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  1. old faces, if shygirl could return would be nice,
  2. land of sand please. also would be cool to hear enter the ordos with full violin
  3. well dune2k has coded in crate hunt mode but its glitchy and causes starport to not function properly.. i think you can do autorepair on buldings too but it seems to not work at all. i am wondering if we can edit crate content to spawn not only unit or powerup but buldings.
  4. @hasan9540 that icecheat trainer for old 1.06 dune2k should work on gruntlord.. dune2000 on 4k monitor with largest map possible does not appear to be glitchy but smaller maps yes. also if you start bulding and you right click on any other bulding once it completes you cant put it again [known old bug]...........another fun behavior happens if you select bulding [ready to place] and you quickly move your mouse and release the left button,sometimes bulding gets catapulted 1 or 2 cells away from base. ........ also there is issue with dune2k while playing eve-online game,sometimes it cause the eve-online client to crash into taskbar and could not be recoverd even from taskmanager panel i tried to maximize the game window from there but all got was grey screen and had to close the eve client,it happens only with d2k running at full screen and i alt tab to that other game.
  5. if we could have enchancement allowing us to make prebuilt bases it could be nice,setting up strong base for 8 players takes some time,with the tool it could take less....it would work in this schemat bulding a - how many bulding a placed bulding b how many b buldings etc. other utility would be tpe of buldings to place,how many times i refinery:5 refineries,heavy factory 3 heavy factory etc. im sure we do have random map generator but was thinking on toher variant - random mission generator that could put basic/advanced objectives with prebuilt bases and all you have to do is add events yu want and add buldings/units you want this way creating missions or multiper maps would be fully customizable and starting base from scratc would be not nessecary
  6. adding new units or buldings to dune2k is not possible. you can probably via tibed add something but it does not show up in game,tried copy wind trap to make next one but didnt work
  7. okay folks, i was going to do one more thing starport related but due to its limitation it wont work,getting too many starportable units error. i tried to add additional units to starport menu to see if ai will use that instead of replacing exsisting...does ai can use waypoints? actually what are our actually curent abilities,what things we can do now and what we cant yet? any research done? i seen the red alert 1 map textures on dune2k but dune lacks of naval units and shipyard so making dune2k with ships would be futile. would be more interessing if we can add new structures,units,weapons and sounds,textures for it and overall improve the ai as much as we can,i know dune2k code is old obsolete but im sure we can make some nice things still on it and maybe make it really cool, i know the ai could do area patrols? also harvester guarding seems to not work at all ai sends troops if you attack them but will never put troops near them to prevent you from doing so,unless something changed? crrently best strategy to defeat ai is kill his harvesters and i would like to see this change and ai protecting harvesters as nycg as can before even losing first one,,i already tried to modify ai to attmpt create harvester patrol but ai never actualy use it,ai just sends troops and if morale drops below treshold(if there is any) ai stops sendign further attacks but build new troops,sometimes ai go "sleep" totally,even not rebuilding after capturing bulding not destroying it. so morale dos not affect only military but structures aswell,but if ai loses all unit production buldings,lose all units but not cy,wind trap,refinery and 2 harvesters how ai will gain morale to rebuild base if has notting to fight back,yes i seen ai not rebuild base after extreme base destruction.,that why i was woring on with walls but nope. what about smuggler campaign? i see it good but it need some more work,more missions and some pretty complicated to make atleast 1-2 missios that need to be played more than half hour, currently if you build base properly and setup ur unit production you could crush evrythign within 10-20 minutes,my tactic was to get as atreides/harkonnen missile tanks/quads/troopers . troopers to crush turrets and walls quads agaist tanks and missile tanks for sniping enemy units from distance,few siege tanks were need to kill enemy infantry. before missile tanks you basically needed troopers quads combat tanks and you used to attack always at weakest spot. how about increasing ai defenses and removing weak spots and let player fight agaist fortess? as for base setups and unit build rate,after short research realized that balance mus be there because too many fast-buld ai will get you defeated evry time,adding friendly ai wont be solution,first we need to find out