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  1. There is a new release and the https://www.openra.net/ website got a makeover
  2. Yes, both things are entirely possible. We even had controllable Ornithopters in earlier releases. You can make a map and edit the rules to play custom games in multiplayer. Look at an existing https://github.com/OpenRA/OpenRA/tree/bleed/mods/d2k/maps on how to apply your own rules and https://docs.openra.net/en/latest/playtest/traits/ on how to use them.
  3. See https://github.com/OpenRA/OpenRA/issues/9287 for progress on the campaign missions.
  4. Some of the new changes to look out for in playtest-20201213 include: New lobby options for Automatic Concrete in Dune 2000 Disable spawn points in a game lobby by right-clicking on the map preview Share OpenRA status and game invites on Discord More fluid infantry combat after fixing several long-standing combat bugs Battlefield zooming is now centered on the mouse cursor Servers can be configured to save replays, enabling the creation of community ladders Dune 2000 features new weapon damage calculations that are more faithful to the original game,
  5. The map editor now supports editing actor properties such as owner, health, facing, and stance. The color chooser now allows you to save and restore your favorite colors.
  6. You can now save games: Other notable changes in Release 20191117 Significantly improved behavior for harvesters, attack-move, and unit repair Aircraft-based support powers can be given an attack direction The Death Hand missile now works like the original game Fixed various issues with left-click mouse controls
  7. Yeah, the feedback here is a little low recently. Yet there are nice new features such as registered player names in the current playtest:
  8. Thanks. I assume that modders for the original game can learn a lot by reading the OpenRA source code.
  9. I saw you purged any mentioning of OpenRA and it's d2k mod from the website and deleted the wiki entry twice.
  10. The OpenRA development team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are proud to announce the Christmas 2015 release of OpenRA! 40 developer elves have toiled long and hard to fill your stocking with lots of fixes, improvements and long-awaited features. In particular, this release introduces the global chat channel that is shared across all mods, which will allow you to meet up with other waiting players and arrange matches without joining servers. Going along with it is a re-design of the ingame server browser as well as the skirmish lobby. Another big focus of this relea
  11. Save game support isn't there yet. https://github.com/OpenRA/OpenRA/issues/2743 https://github.com/OpenRA/OpenRA/wiki/Game-Content has instructions on how to get the game assets. Downloading from the community mirrors servers or installing from CD should be a matter of pushing a button on first game start. If not, check your firewall settings or disc respectively.
  12. Post the error message. Otherwise we can't really help you. http://resource.openra.net/upload/map/ also let's you import/upload legacy maps, but it uses the exact same utility in the background.
  13. I see. Found an older revision via the Web Archive Wayback Machine and posted something at http://dune.wikia.com/wiki/OpenRA instead.
  14. Yeah well, but deleting content without prior asking and against the will of the creator as well as the wiki host isn't really the friendly way of doing so. Can you please send me the wiki text of the deleted revisions so I can post it to another Dune or gaming related wiki instead? I invested some time into those paragraphs. They also contain a lot of vital technical detail we found out while recreating the game.
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