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  1. Well 1. If you hit breifing (during the test mission) it will freeze the game. 2. Harkonnen and Ordos Test missions have that .r16 error for unknown reasons. 3. Like Luminar said these maps were meant for Westwood to test all the units for each faction.
  2. D2K FTW!!!!!!!!!!! And I think its a perfect idea.
  3. You know what I agree 100% with Feda, just make concrete an option. (Which 95% of Players including me will keep off :P)
  4. Why did you put Concretes, seriously? Nobody likes this annoying feature, which was why they were not in Emperor.
  5. I wouldn't add new units (except controlable ornis for atriedes) but I would modify the current ones. And since I hate the weapon sounds in D2K, I would replace them with RA1 weapons sounds.
  6. I modified the Deviator to only kill infantry and do little damage to light vechicles, but it can still deviate. I also changed its weapon name to "Gas Missle"
  7. thanks but people are going to rant at me for the Deviator killing infantry idea.
  8. Heavy vechicles coming out of light factories and Light vechicles coming out of heavy factories has now been fixed in the new unstable release. But I hate how the Quad can still attack air units and the Missle Tank can't, plus the Missle Tank has a weird weapon and really needs a new one. I love the fact though that the Sonic tank fires Tesla instead of that annoying friendly firing Sonic wave. I do wish that the Deviator could at least kill Infantry, because after all its fake missle is supposed to leave a chemical cloud that would poison infantry. It would be amazing but weird if the Harkonnen Devastator could have redeye missles as its secondary weapon.
  9. This happens to me and armorlord too. Beforehand we could play coop sucessfully but now strangly XWIS crahses on him and sometimes on me. Sorry man, I guess XWIS is no longer supported for EBFD, and I wish there was a way to do Lan Coop on Hamachi/Tunngle.
  10. this happens on my PC too, even if I just change the weapons for the units, it messes up the whole game. And even if I click remove changes to game in tibed menu the game still has messed up units and buildings, so I have to always end up reinstall D2K. this is honestly why I hate Windows 7 soo much and I miss my XP.
  11. Dont special missions happen like a trigger btw. Lets say if I was playing as House Atreides and If I lost my Capital to House Harkonnen and then the Harkonnen last mission loads (cuz they took a capital) and I get to have Ordos, Tileaxu, Guild, and Fremen on my side. It would be cool (even stupid at the same time) to play as the losing side as the losers all team up against the winner.
  12. well I edited my post now, your right that the Deviator wouldn't make sense of a Anti tank unit, but still its gas missile should be able to kill large groups of infantry and since Ordos cant build missle tanks (except for starport purchase) the Deviator should have anti air, red eye missles. and hey I didnt say remove troopers from Harkonnen, I said they should only be for Harkonnen, cuz the troopers were meant for Harkonnen only if you have played Dune 2. and no ornithopters dont fit Harkonnen but its possible to add new units in OpenRA anyways, so the gunship (from EBFD) would be better for them. and just because Ordos are supposed to be about hit and run tactics, then that doesnt mean they cant have an overpowered unit. If you played Tiberian sun, you know that the Nod are supposed to be better with recon while GDI are better with firepower, but the Nod Artillery is overpowered and can actually beat anything the GDI try to throw at them. and in RA2, the Allies are better with recon while Soviets are better with firepower, but still the Allies Prism tank was overpowered against buildings and the Allies Mirage tank was overpowered against tanks, even the Soviet Apocalypse tanks have huge problems beating Mirage tanks, mainly cuz Apoc tanks are soo slow and that Mirage tanks can cloak into the environment and at the same time run away fast.
  13. my suggestion is that the Deviator should be a IFV type unit. the chemical missile should be able to kill huge groups of infantry. and another suggestion is that, ornithopters should be given to both Ordos and Atreides and the bazooka soldier should be for Harkonnen only.
  14. Since you can select anything in "Select Homeworld to attack" then this shows that Emperor battle for dune was unfinished, who knows what would have really happened if an enemy house took over the other enemy houses capital. Heck I was trying to figure out if the Enemy house could attack your capital and if so does it either replay the first mission or do you start with a huge base?.
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