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Open RT2 Wish Lists

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I have rairly used an oversea bridge and seldom use way-points unless congestion is a problem.



I should have said where two trains traveling in opposite diretions try to use the same track.  One left one right = a crash  



I'm sure you are right. I just use fewer trains on my maps, maps that have shorter time lines.


I also try to route trains with an odd number of stops.  This tends to have nearly full cargos to all stations.

this way I can have single track routes that tend to circle with few encounters with opposing trains. 



I've been very busy but find the discussion in these threads to be very interesting. 

Enough so, that I have opened my programing tools to see if I remember enough to build a smaller station and some new cargo cars.  I've long wanted to change the size of a few of the over-size cars.

:blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :)  

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Gwizz, are you talking about changing car weights or just the graphics?


I have had this idea to make a modified freight-only scenario incorporating heavier and more valuable cargo. In my mind, I would like to start with normal-size cars and then, once your company is established introduce new cars to give more dimension to the game. I would like to curb supply at the same time. This would relieve congestion, make drop shipping useful, and make large maps a better strategy experience. Ideally, an option to re-equip your lines for heavier traffic at a cost based on your track length and then follow it with the re-introduction of a new cars. Whether to do all cars at once or option them? I did not decide, and is it even possible with the current game?


I have not had much time to play lately, let alone try to work on this idea. (It remains an idea. I have never made a scenario before.) Any thoughts, anyone, on this idea? Would you play such a scenario?

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I like to take small bites.  After planning a direction, scaling the size of cars would be my first step. 

I would have to think about weights.  It should be do-able.


Might have to sacrifice  something to give something new some space.   Possibly shorten the time period of the game. 

I might remove some of the early cars and locos, etc.

Shortening the end of the game time period might mean removing the space newer cars and locos occupy.

The same for buildings and industries etc. 


Making changes to the math in the source code might not so easy or even possible without violating copyrights. 

The game (modified) is still licensed for use in hand held game players.   I wonder if this modified code can be used in some way. 


Over all, there are a lot of things I would like to change.


At the same time not to the point that reduces majority interest in the game.


What is it about the game that still holds our interest? 


I like building a map with macho chooses . (different ways or directions to go or just playing a part or choosing to play all that is offered)


I wrote this a bit choppy; but then I don't like long dialogs.

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Personally, the freight and routing is good. Long-haul passengers in the game are a bit like cheating, but unfortunately they are so lucrative that you cant ignore them. I think that would be almost impossible to fix.


I would like to see improvements in the reliability of the complex industry chains. Most of the time you are missing a key input, or it is on the other side of the map. Maybe map planning could go some way to alleviate this.

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Yes and no.  I said I would not disclose. There still is a lot of code that I don't have.  I don't understand most of it.   I stayed quiet because I have to be very careful what I say and do. 

There does seem to be more back doors,  You have opened some of them.  I don't want to open one that has a dragon spitting fire behind it. 

So far everything seems to be going well legally.

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Gwizz... do you still have contacts with these folks so that the door could be opened a little wider to making some changes?  Jeff has inquired repeatedly, if I'm not mistaken, about how to get access to source code.  Sometimes I wonder if it isn't simply a matter of knowing 'who' to contact or talk to, or in being able to get an audience with the folks that would make such a decision.  But if you have a foot in the door... maybe you'd know someone who could help get us to the guy that actually makes the decision.  And I'm sure he/she would say, "Of course you guys can have the source code for this old out-dated game... goodness sakes, why didn't you ask earlier?"  Or maybe not.  :)

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This wish list is simply a wish.

It's very difficult to understand and restart the development from the source code 10 years ago. Even we solve the problem of copyrights and budget, we need to understand the mechanic of the program structure like the data file *.pk2 and the out-dated game engine(if it has one), etc. We may even have difficulty to find the compiler that has the correct version to compile those code properly.


Even if we overcome all these problems, and produce the the RRII, say diamond edition, it can't be perfect either. Problems and bugs will still be discovered and the game needs maintenance. But, based on the player number now on railroad tycoon, it's simply not a valid business. 


This game has it's time, many people remember playing it when they were young. Why don't we let it stay where it was? I know it's not perfect, some of them may be annoying, but it's the very imperfections that make me still be interested in this game and still want to play it now and then.


As a small group of people still playing this game, we can still have fun digging more from what we have. I only have played like half of all the maps in Platinum Edition, how about you guys?. Making new maps is another way to dig in. We haven't tried territory war, Metro mode very much. Not only stand alone maps, we can also make new campaigns to continue the story. TopPop has made to the Antarctica after the flood, how about we continue to Tibet? Emigrate to the moon or mars...

