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In the Aftermath


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A new War thread. This is set after the US invasion of Iraq. Russia, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, China, and Saudi Arabia are all in nuclear ruins and thus can't be played as no one survives within them.

Basically, with a large number of of the major powers dead there aren't many countries with nukes left, and even fewer countries with a decent military. Choose a country and invade your feelow countries, use diplomacy to make alliances, trade, etc.

Nuclear weapons can only be used by a country possessing them every five posts. (Remember rival countries are still boredering each other like North Korea and South Korea, Pakistan and India, Rawanda and Uganda, etc.) Such rival countries can make non agression pacts but cannot create an alliance.

Okay, have fun. (Btw I reserve the right as DM to hurl an asteroid your way every 20-ish turns, but don't worry, you can stop it, it just takes some effort. Most of the time it will only be a city smasher size, not one that can end all life.)

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Country: Australia

It appears all communication with the CNN, and NBC network is down. Our satellite news coverage is down to 30%. Only AUSSAT appears to be online and operational. Satellite scans over Europe and the American continent show smoke filled skies. Thermal scans through the clouds show massive fires raging out of control. We don't want to know what the Gieger counter readings will be. There is nothing much we can do, we are too far away to offer any assistance...

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Country: Japan (I'm from the Netherlands, but I don't suppose there will be much left of it :-)

The devastation wrought by the nuclear war has caused wide spread panic throughout Japan. Government officials try to calm down their people- with little success. No communications have been established yet with the outside world.

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Country: Han-gook (err....South Korea..

All contact with the united kingdom and many other nations have been severed.

The majority of telivsion and satilite stations are destryoed.

The united states base and forces have been given full refuge against any other strikes.

There is a rumor that north korean and chinease reserve forces are preparing to atack the dmz.

Messege to Japan.

[hide]:From Korean Prime minister.

To: Japanease prime minister

:All contact severed with

Russia, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, China, and Saudi Arabia

Request confirmation.

North Korean and chinease forces massing on DMZ.

Request confirmation.

Disolve any hostile action we had against each other.

Requestion confirmation.

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i'll be india.

with a new leader, what little military india has they are raiding countries for food. soon, after many raids, india will be a new power in the aftermath.

scientists are producing a nuke, that drops 5 sub nukes out that has a wide blast radius. (nuke done in 9 posts)

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The whistle of artiller could be heard from the streets of seoul.

Building after building exploded. Debries rain down apon the streets.

American, and Korean bombers take off near Pusan and inchon.

Chinease and north korean air forces scramble to counter.

Waves of chinease and north korean forces atack the DMZ.



Adressed to: Prim minister of Japan.

North Korean Forces have begain the invasion. Request immideiate aid.

End Messege


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I'll be... Brazil 8).

With all communication cut with America and Europe ENGESA has begun mass production of their Cascavel type armoured cars with a 90mm gun and Browning .50 calibre machine gun. They have begun light skirmishes into nabouring countries now that the USA and the UN can't stop them. Cuba is the first target.

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North Korean forces are held 14 miles from seoul.

Air battles rage over the korean mainland.

The Japanease Bomber wave landed in Pusan for refuling and armmament.

Korean Scientists. Work diligently to prepare new hydrogen cells to replace the oil reserves.


To Prime minister of Japan.

From: Korean Prime minister Yo' Kim Pak.

Thank you for the suport.

Korean Forces are barely holding inchon and Seoul. Are resereves will not make it for another 5 days do the shelling of the Sho'Si pass.

If you could hurry the transports it would be greately apreachiated.

Yo'Kim Pak [/hide]

(O45's post in KYA vs setera war has inspired me to post a torture scene of my own. Graphic torture. Read at your own risk... :) )


SMACK! Ci'La Do smacked the prisoner with turmendos force.

"Give us the location of the chinease reserve dump!"

His head rocked from the impact.

"I will not give you the location. You war mongers will fall, and korea will be united aga...."

Smack! " I said the location of the fuel dump now!"

"I will not talk."

"Fine have it your way. Bring in the prisoner.!"

A North Korean soilder was dragged in. Severly beaten. Eyes swollen shut.

"Talk or he dies!"

The prisoner. Just sat there looking horified.

"Talk now!"

He didnt talk.

Ci'La Do pulled his pistal from the holster.

Clicked the safty off and pointed at the newly dragged in north korean.

"I said talk!"

He didnt talk.

