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In the Aftermath


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But it would be worth nothing- Japan doesn't want it for one thing :).

To: All leaders of the remaining countries

From: Japanese prime minister

Subject: Nuclear threat

The destruction wrought by the nuclear holocaust is self evident. We must never make the same mistake again. It is the Japanese governments opinion that all nuclear weapons should be effectively destroyed, excepting any weapons deemed necessary to fend of threats from space. I, the Japanese prime minister, propose a conference to set up a new treaty regarding nuclear weapons stockpiles. I await your response.

End message.

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*To Japanease Prime minister

*From Korean Prime minister.

Korean declines the invatation to the treaty, and will not destroy its nucular stockpile.

In light of recent events concerning extrateresterial objects. Korea will not sighn the treaty.


Korean Prime Minister

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Country Russia:(if US dead UK probably ould've been a target.)

Parts are destroyed and some left uninhabitable siberia seems an adaquate place to build cold and radiation above surface effects sattalites. People are forced to live in tunnels and old silos

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Message to president of Brazil:

[hide]We are looking forward to receive you here in Japan, to discuss what is to happen. Sadly, Korea has notified us to be unwilling to reduce its nuclear weapons.

End message.[/hide]

Message to Korean premier:

[hide]We are deeply dissapointed in your lack of vision and reason. You are no better then the fools that destroyed our world. I just hope you do not lack the brains not to use them.

End message.[/hide]

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Yo' Kim Pak crumpled up the messege from japan and tossed it into the waste basket.

Who needs to worry about those things now? The Goverment was throwing a party to celibrate the north koreans defeat the battle of the yallow river. The majority of the north koreans surendered or fled into the highly radioactive manchurian penisala.


Yo took another drink off his beer.

Every one was partying even the dreaded cononal lo was whareing a lampshade quite well.

It felt as if a thousand pound weight had been lifted off everyones shoulders. The Korean Penisnala was united again.

The hydrogen fuel cells testing had been a success. everything was going great.

There had still been no report from the marines sent to investigate austraila, and the Japanease didnt like the korean stance on nucular weapons, but who cares? Yo sure didn't he had his eye on lo's secritary.......

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Russia starts to build defenses around siberias border,

(i don't know how todo message thingy)

To Siberian outpost Beta: from Wall defense outpost Shulka:

"We have build are defenses, the wall should protect, mines and other defenses later to be introduced, out"

Alexei Moved across the trench as snow started filling his boots, he looked out past the blizzards of the north to see the wall that are being constructed, tripping a bit on snow-coverered rocks he made for the shelter as he cursed about his twisted-ankle

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[hide] From: Russia command. To: All Russians. We have finished the defenses on the Southern border, We will start our attack on Japan soon, They seem to be mointionless and not doing anything and they should be easy prey to the empire! [/hide]

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