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  1. "You emperor KoT are a lier" ;) I tested to travel to the palace when i had planted as much as my screen shoot shows and i died, lucky for me i looked into the wall, so i say that this green ending is a myth until someone else shine a light into this
  2. I wonder how i maneuver the atreides air drone? http://wikibin.org/articles/units-in-emperor-battle-for-dune.html I simply cant highlight it, it just patrols around my Hangar
  3. Are you suggesting i can travel there now (see attachment) without the slightest notification that the the shield is down first?, im scared to "death" i would die if i do this.. Do you get any messages when your done?
  4. Pavan

    Dune full map!

    I have a problem http://rymoahdunespot.altervista.org/guida/html/5_14.html Where do you place fremen for them to trigger location of Cielago-Timin Cielago-Tabr I think i have tested all close by sietches
  5. Pavan

    Dune full map!

    Can you find all hidden sietches and the third+ villages any time in the story by simple flying over these areas? (if you got something in the backseat off course who trigger ;)) (i need to purchase my fucking laser guns now! if im to attack) Or do you before that need to interview a freeman at the closest nearby sietch so he says "there's a sietch not wery far from here" Does he reveal that anytime in the story if so?
  6. There seem to be a problem to get "old" save files to appear loadable inside the game after copying them to the current save folder. This time i downloaded the game from here <link snipped> to use in dosbox. Maybe i need to copy the game files from the original cd instead (thei are at my parents place ;)) to recognize the save-files it was created in?, instead of a downloaded game files...that looks as the same dos/speech version through so i think it could be able work at least. Do you get "other" saves to work in your current installation?.
  7. To lower the framerate you can sett windows desktop resolution temp to 1280X1024 (perhaps you can increase more to) Only that 1920X1024 works less satisfying is what we have concluded.
  8. I tested win98 compatibility, didn't help unf, i have some problem with multi-quote on this board, so i wanna inform its actually me i quote below :D
  9. Grunt, i experience some kind of frame rate problem in your game version. The screen blinks every 3 seconds over and over, any ideas what i can do?.
  10. You seem to like Dune2000 a bit ;). And honestly i was primary interested in that also, but as far as i have heard its impossible to install it on win 7 so i picked Emperor instead. Do you got any remake-mods on your sites alike the original campaign of dune2000? and completed projects working on win 7. Btw did you experience any ingame movies in Emperor? except 17 intro movies.
  11. I don't know if i shall continue play through this 3 campaigns..or instead test Dune 2/2000 for funnier campaigns, It would be nice if you helped me to make up my mind by commenting this 1: Mission objective interface isn't wery clear, instead it describes a briefing (and that text is also mutiplyd for no obvious reason) where you self must make conclusions what to do, did Westwood still taut it was 1996 and thei programmed Red Alert ? i think it existed games in 2001 that had incoming transmission in-game movies. Couldn't we at least have a data voice reading the objectives for us. 2: It doesn't seem to matter though...cause a rescue mission doesn't seem to demand a rescue many times?. Will it be only this "destroy enemy base" over and over again missions that involves resource gathering, and the outcome of the destroyed base must have been that you also saved the prisoners?. I don't feel involved in those missions as it could have been. 2: I have played 5 Atreides missions so far, with this between-mission-moving-map-gameplay that have no storytelling in certain order... that seems to naturally strip clean of mission movies? when/will there be campaign movies at all?. This game comes with many cd's because it shall involve movies as i understood it? or have i misunderstand. 3: Can we right click to move troops or not? in all more modern Westwood game its suppose to be menu settings? where you can make the choice yourself whether you can shall right/left click. Do you ever get used to left button yourself forward in the terrain?. 4: Do you like this phenomenon that you get reinforcements ever 4 minute? i seem to hate it :) Cause im building a large base here but i actually don't need to build most units, cause i get the mightiest of units ready to attack enemy base after 10 minutes of reinforcements. So i think the missions seem to be to easy. 5: Rally point flag doest show that you have clicked the ground for the new rally point, isn't that annoying as hell?. 6: The Atreides music seems to shuffle between 2 songs only so? will there be any additions?.
  12. Hello, does anyone have any ideas how you can fix this, the game crashes whenever I try to apply changes in the menu?, have i missed doing anything special?.
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