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The Harkonnen Airstrike


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Devastator_Mech you really should spend much more time playing Emperor before you come here and posts misleading information. Air Drones were designed specifically for air defence. It says that in the manual. While Gunships may be superior to Ornithopters in some respects, Air Drones will own anything that can fly, including Gunships. (Yes you can beat AA mines with clever micromanagement of Air Drones, I know because I've tried it and it has worked).

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Hmm, I like to try an army of Gunships against an army of AA Mines. Just to see who wins. The AA Mines will be with 2 times more then there are Gunships.

But I only have 1 computer to run Emperor on, so who want to join me in this expiriment?

The AA-Mines are well ordered ofcourse

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