no warning of,

Additionally, without radar the Cruisers and Defense platforms were destroyed as well... all that remained was the Armageddon and a few minutes of time...

however there were at the same time, barely any Geatopian ships left

The remaining Geatopian fighters were not only attacking the Armageddon but also distracting it's attention away from the bombers which were merrily dropping everything they had on it whilst the special support ships jammed it's advanced <The Edians are incredibly technologically advanced> sensors on all sides whilst some opted instead to disable it's weapons and the corvette ships were taking out the larger projectiles of the Armageddon though they could nothing about the beams that the Armageddon was using to cut through the Geatopian fighters

Despite all of this the now close to destruction and highly damaged Armageddon destroyed nearly all of them leaving only Gab...

The Armageddon’s super nuke hatches were opening and there remained only about 5 seconds left till launch

‘’NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!’’ shouted Gab as he headed for a final kamikaze attack on the Armageddon firing all his weapons while he still could

The Edian commanders told E.D that a retreat was necessary but he refused preferring to end the Geatopians forever

5....... Gab launched all his remaining missiles and fired all his plasma guns at full power 4......all his missiles hit.....3.... his plasma bullets were hitting on full force and the Armageddon showed signs of near death.....2...... the Armageddon began burning on all sides and was clearly exploding even on the inside....1.....Gab was slightly hit from the outer shockwave of one of the small/medium Armageddon cannons and was sent spiraling away at great speeds whilst the explosions and fire were making their way to the launching super nuke… the Nuke started leaving the ship and....0.... it launched right before the explosions reached it's launch pad and the ship crumbled into nothingness

Gab watched in horror and disbelief as the super nuclear missile hit his planet causing a white flash followed by blue pulses receding from the blast and finally resulting in small-scattered rocks where his planet once was

‘’NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’’ shouted Gab who had just lost his entire family along with everything he ever knew, as sadness swept all over him… he then swore revenge against E.D above anything else just as his honor code justified it

… As Gab’s ship was sent careering into space, Gab’s new found hatred for E.D quickly set in, and he was already plotting and possible means to gain his vengeance, but at the moment he was careering hopelessly into space and needless to say, more imminent matters were at hand…

Soon however his plight was no longer hopeless, his scanners indicated a planet in his flight path, he flew there with little choice since his ship was almost totally out of control, he wasn’t about to complain though

In a few minutes his ship was tearing through the atmosphere of the planet, and before his eyes, mountains and valleys suddenly appeared through the mist of the clouds, fortunately he had managed to regain control of his ship, unfortunately however he had been unable to repair any of his ships part’s and was quickly losing altitude…

A few seconds later, two red blips appeared on his radar, he turned around and cursed, there was what appeared to be two fighters on his tail

‘’ Great, my ships extremely damaged and I’m being chased by two fighters whilst rapidly losing altitude, and in a tight valley too, not the best place to be losing altitude’’ Gab pestimically said as he noticed all the turns in the twisting valley

His fighter weaved through the valley’s dodging hanging rocks and turning insanely to account for the tight turns in the canyon. Meanwhile the pursuing fighters were easily soaring above the mountain, but clearly couldn’t manage to get close enough to Gab’s fighter to attack it

Suddenly the canyon ended and disappeared from view, but by this time Gab’s fighters was about to literally hit rock bottom. As suddenly as the canyon disappeared from view what seemed to be an outpost appeared in view…

With two fighters on his tail though and his craft quickly losing what little altitude it still had, Gab had little time for sight seeing…

The outpost passed under Gab’s craft as he spied a small group of trees in what seemed to be a flat opening in a short mountain

His craft now about to hit the ground, landed in a most rough manner behind the trees…

His fighter now lay wrecked, among the trees, smoke escaping from the side of the cockpit and billowed off into the sky…

Suddenly his cockpit opened with a mechanic sound which was followed by the escaping of hot steam and air from the engine and the cockpit

But there appeared to be no one leaving the wrecked fighter nor did anyone appear to in the fighter…

‘’Good thing the ship’s life support system’s automatically activated my cloaking, since whoever shot me down will definitely send a few men over to check their kill’’ thought Gab

He turned his head upwards, and watched as the two fighters that shot him down circled in the sky.

