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The tale of 3 kingdoms


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Okay this is NOT a law less war thread, rhe rules are as follows:

There are 3 kingdoms, each divieded intro 9 provinces arranged whit 1 in the centere and the remaning 8 arund the center, so the world map will look like this:

;D ;D :D :D

;D ;D ;D :D :D :D

;D ;D :) :) :D :D

:) :) :)

:) :)

Each smilie type is another kingdom.

The king rules his kingdom, he can then hand out his premitere provinces to his knights.

The next 3 who joins get the 1, 2 and 3 kingdoms, any one else who joins afterwards can only be mecenarcy generals and kinghts.

To get a feif (province) a knight must do some quest for the king they wants to join.

No killing other player whitout permission.

In each post the player must wirte how many soliders he has.

A player gets soilders by owning a feif (10 perpost form a center feif, 5 perpost form anyother fief), or if sent as a gift.

To try to capture a provionce a player must bring 3 times as many soilders as ther are defenders.

To capture a province for sure a player must bring 6 times as many tropps.

Feel free to make allinces.

They weapons are medivel (Swords, bows croosbow, chainsmail, platemail leather armor.) no magic, and no new techs

I will have the role as "mothernature" ;), I will feel free to make monsters and calmaties and even kill charcters (if you die you can just start again as another charater).

Enjoy. ;)

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I will be a knight called Tal-Ire.(Translation:Dusk Blade)


Tal walks around the crowded marketplace.He sees all kinds of stuff;crossbows, longbows,chain mail,and other things.He walks over to a stand."How much is the chain mail,full set and a short sword?"He asks the shopkeeper."467 silver peices in all."The attendant says,without looking up.Tal rummages in his pockets,and pulls out a small bag filled with silver.After he reiceves the chain mail and short sword,Tal walks off.

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I called him an 'Idiot', and apparently we are not allowed to express our feelings here.

-keep posting it i keep deleating it.

thats how it works.

Check the comments thread. Gob has now forbidden moderators to both moderate and participate in the same thread. That should solve most of the problems around here.

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Tal has heard many tales of a king named King Sard the Twelthf.He goes to the "bard's" kingdom,as King Sard was sometimes called.A soldier stopped him at the gate to the castle."Halt.What are you here for?"The gaurd said as he eyed Tal-Ire suspiciously."I wish to be one of his knights."Tal replied calmly.The soldier eyed him even more suspiciously."Are ya' not half-elf?"(Can I be part elf?)"Oh,aye.Now,will you be letting me through?" "Follow me."The gaurd said slowly,leading Tal up some steps,into the grand hallway,and then into the grand ballroom.Where the king sat at the end of a long table.

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There is still 1 kingdom to be clamied (I don't rule any, to ensure that natural disasters and mosters don't target a singel kingdom), and Twin-Head only other players can be knights, and it is allowed to play any traditionel fantasy races, but no magic, and a knight can only join an exsting kingdom, (Usul's or Twin-Heads) and please write how many men at arms you have at each post, provieded that you are a king or own a fief.

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The king orders a small complemente of mounted archers and swordsmen to deal with this threat. It is believed that this attack is in Earthnukers province (he IMed me asking to be a knight) so it is his responsability to use these troops to kill these Ogres.

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Hmm, possibly can handle the responsobility of managing lands, posting mature posts, managing armies, spelling as well as you possibly can, learning the intrinctisities of honour and chivilry as well as the mysterys of grammer?

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Ok Mad here's the deal. You have to go into this system of caves and find the legendery jewel located in them. Bring it back to me and I will make you a knight. (Earthnuker is my starting knight so he would have already done a quest).

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