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An open letter to the admins of Dune2K.com


With the Dune 2000 section by far the most popular section of the forums, I think it would be a good idea to expand it. Recent years have seen an explosion in Dune 2000 modding and Dune2K.com has been home to all of those developments. All the modders and a lot of the players have met here and it's been a great place for collaboration to brew, such as the High Resolution Patch, Mission reverse engineering and all new campaigns. Dune2K.com is now in a position where it makes sense to increase the amount of the forums dedicated to the Dune game with the most active following.


Currently the majority of modding posts are posted in the main Dune 2000 forum, while forum guidance is for modding posts to be in Dune Editing with tags, the desire from modders has always been to keep it in the Dune 2000 section. Unfortunately the Dune Editing forum just doesn't work very well, posts are ambiguous and require the poster to attach relevant tags. If you're viewing the forums on mobile (which is how I generally use them), or looking at the forums on the root page you can't tell which game the post is related to which is extremely frustrating. It's also something which the modders have always been against, which is why the majority of Dune 2000 modding posts are still made in the Dune 2000 forum.


My proposal is for Dune2k.com to go back to its namesake and create more Dune 2000 sections, moving Dune 2000 to a dedicated category to enable the Dune 2000 community to grow to its full potential. Creating dedicated sections for Dune 2000 modding, given its long term prevalence, as well as Dune's multiplayer scene which thanks to the work of the Dune 2000 Online and PVPGN teams is now in a great position, would help the Forums stay relevant to its users and set it up to grow further. It would also help the Dune 2000 community stay in one place, rather than fragmenting as its currently at risk of.


Because a picture says a thousand words, here's a rough image of how it could be structured:



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