Ci' La do pulled the trigger. The soilders brains splattered against the wall behind him.

He swung around, pointed the pistal at the prisoner.

And fired.

"Bring me another one!" Ci La Do screemed at the gaurds.

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[hide]From: General Hoikatana, Joint Operations Department Japan

To: Korean Prime Minister

The transports are underway now, and should arrive in 2 hours.

End message.[/hide]

Since Japan never did have much mineral recources, and doesn't have enough coles, oil, or uranium to generate power for the next few years, additional effort is put into research into fusion power.

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"Sir we have just receved a message from Japan. They wish to resume communications with us."

Let it be so, also offer them some Cascavels for trade. Report back and tell me what they offer in exchange."

"Understood sire"

King Marlabo sits back and then plans his next expantionary move into Surminian (sp). Cuba has fallen disposing the world of one of its dictatorships.

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Time for the first asteroid...

A small asteroid headed for the Earth, it would impact upon the ocean near Korea and Japan within a dozen hours if not stopped. The tsunamis could reach all the way to Seoul and Tokyo if it is not destroyed.

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North Korean and chinease forces were pushed back from seoul. The 38th parralel apeared to be the new line...Same as it was for the past 60 years.

South Korean forces mass for a large airborn invasaion of pygyong.


To: Japanease Prime minister

Frome: Korean Prime minister

North Korean and chinease reserve forces pushed back to DMZ. We have detected a large asteroid heading for the East Sea of Korea. Tidal waves are expected to reach far into inland Korea and the Japanease Main land

Korean Nucular silos are being preped for launch. to deflect the uncoming asteriod from impact.

Long range missles are being prepared. We request assitence.

End messege:


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Suriman fights back against my forces even though they were weakened by the first attack. We hold the defense for now getting ready for another push.

(OOC: don't worry I'm not going to expand to far mabe another 2 small countries if that).

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[hide]To: Korean prime minister

From: Japanese prime minister

Subject: Asteroid threat

We have confirmed an asteroid is inbound, and are preparing our nuclear missiles as well. With this message is included a calculation of where the impact should take place to ensure the largest chance of success.

End message.[/hide]

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(japan cant have nukes....treaty after ww2....)

Korean ICBMs lunch at escape volocity. There target the fast aproching asteriod. Headed towards the east sea of Korea.

5 ICBMs make it through the upper atmoshpere. They have to deflect the asteriod away from the east sea of Korea.

the first one impacts above it. changing its volcity slightly to the south.

another one impacts sending it to the east.

another one a few more degrees.

the last one miss detneates and changes its directy from missing the earth entirly by passing the south poll.

To a large impact along the eastern seaboard of Austrailla.

The asteroid hit near Sydney.

Since no contact had been established after the holocost.

no word on casulties or damage.

it is expected to be heavy.

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In Melbourne, transmissions from Sydney cease all of a sudden. 1 hour and 45 minutes after the transmissions cease, a shock registering 6.0 on the Richter scale rocks Melbourne. Everyone is caught off guard. The Rialto tower buckles at the bottom due to the heavy swaying, sending the tower crashing towards the ground raining a million shards of sharp glass on the people down below. A news helicopter catches the entire scene on camera, and the people inside the helicopter can only watch in disbelief as the tallest building in the city collapses on other buildings. Luckily, since Port Phillip Bay has an exit that faces southward and the shock from the asteroid came from the North, no tidal waves make it inside the bay area. However communications from the CBD have been interrupted, news can not be broadcasted via TV, and people inside the city have no way to call for assistance. Cracks have appeared in the new citylink bridge, and the West gate bridge has completely collapsed due to stress. Everything is in total chaos.

Perth, since it is situated in Western Australia on the far southwestern corner, escapes from the tidal shock waves, and only experiences a slight tremor. The people are stirred, but do not suspect anything serious.

Darwin, escapes tidal waves due to protection from the Gulf of Carpentaria. The city experiences a minor tremor. People notice the tremor, but do not consider it to be much of a big deal.

Adelaide, experiences a small quake registering 3.0 on the Richter scale, but since it is up in the Great Australian Bight, it escapes from tidal waves. The people are alarmed, but oblivious to the real situation.

Brisbane has its entire shoreline swept by a tidal wave which reaches 12 km inland. The city suffers major damage from a shockwave that registers 7.5 on the Richter scale. All the major skyscrapers collapse, and bridge flyovers collapse on the roads below. Communications are disrupted, and only the inland residential areas escape with relatively minor damage, compared to the city closer to the shore.

