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The Harkonnen Airstrike


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Two AA mines cost 1200 solaris (2x600). One Gunship costs 1000 solaris. So you'd eventually lose more money than the Harkonnen player if you killed 1 Gunship for every 2 AA mines, which is inefficient.

Yeah, but if you are going to die, you don't give anything about money, just to save your base...
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By what way can you? beside cheats. You can build a Gunship much faster than train an Elite, therefore, you can build an air-force much quicker than build a force of Elites.

Yeah but to build a hangar you also need a factory while to get a sard barracks you only need your house's barracks.

Furthermore, the Hangar takes more time to build than the sard barracks. And the sard barracks are cheaper so you build them earlier in the game, while to build up the tech tree up to the gunship you need more money, therefore you will have spend more time in which to esatblish a strong economy.

So you can amass more sard elite faster than gunships

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You could build a devastator within 15 sec if you have 3 warfactories, is that an advantage?

And within 11 sec for an assault tank.(normal game speed)

building an devastator within 15 seconds is not recommended (unless you have an good econemy) because an devastator = 1700 bucks, building it within 15 seconds would mean that 100+ solaris is spend in building the devastator per second.

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I don't get your point. No matter how fast the unit is built, it's cost will always be the same.

look at like this:

you have 5k and you need devastators and infantry units of the house and subhouses.

normally this would be divided into: 50% for infantry units and 50% for devastators but if you build devastators too fast in an short period of time it'll more likely be 90% for the devastators and 10% for infantry units.

infantry units are equally important as tanks (if its the right type and has good protection)

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