player limits and match it to ai limits and work out best scenario for campaigns to not make them easy but make them hard eoungh to win them with serious trouble with high chance for your defeat,but since we know what events are good for,maybe we can make activatable defense....,someone posted long ago a map with bulding controlling infinite death hand missiles bombarding the base enttrance,to reach main base you had to blow it up otherwise you could not go throught affected area. what about things like this but related to morale corelated to bulding? if ai loses too much troops,morale drops but if build i.e additional palace morale goes back to normal and go higher and encourage ai for attacking. another thing lacking in dune2k are fake attacks, you send two armies at two base entrances and third one on bigger so enemy cant cover all of them and you will break inside? i had another idea about spice race again but that mission would be less agressive and more spice harvesting related,gial would be 100-200k of spice harvested or so,race would be who get more spice and reach finish first,evryone would start with mcv no troops,limited credits but sandworms would be on edge of map locked down to prevent sabotage.,killing harvesters at beginning is something bad,s,solution was tibed and make them immune to destruction and only deviator could actually temporary take it. some ideas i had in my head but never had time to work on base destruction race - you have to kill base A defended by base B and C before base D and E destroys base F - mission fails after hour,mission fails if base F is wiped out all bases survival - some money,repair pads some engineers - land in shape of corridors and several ways blocked with rocket turrets (wind traps in safe-zone to prevent offlining turrets) what you would have [example] 7000 credits 20 combat tanks 20 siege tanks 15 quads 15 trikes/raiders 80 troopers / light infantry 6-9 engineers,there would be 5-7 ais with turrets and wind traps, you will consume your troops over time but eventually you find repair pad to capture and repair units [cant repair infantry muahaha so use it carefully). you would eventually find small base and with refinery/harvester but wnt buid anything useful except troopers/quads/trikes etc. main base would be double-turret walled to mke conquering a pain in head, - mission fails if you lose all units,mission win if all turrets are gone. executioner - corridor based gameplay 8 strong ai bases you have no base but 100 devastators,destroy evrything and evryone. symbiosis - your ally build only troopers and use starport you build quads and combat taks and another ally only trikes andmissile tanks but all of you have also starport. job is to coordinate attacks with ai agaist enemy bases,l and something special - player online mission agaist another players similar to base destruction race but zero ai,evryone as players had partially finish map for one mission.,problem were starting positions,sometimes you landed in not your base another player mission - reconstruction of atreides mission 8 map 1 [smugglers for this case got CY/starport] player had to take other land to build,role of smuggler was to make troops and make sudden attack with no warning. {hes neutral,he wont bother us right }, while player being areides is busy fighting ordos/harkonnen fremen aka next ordos[player aswell,gets mcv to build better] while smuggler grows grows grows and when right moment happens he strikes someone [someone who will be smugglers must be good tactician] . the neutral mode on online gameplay was actually tested and was working as intended! neutral showing as neutral so eventuall pass-throught of troops was not making a confusion. my last idea for player based online mission was concept of reworking atreides mission 7 map 1 but job was completly different, we wanted make ai controllable by players so ai build troops you build buldings but idea was soon abandoned after numerous problems and issues including running out of spice on map when demand was higher than arrakis could give. as for running game for month on separate computer,wanted to see if ai changes over time passed,,was going ever to livestream game played with only macro with zero human interaction but decided to not do so. my plan was to give ai highest possible morale,make full safe harvesting area with no risk of spice end but encountered there an issue (will tell later) the "test" has started 20 july as this is when game started but on 29 july project crashed,ai sold his base with harvesters still on field,my first test was 2 harvesters per refinery and total 5 refineries so 10 harvesters,this was to ensure ai never bancruit and keep spamming my base with troops,after first test phase i adjusted the harvesters per refinery from 2 to 5 but only 3 refineries,game was stable for entire day and i seen activity by points from sounds of combat,yes combat was ongoing from time to time but when was doing stuff 200km away from house forgot about it entirely and when came back i was doing other things and forgot about the