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Dune Legacy 0.96.3


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I recently tried to play it through Hamachi with some people from dune 2000 but the game lags horribly no matter who the opponent is. Always getting "waitin for <playername>" box, then it disappears and comes back in 3 seconds. It is unplayable. Is this a known issue? If yes, can it be fixed in a future release?



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15 hours ago, NorrBaggaren said:

Harkonnen lvl 3 or 4 is imoossible to beat. You need to build your base but the atreidis have a full base and no matter how i try to overkill them they beat me. I can buy 12 light tanks but the rocket launchers from the enemy ruins everything. 

I played this game really really long ago. And at least the last time I played I had the same problem.
Check on the options and see if there are at least two types of Ai difficulty.

The "new AI difficulty" will expand, build more refineries and extra factories; but maybe is still available an "Old AI difficulty" that maybe is the one supposed to be used for the Campaign, they won't expand so they will be limited to the only 1 refinery, 1 factory and so on.

I cannot confirm if this is totally true, has been years since I played and when I did I got rushed too on mission 4 and stopped playing all toghether, but there was both "old" and "new" and, at least the other last time I played (which that new AI didn't exist) the enemy behave more like the original game, with the sames bases and I don't remember him to expand their bases at all (or maybe it builded 1 extra refinery, but not other buildings as far as I remember; I could be wrong).

But still playable and not too hard to win.

If you can check, play and confirm that is still exist an "old AI" that it doesn't rush you as hard plis tell me, I am curious now.

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