Sydney is obliterated. No one escapes the massive explosion. The A.C.T. is also destroyed, due to its proximity to Sydney. There is no more parliament house. The Prime Minister and all other important government personnel are killed in the rubble.

Meanwhile, the satellite uplink station and radar in the desert in Victoria has tracked the trajectory of the asteroid, and plotted it. The astronomers stare at the chart in disbelief. The trajectory of the asteroid is incredible. First, it was headed directly on a collision coarse with Earth. Then it veered off and suddenly headed directly for Australia. Analysts rule out the possibility that it could have been a missile fired from another country, the mass of the object was too large for that. News has yet to reach the entire country of the fate of Sydney and Canberra.

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(note if missels could deflect a planet killer size asteroid. I think they would be able to destroy one that caused that amount of damage.)

North Korean AA fires into the air. Korean And american Paratroops begin falling from the sky.

Alience(tired of saying South Korean and American) Aircraft punch a narror hole in the north korean defenesive line along the west sea of korea.

Armored divisions and infantry begin pouring through.

Fighting is harsh withen Pyngyong. The city is expected to fall to alience forces withen the week. North Korean forces fearing to fall back to defend the city letting gaps form in the line, alowing more forces in.

Prime minister Yo' Kim Pak. Sits at his table listing to his advisers .

"The Norther Korean 6th division could fall back and defend the Ya-So pass."

"They wouldnt do it, it would alow are forces acess to hill 675, they know we could shell any north korean forces heavily from that location."

Yo' Kim Pak changed the subject.

"How goes are hydrogen fuel cells?"

The scientist was caught of gaurd.

"What? Oh... We are preparing a prototpye as we speak prime minister."

"What of the asterioid?"

"Well are telisccpes confirmed it would hit the city of Sydney if it still existed, But it was belived that Austriala was taken out in the nucular massacure."

"Do we have confirmation that they were?"

"No. Contact was not reistablished with Austraila."

"Prepare a expidtionary fleet. Perhaps we can make contact with another faction..."

"WE DONT HAVE THE RESOURES!" General Lo Ya screemed.

"We can spare 20 ships, and a few thousand of are reserve forces. Send them to Sydney. Maybe are scientists were wrong no damage was done."

"As you wish prime minister"

(The forces arive ixians next post)

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An urgent transmission is sent to the nearest military airbase that is closest to the satellite uplink station. After a heated argument, the analysts decide to take no chances with the theory of an enemy attack. After receiving the communications message from the satellite uplink station, the airbase commander attempts to ring HQ. He is puzzled when there is no dial tone. He decides to use the secure channel. His attempts to contact HQ through the secure channel are also fruitless. It is as if the HQ didn't even exist.

He curses under his breath, and scratches his head in confusion. HQ is never like this, they always respond very quickly. What could be going on? Maybe he dialed the channel incorrectly. He questions the officer manning the communications console. Every setting is checked to perfection. The commander attempts to contact HQ yet again, with the same results.

"What the hell is wrong with HQ"?!?! he screams in frustration. An Orion turboprop reconnaisance aircraft crew is assembled. When they ask what the purpose of their mission is, they almost can't believe their ears.

"What do you mean, buzz HQ and see if they're asleep or not"? asks the co-pilot.

"I mean exactly that!!" retorts the commander. His face darkens with rage.

Not wanting to feel the wrath of the commander, the crew quickly leave the briefing room and board their aircraft. It is soon airborne, and on a direct course to Canberra. Two F/A-18s take off soon after, and escort the Orion.

Meanwhile, the news helicopter that caught the footage of the Rialto tower's destruction lands on top of its news building. The people quickly get out and head downstairs from the room helipad to the main broadcasting chamber.

"You've got to check this out." says the camera man to the rest of the staff in the room. It's just so unreal. He pulls the tape out of the camera and puts it into a wall mounted player. The small monitor next to the player clicks to life, and the staff watch in awe as the tape rolls. They all get up from where they are sitting and rush upstairs to the roof landing area. They scour the city for the familiar shape of the Rialto tower, but find nothing. One of the staff members walks over to the side of the roof unil he reaches the safety fence. He looks down at the streets below and sees flashing traffic lights, smashed cars, and debris strewn everywhere.

"You know, it's funny how our studio is still working" he says to the other people on the roof. He realizes the morbidity in the joke, and quickly shuts up.

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