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The tale of 3 kingdoms


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My personal character will be count Arrowsmith. He's the overseeer of one of the counties in Usuls kingdom, namely Rivercross County (a county named after a strategicly important bridge). He's also a respected paladin.

Count Arrowsmith led his swordsmen and archers to track the bandits that raid his county. The scouts he sent out reported a bandit camp a few miles away in a think forest. A scout walked towards Arrowsmith.

"The enemy camp is only 200 metres ahead. There are a few guards standing about 50 metres from the camp, two to the eastern side, on on the northern side and another one on the western side. The southern side is sealed off by a ridge."

"Thank you, servant. Peter! John! Come here!"

Peter was a squire that was obsessed about becoming a knight in Arrowsmiths order. John was a simple cook, who was deemed clumsy by the rest of the men. John however, wanted to fight, and Arrowsmith thought he would prove better in battle then many expected.

"You two will sneak up on the two guards to the east. Manshanks (a simple swordman) will take on the guard on the northern side, and Longsword (another swordman) will take the one to the west. Be carefull not to alarm anyone, we are going to take them by surprise."

"Yes, my lord." they said, and they moved out to carry out their orders.

10 minutes later the men returned, stained with blood- presumably from the guards.

"Sir, we have done what you ordered. The guards are dead, and the bandits in the camp are unaware."

Arrowsmith smiled. He was right about Peter and John.

"All swordsmen will move stealthily to the camp, and will then attack on my sign. The archers will hold at the trees, and kill anyone who escapes from our swordsmen. Now, all swordsmen will form groups of four and surround the camp. Peter and John, that includes you too."

Peter and John were surprised, but happy, for they now had a chance to serve their king in battle. They clad in mail and choosed a sword. In 2 minutes the men had surrounded the bandit camp. Arrowsmith stould in the bushes, observing their movements. Then, he gave a special sign with his hand, indicating the nearest swordsmen that they should attack right after they passed on the sign to the group of swordsmen next to them.

With that, everybody attacked. Arrows flung to the bandits, who were totally surprised. The swordsmen moved in for the kill. 5 minutes later the bandit camp was covered with dead bodies. There were no friendly casualties. Arrowsmith smiled.

"This was even easier then it should have been."

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Hearing of Arrowsmiths victory King Usul decres that he be promoted to second in charge of his army. He likes his style of combat but hopes he will be able to adapt the blitzkreig tactics my army usually uses. I will have a 50 man standing army.

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Alright then they are just Warhorses. The messenger arrives in Sir Tiop's castle in the 2nd province. "Sir, His highness has a problem with drakes and he asks you to join him in his quest!" the messenger states. "I will gladly join The High King and destroy these drakes! Send word to the Ungoverned Kingdom that they will be rewarded if they help.Go Now!"The messenger gallops of on his horse toward the ungoverned land and the knight calls for his squire

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We need Material. We only have around 10 swords men. so we need iron.

and only 15- 20 archers so we need some wood.

We do have a knight. (can i have one? i didnt get that part in the rules)

Sir Sullyman

we do however have 30-40 men wishing to join us.

we just need the material.

so is it a deal?

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Oh alright, so the warriors are hired and i have 6,000 gold left. Our warriors Attack the first drake. We fire crossbow bolts at his torso. Our knight strikes at his head while the swordsmen hack at his wings to make him unable to fly away. his right wing is ripped off, but 12 warriors are killed when he falls on them.

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As Tal-Ire walks through the hills of Annuvin,he suddenly emerges at the mouth of the cave."By Bes(Earth)....The Caves of Loria?....I thought they were further north....."He says it in a wisper,barley heard by himself.He walks in."Mauni's eyes..."He whispers again,as his eyes travel over the expansion of the cave.He walks forward,and after barley avoiding two razor blades,a hail of arrows,and a hole in the ground filled with spikes,Tal arrives ate a small,narrow,"hallway"and there he sees it.A perfectly round, blood red stone.As he steps forwards,something blasts him onto his back,and something like a portal opens up infront of him......

to be contiued in my next post........

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As Tal stands up,every ounce of strength being used to stand against the rushing wind,memories begin flashing before his eyes.The time when he put a dead bird on the altar of the church in the middle of the night,and then being scolded at.The time when he was trapped in a building and his head was forced to look at orcs and elves slaying each other.So many....so many....Tal groaned and curled up in a fetal position.After 2 hours in that position.Tal shakily stood up.Everything was all right.Growing more confident with each second,Tal walked toward the gem.he picked it up.It was lighter than he expected.It took him 3 days to come back to king usul's castle.As he walked up the steps of the castle,Tal was determined to get the jewel to usul,nothing else.

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Count Arrowsmith stould in the centre of the bandit camp. His men were interogating the surviving bandits, and he was searching through the tent of the bandit leader.

He came across something very interesting. He found a chest filled with gold. The bandits had been raiding peasants, wich would never give them this much money.

He started searching through some papers, and found several letters. They apparently were sent directly from Twin Heads court! Reading them, he found out that apart from this band the enemy had hired another 4 bands of raiders to pillage the kingdom of lord Usul.

Suddenly a squire entered.

"Sir! One of the prisoners has escaped! He climbed one of the horses and went westwards!"

That was not good.

"What? I shall judge the men for this....stupidity later, first we must leave. He might warn other bandits, and we don't know how close the other bandits are. We must head back to king Usuls castle and tell him about our findings. Go now, and have everybody gather any documents or proof of Twin Heads part in all this. We're leaving in 5 minutes."

So he did, and 5 minutes later the company leaves the bandit camp.

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Another band of Bandits just got their orders from twin-head. They intercepted the group that was on their way to Usul, and only one escaped. the rest were killed and the documents burned. the body of a bandit was still stuck to the survivors horse by his sticky red blood.

9,000 gold total.

(/ Do you have permission to do that from Sarauker?)

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