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Dune 2000 Online is back online


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Were back, wasnt as bad as i expected, actually ended up with a faster server, no bandwidth restrictions , and much more memory for a cheaper price. Chat is running already, hoping to have gameplay back up by tommorow night, for now i must sleep though, my boss is already pissed.


There are no updates, your clients will log in automatically. See yall soon.



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But Dune 2 can play at android.

Dune 2 was ported through dosbox code for android.

Dune 2000 cannot be done in the same manner.

Either a remake in another engine or something else that can emulate x32 environment in androids arm-based phones..

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I wanted to thank everyone for your patience getting back online, been good to see guys coming back. Come on in and play, maybe my rusty ass will play some soon also. Feda where you at bro? You owe me a ordos rematch.





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