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When Railroad Tycoon was first pushed out the door, the game was not finished.  Parts not yet completed or that was causing problems, were dumped before hand. 

A new engine was started and again rushed to completion. because of the rush, cracks were left and we are able to peek into parts of the code.



The PopTop team split up.  I haven't kept up with where they all went.  At least 2 are in the North West.  About 2 years ago, I was told that the RRT engine was then being used in hand held game players. 

I believe that is why we get so little help from the new owners, who ever they are. They are protecting their interests.   I call it game recycle industries.


I believe the Sherman tank, that sometimes shows up, was part of the testing using the old code.  That tank may be in a new/old game some place. 



Since a very cold winter is projected and If the power stays on and if the government doesn't close the internet down. I may dig deeper and ask some friends to help.   >:(  :unsure:  :wacko:  ;)  

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I have played every Rairoad Tycoon Edition, including some "off the cuff" creations, some of which I just tossed.   However, RT2, even with its problems in programming, have some features, of which are not even included in RT3,  especially the "hauling" benefit.   Some of these features have been introduced in Trainmaster, of which can be incorporated into RT3, basically the "storeage" units.    This does enhance the playing of RT3.   That being said, RT2 in its present programming, is a good "play" creation.    Wish lists are great, with some great ideas, but it takes a "genius" to be able to incorporate them into a program.    It takes time, and a lot of frustration in such a creation, and therefore, too much time for a programmer to get involved in such "incorporation".   So, even with the "loose links" to our wishes, RT2 is a great way to spend time of relaxation and enjoyment.   :)

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RR sims will be created in the future, and we can hope to become aware of the next one before it has been cut off from its developers and maintenance. When that happens, we will all be intrigued, and our accumulated wish-list will give us a ready checklist of what we would like to see (and not see) in that future game. If we're lucky, we may even have a chance to share it with a development team that will listen (hey, a guy can dream!)

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Jeff, I'm not saying we can't dream, or there won't be a railroad simulation game anymore. I mean Railroad Tycoon II will terminate in Platinum Edition. With so many difficulties in fixing the old game and so small group of players left still playing this game, within the developers' sight, it's obviously a better choice to start a new game like Railroad Tycoon 4 or other. I think this might be a good thing, without any changes, this game has become a classic, and we should be proud of it. 


If you look through the list again, it's almost all about the Railroad Tycoon II itself, it's not about the general thinking about the RR simulation games. This has very little help for potential designers and developers.


The wish list is simply a wish, it's only for us.  I'm not here to break anyone's dream, I love to wonder about what if we have this feature; what if we remove that mechanic too. I just noticed that recently we talked more about our wishes, but not stepping on the ground and dig more from this game. I believe there are more we can create from this game, beyond the designers' original thinking, whether it's new maps, new ways of playing or new mod. 

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Hello. I'm new to the forum and I play RT2 since Playstation times. I came late to computers. But I was very happy playing RT2 with Windows ME and up to 7. I was always able to choose the "debug mode". With that and while playing in 1024x758 window mode I could switch to Editor mode on the fly via dropdown menue, and further messing with some more things, or simply creating huge towns from up north to down south. Sandboxing. Yet, and that angers me: with Windows Ten and the missing of an adequate 16bit color mode I am not able to "hack the maps" anymore, or to make a quick funplay more interesting. So, talking of my wish:

please, if you could make it possible to have RT2 run in 32bit & in a beautifully bordered window again, plus "Debug" on the menue bar, I'd lick the gaps between your toes.

Sorry for my exaggeration. But it really frustrates me....."I've got freedom to sing the Blues...."



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On 4/18/2023 at 1:02 PM, jeffryfisher said:

Especially since all we have are old threads now -- But I still look for new messages every day.

Open RT2 isn't being worked on, but the wish-list remains for the day when somebody figures out how to launch such a project.

Sad, since this is the best game ever written IMHO. Best for maintaining perpetual interest of an analytical mind. I see playing it to the day I die, though my hope is that day will never come. 🙂

Then again, it is 25 years old now and, for most, there's not a whole lot left to say about it. But I'll take this opportunity to say once again Thank You, Phil. 


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On 6/30/2023 at 4:32 AM, plm said:

More than 6 damn hardcoded waggons/railcars on a train....hmm...60 grain cars.....one can dream.

I hear that -- But then we'd definitely need some visual compression on all map scales larger than Metra. Otherwise the trains look to be hundreds of miles long 😮

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