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The tale of 3 kingdoms


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Meanwhile Arrowsmith is leading the campaign against the bandit threat. It's a nice distraction, but mobs of bandits are no match for soldiers trained by the standards of king Usuls army. So Arrowsmith writes a letter to king Usus, requesting that he may lead addional forces to reinforce MRs holdup in enemy territory. One of Arrowsmiths subordinate officers will be left in charge of the campaign against the bandits.

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I call back MR and his troops and plan the attack on TH. We launch our attack against his weakest province with cavalry, infantry and have the dragon in reserve.

At first the attack goes well however the enemy start to cause more casulties so the dragon is called in. Needless to say we win although we lose 25 men (half my attacking army) in the process.

What happened to 3 times as many men to take over???[Read the rules]


Our 4 Catapaults Destroy over half of his warriors. I don't think you are allowed to control a dragon. We recapture our province and cantact this roland. " we are in need of your service. We have a war."

Castle 3 90% complete

Men: 401

Catapaults: 7

[if you have a dragon, i should be able to use magic, so can i?]

Archers: 129

Calvary: 374

Knights: 1

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TH, Usul didn't "build" the dragons, it chose to join him, if you read my last post, you would also know that you have recived 200 brignas/footmen, whic rughly have the same value as the dragon. and you are right about the rules, so before you attack write hwo many troops you bring. (hin, hint usul >:()

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Yea, but i had 75 men in each province. You lost more that 25. Saraduker is suposed to say how much you lose. and when you attacked, we sent more warriors, so your dragon would have died...


Castle 3 100% complete

Gold 18,000

Spending 7,000 on warriors.

11,000 left

offering 10,000 gold for an alliance [Ex]

712 Men-at-arms

203 archers

401 calvary

8 catapaults

3 ballistas[huge crossbows]

3 pots of burning oil in each tower on each castle

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What i'm saying is when your people attacked, reinforcements came, so by the time your dragon got there, reenforsments were already there. plus we had a wall and 4 catapaults and 2 ballistas there to defend. the ballistas can help to destroy your dragon. You can't just takeover in one post, and you have to have 3 times as much and 5 times [i think] to permanatly take over.

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nearly right TH, when taking a county you lose half of you men, unless there I say otherwise.

example: you have 50 men in our county, then Usul attacks you whit 150 men (minimum for a 50 garnison), then he loses 75 men in the battel, while you are wiped out, then in order to get you county back, you have to bring 225 men (3 times Usul's garnison) but if you bring 6 times as many men, you only lose lose 1/6 of your men.

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if we say a dragon count for 200 footmen, but what metter is how big was your garnison?, and the way i see it you need 675 men to take back you county. when somebody attacks you can't bring reenforcments (no time) if you don't have a complete calstel wich would give you 1 post to get reenforcments.

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