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  1. yes but if you use minos and they get the hight atvantage (showed by red arrows) the kobras cant hit the minos then use infiltrators and feydaykins
  2. there is a really big difference cause when i cant get on WOL, i play against the computer. i always just do stuff random but if you just sit there and build up your technology levels, and smalll amounts of units the hard ppl will pound the crap out of your base and they'll use long range units (kobra, inkvine, mino) against your turrets so they do no good
  3. yes i bought my game for 20 bucks and yes there are a lot of mistakes in the manual, like the niab tank can only warp space in a limited range.
  4. elites will not own 4 shielded units but if they are apcs or deviators, the elites will have cost less overall
  5. would you mind telling me which manuals because there are plenty of emp manuals.
  6. but if you're going to attack a base with ornis you should only attack ordos because they have the least amount of AA defense
  7. well timenn, when i first did this strategy, i sent my adv. carryall with the flame tank first so if it was destroyed, i wouldnt lose a devastator, but then none of the living turrets destroyed it.
  8. i dunno about that but what if a wild worm (either one) hit a fremen worm?
  9. well ordos has no AA turrets at all so against the ordos its a good plan to attack them with ornis
  10. the newer one was made in 2000. its a good movie although 4 1/2 hours is a long movie...... and wasnt this thread about the sniper unit?
  11. yeah timenn that for sure but i like the sards better
  12. ummm.....no. build a windtrap, then a factory, then a hangar. build another windtrap while you start to build 4 adv. carryalls. pick up the three devastators and the elite flame tank. send them all to the VERY BOTTOM CORNER and release them. move the units down the side of the emperor worm (dont mind the guild refineries/harvesters) then attack the worm. to inflict most amount of damage, make sure that the flame tank is using both burners. then you get a cool little movie ;)
  13. also, sometimes the worm wont listen to your commands (i've had this happen to me plenty of times before)
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