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  1. Total Annihilation on gog sale for €1.39! http://www.gog.com/game/total_anihilation_commander_pack Buy it and download Total Annihilation Zero afterwards :p
  2. After a long time i recorded a 2on2 again: It is in 2 parts on my new map 4P Hierarchy:
  3. It has been a while but i uploaded a new video on youtube (replay again): Medstflow vs Masterakady (ARM vs CORE) Medstflows view: I am still working on Masterakadys view. The game was played with a new development version Alpha 4.10022015. I already integrated the new version to the standalone download on post #1.
  4. Someone interested in playing multiplayer?
  5. Did you try it already? Is it any good?
  6. Might it be possible to play Legacy on Tunngle?
  7. Due to having a really bad upload in my new flat it took a while to upload those... Two vods of one and the same game (recorded replay): Vohs view: My view: Not the best game we played (both playing their worst faction with lots of unspent metal :p), still fun though.
  8. I love WC1 :) I played the game online too (in 2013). It is great fun but unfortunately hard to set up and sometimes a bit laggy. There is a pretty good remastered version of the Human Soundtrack#2:
  9. Noone? BTW i just found this: http://www.moddb.com/mods/dark2113/downloads/alpha-0101 Seems to be another CnC 3 mod with Dune theme. Someone tried that one already?
  10. I never liked the original TA as well and i still do not like it but TA Zero is much better. Better balance, better controls, better maps and better graphics. Yes i am the same working on Warcraft 2.5. I had no time to work frequently on wc 2.5 the last months because of moving to a new flat and a new job but i still work on it. TA Zero is not my project i just created some maps and i play it frequently.
  11. Is someone interested in playing this with me? We could play on gameranger. Just have to search for my CnC 3 dvd.
  12. Total Annihilation Zero by Vohvelieläin Introduction Total Annihilation Zero is a full-fledged modification of the classic strategy game Total Annihilation and aims to recreate the entire game to the maximum extent and quality that is currently possible. In addition to completely redesigned versions of the two factions from the original game, the Arm and the Core, TA Zero introduces a third faction, the Guardians of Kadesh. All three factions are stylistically and strategically unique and crafted to the highest standards that can be achieved within the Total Annihilation engine. The game is a work-in-progress with preview versions regularly released to the public as development milestones are reached. There's no telling what the final version will hold in store, but you can continue on to the Features section to learn more about what is currently available in TA Zero. Compared to the original Total Annihilation the gameplay shifted from "macro" oriented gameplay to "micro" oriented one (do not be afraid, there still is a lot of macro involved). Every unit has to be microed differently and the terrain plays a prominent role. For example most units benefit from a high ground advantage. The game in general is more tactical and positional but still fast paced. Soft counters play a major role, while still having some hard counter units. Therefore it has a lot of aspect from other RTS games like Starcraft Broodwar or C&C mixed with the streaming-resource system, which allows you to queue production. In addition the TA engine allows you to dodge projectiles, which leads to very interesting and satisfying encounters. Although being based on a outdated engine, the visual aspects were increased (new very detailed models and handmade textures with a distinctive theme for each faction) and the controls/gui are on par with modern RTS games. A more detailed feature list can be found here: http://zero.tauniverse.com/features/. The map design is unique and beautiful. Most maps feature ground, air and naval battles and therefore lead to a very varied game with lots of different units and play styles. You can check out some of the maps here: Implemented Maps Community maps One example from the community mappack: To get an impression of the gameplay you can check out my youtube channel: TaShadan Total Annihilation Youtube Channel One example: You can download the standalone test version here: TA Zero Standalone Test Version Compared to the released version on the homepage this version features a lot of new units, bug fixes and balance changes. Just download, extract and enjoy! To pay tribute to the original Total Annihilation you can buy the game on gog.com: Total Annihilation Commander Pack You like what you see? Come and play on Gameranger! Official Gameranger Site You tried to play but you are having trouble learning the basics? Check out this Beginners guide! Total Annihilation Zero Beginners Guide I hope i play you soon on Gameranger! Greetings ash.TaShadan
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