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The resource editor is nearing completion, in this topic I will post a series of preview versions up to the first full release of the tool. I hope to post the first preview of the tool this weekend.


In the meantime, here is a link to a zip containing the contents of Data.R16 as exported from my Resource Editor: Download Zip




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I'll also be adding an option to toggle through each 8 house colours on a sprite, which should help a lot with creation of new unit and structure sprites, here is what it looks like for the Atreides style barracks:



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The only interesting things I noticed while creating the OpenRA d2k mod is that some duplicates use the Red Alert palette so they might have started with the Westwood 2D engine and added their own proprietary file formats and features, but there are no hidden units. Only the flame thrower audio in SOUND.RS hints towards cut content.

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Are you planning on adding an option to convert images (perhaps tga or png) to the d2k .bmp format? I'm having problems manipulating those .bmp files. With GIMP I cannot get a new colour palette to work. Perhaps Photoshop can? (I don't have it)

Not as part of this editor.




Started work on this editor again, added support for replacing embedded palette sprites now (like the buildings) using a source PNG. Example here I've moved reduced the size of the right wing of the Atreides construction yard and adjusted some of the house colour sections.



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