His observing however was soon interrupted as the expected investigation team arrived…

‘’There doesn’t appear to be anyone here, where the hell could the pilot have gotten to!?’’ exclaimed the first guard

‘’Well I guess he couldn’t have been incinerated or anything to that effect seeing as how his ship’s still lying like there like a piece of shit… I guess he was destroyed and his body part’s are scattered about, probably find some of his limbs and parts in these trees’’ the other guard replied

‘’Well, we’ll just leave for that later since we gotta get our asses back to base’’ the other guard said, before they both started running away in the direction of the outpost Gab observed

Soon Gab heard further foot steps and turned to look at what appeared to be an approaching army of a different variety to that of the first army he had observed, they wore what seemed to Gab as strange garments and the like, soon however such observations seemed to irrelevant as gunfire suddenly sounded in the air along with explosions, Gab looked up and saw men with guns along with vehicles on a mountain only high as a tall hill but still steep, the approaching squad stopped instantly and literally returned fire as many small fireballs among other forms of elemental projectiles suddenly formed from the hands of the men and littered the mountain top. Some of the small fire balls collided with soldiers on the mountain sending them flying back and killing them, but it didn’t look good for the squad that approached the mountain as they were quickly falling and soon all of the approaching squad lay dead. The men on the mountain that had just finished mowing down the approaching squad, soon left in the direction of the outpost Gab had seen

‘’ It would appear our first host’s just ambushed and destroyed our second host’s, well clearly these host’s lack a stable relationship… or at least they lack a friendly stable relationship, the squad that just mowed down those… people who fired… fire out of nowhere, are probably getting back to the outpost I spotted along the way so as to rearm and the like, I’ll follow them to their leaders, so that I get more peaceful reception than the other guest’s to their outpost

The beginning of Gab’s Revenge had just began…

Chapter 1: the beginning of revenge, coming soon

So what do you people think about this little story so far? … this is kind of a rough version of something I’ve had in mind for a while (you know… planning to write a book on it, or make a movie or series on it or… :D), and it’s also an altered version, for use in Dune Generations (before the company producing it went bankrupt of course)

Theoretically iv'e decided that if you people truly wish, this story could change to an ''add a line story'' since there are already various teams that participant's could select, of course some races/teams such as the Geatopians have already been almost obliterated, seeing as how the only Geatopian remaining is Gab and he's about to join the W.U.N.F, for better or for worse this is already set, because the story so far is unalterable, also when the participants in the add a line version of the story are finished, i will write the original story as it was originally intended, but for now, let the... line adding begin?:D

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What the hell? whats these numbers mean and why did they appear in my post: ’s lair,

they're annoying and they break up my post!

They're intensely angering me...


Fu(k!ng site... I don't feel like editing that number (r@p out of my story today, but for those who feel like reading it, then you should just use you're imagination to fill in a ' or . wherever you see those accursed numbers

Or you could go to this alternative link that works fine:


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A little too long. Actually alot too long (My opinion). It is a good story, but not suspensful or anything. Its like reading my history book. Make it a little shorter, and more interesting...Its still a good story tho...

If we adda a line, do we have to type like 3,000,000 words like you did? Or would a couple sentemnces be OK? Oh yea, aad a line is against the rulz.. just to let you know...so is double posting...

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... Thank you very much Twin head... most of the story so far is kind of back ground history or a pro-louge, the first chapter: the beggining of revenge is where is it all actually starts... I agree though, I also thought it was like reading a history book, however i enjoy reading history:D so......:D

By the way, isn't that ''Ancient races'' story ''add a line''? If not then what i mean is for this story to be sort of like that Ancient races story only with a little more work on the characters and races... Oh and don't worry, you don't have to add as much as I have provided, what I gave was just a base. You and who ever else however may add as much as you wish, and are of course entirely welcome to join.I hope that my story is graced and honoured by the imaginations of those who use these forums

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Porn in what sense? There has been images uploaded before that could be considered porn, those people aren't with us anymore though. :)

(None of the fun stuff ever happens when I'm on, does it? Oh well, I dunno which sense of porn, but I'm pretty sure I've heard you or Mahdi use that phrase before.)-O45

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