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  1. Dune Legacy uses ENet, which is UDP-based.
  2. The (non-playable) demo version does only contain a subset of the graphics, e.g. IIRC it does not contain the graphics used when selecting a new building or unit to build. Thus Dune Legacy would need quite some replacement graphics. Scenarios would also be missing. There is also the demo from the Kyrandia CD which contains nearly all data. Do you know if there's a website to download this demo officially? Dune Legacy does contain a multiplayer mode (LAN or Online) and even a online matchmaking service. Unfortunately, for online games you currently need to enable port forwarding
  3. After quite a longish development cycle and many new, interesting features being implemented the next version of Dune Legacy is ready for download. Main changes: New AI Smart Bot and Quant Bot Port to SDL 2 Use hardware acceleration for drawing HD graphics: Use mask overlays to generate high-res graphics out of the low-res ones of the original game Maximum number of units per house (either map dependent or as a new game option “override maximum number of units”) Use a smaller logical resolution for high resolution displays, e.g. 960
  4. Do you have any example? Was looking for some more Dune II save game (or ini) scenarios but couldn't find any that I did not already know of.
  5. I managed to repair the zip file (see attachment). KMCS Dune is a very nice scenario. Have fun! Some word about how I fixed the broken zip file: At first glance I thought that only a few bits were flipped. Thus I prepared for a brute force approach as this guy here has done on a broken git repository: http://git.661346.n2.nabble.com/pack-corruption-post-mortem-td7597765.html But then I noticed that if you zip the original ZIP a second time, you achieve about 12% compression. This is rather astonishing for an already compressed file. Inspecting the file even further in a hex editor I noticed
  6. The good old pkunzip (for DOS) is able to extract it but with CRC errors. I attached the files I got. They are certainly broken!!! FYI: The map used in the save game seems to be a map based on seed number 269. KMCSDUNE-With-CRC-Errors.zip
  7. Is anyone able to extract these files without CRC errors? Tried various zip utilities. Probably already a problem with the file stored on the waybackmachine. The file KMCSDUNE.ZIP I downloaded multiple times has always a md5 of bfe4295afecba368f87d8a307912fd7a
  8. Currently it is not possible to run Dune Legacy as a dedicated server. Instead players connect directly to each other (peer to peer).
  9. The map editor that is integrated in Dune Legacy can be used to build Dune II compatible maps (just select that option when starting a new map). It should work for most map editing requirements though there might be some corner cases where manually modifying the INI file in a text editor is needed. Of course it still is a lot of hard work to make a really good map. I would also like to ask any potential map maker to consider putting your map under a Creative Commons License: CC-BY-SA if you want to allow others to modify/improve your map or CC-BY-ND if you don't like any derivatives of your
  10. Yes. Currently Dune Legacy is using the 8-bit mode of SDL. Thus first a switch to 32-bit colors is necessary. Creating maps. The number of available maps is currently very limited. I hope to get people interested in creating maps and extending http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/dunelegacy/index.php?title=Maps BTW: I tested your map yesterday and really enjoyed it. It was interesting to have a map with an uneven number of players as most other maps are symmetric. Just one remark: Only Player 1 gets sandworms every 4 minutes, but other players are left out. Nevertheless I uploaded your map
  11. I never tried the upload of maps in this forum but I thought it is possible. Anyway I sent you a private msg with my mail adress. I think one major next point is further improving the AI. Another point is porting to SDL2. But the project is very open for developers to join and develop other features. So if you wanna join... There is not just coding but also mapping, modding or taking care of the website.
  12. Maybe you can just attach it to a forum post. Currently there is no central map repository where user can upload maps but I can add your map to http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/dunelegacy/index.php?title=Maps. Copy/Paste: What shall be copied? Just the terrain or also building/units? I think this feature would result in more and more further feature requests: Not only rectangular selections, rotating selections, changing houses, ... Not sure that it would be easily managable for (new) map creators at the end because of the many features. Is it really that useful? For what use case woul
  13. There are actually two places where maps are stored. One is for the maps that are shipped together with Dune 2. This directory may be (depending on your operating system) read-only. Thus custom maps are saved at a different location. Dune Legacy uses for these custom maps the directory where also the configuration is stored which also depends on the system you are using. Have a look at http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/dunelegacy/index.php?title=FAQ: ~/.config/dunelegacy (on Linux) ~/Library/Application Support/Dune Legacy (on Mac OS X) C:\Documents and Settings\<YourName>\Applicatio
  14. Most of the changes are either things reported here in the forum (Thanks!) or are discovered with tests I do with the original game. The new map editor made it really easy to quickly put up a map, copy it into the Dune II folder and test things in a "controlled environment". They are implemented at least since Dune Legacy 0.96.2 as random chance to get/reveal money, a trike, enemy trike or 3 enemy soldiers. Are you interested in using them in the Dune 2 eXtended Project?
  15. It took longer than expected but finally a new version of Dune Legacy is released. Main changes: Full-featured map editor with support of Dune2-compatible maps as well as the extended map formatIntegration of OpenSuperDune (a replacement to the original SuperDune)Unit/Structure stats and the techtree is read from a config fileUsed scaler (Nearest Neighbor or Scale2x) is configurable (default = Scale2x)Game completely localizable (except helping menu)Harvesters now have a return commandTrying to place a structure on a tile which is already occupied by (your own) units orders them to move aw
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