game but checked it later to find death toll,game was not finished as enemy still had harvesters,just his base was sold,there was some spice left on field... i was doing similar things for other games to see some numbers and common in most games like dune2k/ra2/tiberian sun was that ai behavior can change over time and from my observation whole morale thing is playing interessing factor,and in case dune2k problem with morale was that not always was growing back? because huge army stacked in base for hours,but army is spent after my agression,maybe ai calculated how big my army was so he build bigger and bigger but knowing my army becomes bigger he still try to overcome it with size but after some time the bubble breaks and ai send the attack! . my further test was with placing "fake" bases far away and drive ai to it for attacking,when ai raze it to ground seems morale to increase and his normal life comes back.....i tried to encourage ai to do something useful but it never worked as intended,wanted to see if ai can look for weak spot on my base but NO ai attacks at my strongest position instead of gong around into unprotected area! while this is dumb on dune2k by looking at red alert 2+/- yuri revenge expansion ai actually attempt to find weak spot of your base and even used it. in tiberian sun ai also attempts to go for weak spot but most times will make frontal attack if possible. TLDR: ai after serious army loss,dont send further attacks but keeps produced troops in base, your attack triggers ai attack,ai sometimes scatter his troops over map,if ai loses army and too many buldings but key buldings remain undamagd,ai will refuse to rebuild even with leftover cy,refineries,wind traps - this happens not so often but observed it few times,morale modifier plays huge role there,if defeat was too big ai will drop into idle mode with no return point,at somr point ai was gaining over time when was leaving infantry on way of harvester and he eventually placed 1-2 buldings more but still didnt rebuild further,if i taken out wind trap it was rebuilt,if i did refinery he rebuilt,but no reconstruction of other buldings,ai morale probably went negative numbers because ai went completly idle at this point. running game for long time gave me interessing results,coming closer to find ai activity treshold before/after huge defeat.further tests ongoing. maybe will have time to make ai resistant to morale loss.
  8. there is another problem, if ai loses too much base with not losing ability to rebuild he will not rebuild at alll. this happens in orginal campaign too.if refineries are not close to CY also AI dont try to make refinery first,he will go throught buldings and end money quickly,. i have done some experiments with placing wall around and ai was capable of rebuild if wall was near bulding spot. 3-5 CY scattered around base also helps ai to hook-up buldings but if factories are on edge of base it will not rebuild unless wall near or another bulding. ai does not rebuild if space between buldings is too large. buffing starting money is solution for short time. sometimes ai hangs/suspends and build army but forget to send attack and keeps building army forever,if you provoke first you get spammed with giant army and eventually wont survive..how i found this? you can set the attack delay by editing map/mission but i have done it unusual way,got setup macro to play dune2k for me and i let it go for week,at the final day i decided to check results to find that i got and what, ai had his base as army museum,tons of tanks troopers l.infantry quads trikes . i tried to reproduce this again but next time ai had smaller army and did intensive attacks for one day then ceased sending further and all whole army was in base,ai went back to normal after i attacked and he spent his troops. looks like ai drops into idle mode after some time of inactivity? im gonna try to get dune2k with macro going for whole month for further research how this can be useful for smuggler missions? make 3-4 enemy ai with normal attack intervals and one with extreme delayed,both must have strong bases and the buffed ai must be behind normal ones so iyou wont blow it up as primary enemy. ,while you deal with regular ai's the buffed one build army and when you get on it you have to deal with big force. i played many missions from this forum and not many were challenging so hard. only the survival modes seemed to work. in almost all missions i found and played u had to destroy base,destroy base,destroy base and thats nearly all,no challenge at all,no defending friendly bases etc. what challenging would be? defending 2 friendly bases and fighting 3-4 strong angry ais,the friendly ai's would have reduced build rate for troops and attack intervals extended while enemy ai would have evrything buffed so attack intervals short and fast build rate, i have once did a mission with 6 neutral bases and 1 enemy base..trick was to defeat it with no losing neutrality to others,sometimes it went rampage and ai was attacking each other creating incredible chaos. ok,lets go back