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ah that solves the entire problem ofcourse, how dum of me that i didn't think of it. DUM DUM ME! *slams head on desk 3 times*. I now have to go to church and save my soul before the devil is gonna take it from me, well not that he's gonna get it anyway cuz i'm armed with my holy bible and i will slame him so hard that his eyes will pop out

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Pretty good. :O Too bad not everyone has a GeFore 4,327,980 MX 900000000000000000000 Graphix card! ::) On my hardware, Emporer looks better. But that IS beautiful. Totally sweet. ;)

But I note, to some dismay, you still cannot selectmore than twelve units. And there are no BIG GUNS in that screeny. I LOOOOVE BIG GUNS!

I have that video card you speak of ( ;D) and to all you others, the reason that screenshot seams so big is because it is in 1600x1200, while your desktop is most likely at 1024x768. Change your esolution to 1600x1200 and it will fit nicely on your screen. Monitor size has absolutely nothing to do with it.

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the reason that screenshot seams so big is because it is in 1600x1200, while your desktop is most likely at 1024x768. Change your esolution to 1600x1200 and it will fit nicely on your screen. Monitor size has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Well, SOME of us can't do that...so I would appreciate it if you stopped throwing your REALLY expensive graphics card (and your cable modem, and your big monitor, and everthing else) in my face.

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Cd "Burner"? This is on my old 95 comp with a 166MhZ proscessor. trust me, it's fine. ;D

you can get an awesome computer for $350. 1200+ AMD Duron XP, 256SDRAM, CD "writer" (make CD's), keyboard,mouse,speakers,soundcard, AGP graphics.

no OS or Monitor, but you can use your current.

contact me if you want a new computer, and i will tell you where (net shopping).

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My "Old" comp...I HAVE a new one..AMDXp 1800+, WinXP, DVD-Burner, etc...But still only a 56k modem and GeForce2. :P

geforce 2 can get 1600x1200 resolution no problem. Maybe there is something wrong with it...or you ;D.

I too had a GF2 and sure it was able to get to resolutions of 1600x1200x32. But no game would run fine under that resolution, well at least not games like War3 or E:BFD.

BTW you can take a screenshot in war3 with the Print Screen button but it will save it as a TGA file in your war3 map and i don't know how to open tga files so you'd best just press print screen and then go to paint or something and paste it. At least that's the way i did it

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TGA files can be opened with Microsoft Photo Editor (comes with windows) - and you can then resave it as another format from there.

hmm I have MS photo editor but it cannnot open .tga files at least not now. Perhaps it needs a plugin before it can read .tga files

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) WC3 has more detail in the graphics, and the zoom in feature actually looks good

^ I think ur playin a diff game WC3 graphics suck while Emps are way better

2) WC3 is more inovative, and unique

^ unique? bullshit, its just like the other warcraft games, im not sayin that Emp is orginal but neither is WC3

3) WC3 has 4 races instead of 3 (more choice)

^ yeah accept all the units are basically the same with diff graphics and diff names

4) WC3 is more stable, and more compatible (has NEVER crashed)

^It has crashed for me

5) WC3 has better sound effects during battles (just listen to the sword fights )

^Im sorry but the sound effects suck man, they are dreary and give a headache along with the graphics

6) battle.net is more stable than WOL (b.net has only d/c me twice in 3 weeks [109 games played]) WOL would have d/c about 6-10 times in that many games.

^i'll give u that one

7) battle.net always has lots of people to play with, and qm actually works...EVERY TIME

^ and again

8) Blizzard actually patches the problems with their games.

Theyve only had a few patches as of yet, and emp has had as many, so this proves nothing, true theyve patched other games, doesnt mean they'll do it with WC3

9) In WC3 the world doesn't suddenly end at the edge of the map

^and this is good why?

10) The unit cap makes the game focus more on strategy than on massing/turtling.

^what are u on, it just makes it annoying, and ppl still mass anyway, get loadsa fighters for the front and spellcasters for the back, o no so orignal!!

11) Group cap makes you micromanage and use maneouvering skills, while in emperor you just select your guys, click on his guys

^ive never once just clicked on my guys then his in emp, why wud u do that? u'd die straight away...

12) WC3 has features that help prevent rushing 30 seconds into the game, which in turn leads to more variation in Build Orders

By the time someone has attacked uve fallen asleep.....

13) In WC3 you don't just mass the most powerful units (in emperor, after the 5 min mark, all you have to do is mass minos/NIAB/gunship/kobra etc.)

I always mixed 'n' matched never all one unit, u say u dont just mass the most powerful units, although u say mass, exactly thats what i said u mass diff units in WC3, its still massing...

14) In WC3 you're not staring at sand every single game.

I^Yeah ur staring at the piss poor graphics

15) In order to win a WC3 game, you must actually leave your base (you get rewarded by gaining xp from creeps, and must expand etc.), instead of barricading yourself inside, and w8ing for 600 minos to build.

^u expand woohoo, u expand ur army in emp taking more ground as u go, WC3 isnt exactly orginal, there are other games such as Empire earth where u expand... and 600 minos, jesus embellishing a bit?

O and one for emp, in emp u have so many different strategies to choose from to defend and attack while in WC3 u dont...

Omg kudos! So perfect that should be framed :D

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