tot opic so what smuggler missions should have? - maybe some orginal campaign flashback? like reconstruction from harkonnen mission 6 map 1 and/or 2. the smuggler bases gets enchanced and you build army to eventually fight your natural enemy - harkonnen in example,or you wait for harkonnen to die and kill ordos to have harkonnen for dinner. - smugglers in most orginal campaigns were in most cases an neutrals,only in few scenarios smugglers appeared as enemy,exception was finding smugglers as ordos allies in ordos mission 6 map 1 and 2 just diplomacy change no base no ai was set to smugglers. - smugglers would focus on spice harvesting so maybe challenge time-based to harvest X amount of spice in 30 minutes i.e to win get 100k spice,defeat is when 30minutes timer expire. - smugglers so not have big army,they usually have only refinery and silo, bringing them back to live by giving key buldings is good but from spice thiefs they turn into armed spice thiefs. but having army to defend is fine. - smuggler missions should be more challenging, lsometimes not many combat to do but spice harvesting,taking out enemy refineries,silos etc. - maybe some kind of smuggler arena ? 7 big angry ai vs you, all those angry ai would have fast buld rate but slow attack interval so u get time to get base...atleast hehehe,task would be to take one after one and probably destroying would be wasste so engineer army and conquer! - smugglers ai lacks of hotdrop tactic ie 1 build CY near enemy 2. sell to build repair pad 3. have big tank army and carryals 4. use carryals to drop the army on enemy base throught repair pad - thats hotdrop! in red alert 1 and modified red alert 2 AI used naval transports to deliver democracy right on your lawn,sadly dune2k ai code is bad and does not use the carryals to move troops around.
  9. AI need to build units faster and needs bit safer area for harvesting because killing harvesters is not actual actic or strategy,evryone go weaker with no spice,try to be more clever and fight full force vs full force.
  10. download is broken.when trying to download its fine but when it comes to open zip file it says its invalid format or damaged. please reupload
  11. download nolonger works,it downloads file with 0bytes archive is damaged or incomplete
  12. yes but shai hulud map editor was not able to make that huge maps anyway,the curent map editor when bigger map is created random items are added during the lsuper big map creation and those maps are fine if map editor was not adding random stuff game would probably start. if you place too much items on map game will crash,question is how to find and erease unwanted items whe they are outside map area as created one big map clear rock one to find that i had like 60 starting player points at edge of map and whole big map is rolled so i put 1 bulding it spawns in multiple locations. spen few hours on cleaning one of maps but still it holds even buldings outside play area which also crash game. finally managed to get almost playable map it just tell me about some heavy factory that is bugged and cant remove it as i dont see it anyway
  13. yes but i was trying to find out if actually we could start game with map higher than 128x128 any help appreciated,just for science and some fun because if we find way to extend unit limits we could make bigger gamesas far as now i figurd out that game could support the larger maps only problem is with map itself game says that there is error in map file or something even aftr map editor save map succefully. parser issue?
  14. short update,after playing more with i figured out maybe the map editor is glitching map,my question is does there exsist other map editors,if so what ones would be still good to make maps (without units or buldings) just want to find way to make bigger and bigger map but i think the current map editor makes map devastated so it generate errors.
  15. uploaded 200x200 map compressed rar . as above,map is bugged and cant be launched it gives numerous errors. but technically you can do 200x200 map. we ened to find a way to actually be able to play on larger maps,i know this is hard coded but we could override it since other westwood games support big maps. just dune2k is exception errormap.rar ------------------------- update. i also created 2000x2000 map but its also crashing - this time gives error reloated to map file. rrormap 2000x2000.rar ------------------------- update 2. can create even 10000x10000 maps. but if we find way to make game actually load the maps without crash it would give interessing results. update 3. created 100k x 100k map. but map editor choke up still generate that big map but it started to add mis content like reinforcements even worms een buldings without my interaction so generated big map added random buldings ----------------- what is my dream? to make 2000x2000 map work and play huge game. -------------------- when trying to edit mission content it gives error grid index out of range, map editor does not crash -------------
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